Pisgah Stage Race: Stage 4

Friday April 13, 2018

Stage 4 was brought to you by Fox Factory and this stage had the most singletrack of all the stages.It hits Squirrel Gap in the opposite direction of stage two, Laurel creek, Laurel mountain, and finishes on the all famous Pilot rock enduro section.

Racer approaching the heckling section on Pilot Rock.

Jen Toops (Pearl Izumi/Pivot Cycles) headed down Pilot Rock.

A little shake up in the Men’s open with Dylan Johnson taking the win on stage 4.

Open Men’s stage 4 results:
1. Dylan Johnson, NC, 2:32:25
2. Travis Livermon, NC, 2:33:54
3. Tristan Cowie, NC,  2:36:02

In the overall Men’s open Travis Livermon remains in the top spot with an overall time of 9:07:11.  Tristan Cowie is several minutes back at 9:11:10 and Kerry Werner continues in third place at 9:17:34.  Open Women stage 4 results:
1. Jena Greaser, Canada, 3:15:30
2. Ada Xinxo, Spain, 3:17:18
3. Jen Nielson, SC, 3:31:48

Jena Greser continues to dominate the women’s field, having a fifteen minute gap over Ada Xinxo going into the final stage.  Ada Xinxo sits comfortably in 2nd at 11:45:17 and  Jen Nielson 3rd at 12:16:28.

Watch all the stage 4 action here:

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Pisgah Stage Race: Stage 2

Wednesday April 11, 2018

Written by: Jen ToopsStage two started at the bottom of Black Mountain with a police escort out to Turkey Pen road. From there riders climbed up and hit trails such as: South Mills River, Mullinex, Squirrel Gap, Buckhorn Gap, Pressley Gap and finished on a 2 mile enduro section of Black mountain.

Stage 2 was a close race in the Men’s Open. Travis Livermon overtook Tristan Cowie in a close finish taking the stage win by less than a second. Tristan Still holds onto the overall lead by less than a minute over Travis. Rounding out 3rd place is Kerry Werner only a few minutes back.

Men’s Open category: 1st- Travis Livermon: 2:14:04.448 USA, 2nd- Tristan Cowie 2:14:04.965 USA, and Kerry Werner 3rd 2:17:05 USA

In the Women’s open division it was Jena Greaser still holding strong in first and adding to her overall lead. Ada Xinxo comes in 2nd about 6 minutes back moving her to the 2nd overall position. Jen Nielson grabs the 3rd podium spot pushing her to 3rd overall.

In the Women’s Open division: 1st- Jena Greaser 2:44.54 Canada, 2nd Ada Xinxo in 2:50.59 Spain, 3rd Jen Nielson 2:58.49 USA

Tomorrow’s stage 3 brings a lot of climbing and locals favorite trails such as Avery Creek and Buckhorn gap.

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Pisgah Stage Race: Stage 1

Tuesday April 10, 2018

Written by: Jen Toops

Stage one sponsored by Cliff is the Looking Glass Route. This stage has 4,130 ft of elevation gain over 25 miles and visits Daniel Ridge, Gloucester Gap, Butter Gap, Long Branch, Davidson River and Cove Creek trails.
The Enduro blasts down 1.75 miles on Daniel Ridge. This is the “so called” easy start to the race with fast flow sections to get riders warmed up for what the Pisgah forest really has to offer. Toward the end of the stage riders were able to view Looking Glass Rock which is a 4,000’ piece of exposed granite.

It was low 30’s for the race start but quickly warmed to high 40’s after the sun peaked through the clouds. The race started out fast on the gravel roads that quickly turned to techy-singletrack.  The timed enduro section came up quick at the beginning of the race on Daniel ridge. This stage is a favorite among many as it hits popular trails and ends with flowing downhill’s, leaving most riders smiling.

A very tight race is forming in the Men’s Open category: 1st- Tristan Cowie: 1:46:59 USA, 2nd-Travis Livermon: 1:47:42 USA, and Kerry Werner: 3rd 1:49:18 USA

Tristan Cowie takes the lead by less than a minute going into stage 2

In the Women’s Open division: 1st- Jena Greaser: 2:16:50 CANADA, 2nd Jen Nielson: 2:18:43 USA and hot on the chase is Ada Xinxo in 3rd 2:19:03 Spain.

Jena Greaser takes the leaders jersey.

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