Is hiring a mountain bike race coach the right decision for you?

The question of coaching and being coached often comes up with women mountain bikers when they set their sites on training for a race or event.  Below ALP Cycles founder and coach Alison Powers and professional mountain bike racers … (read more)

Coach’s Column: 7 Tips for Top Stage Race Training

  The final topic in our series of ‘what ability to focus on for the various disciplines of racing’ will look at what ability is most needed for stage racing. Off road stage races come in many different varieties. From … (read more)

Coach’s Column: Pre-riding like a pro

Question: I notice the pros spend a lot of time pre-riding courses for really important races.  What are you thinking about or focusing on as you pre-ride the course?” Answer: Pre-riding the course at a big race is an important … (read more)

Coach’s Column: Fuel Your Fitness: Getting the most from your body on race day

Question: I have a hard time fueling adequately in cross country races since they are so intense.  It is hard to get enough water and calorie intake.  How can I work on this?  Is it ok to go into deficit … (read more)

Coach’s Column – Stage Race Prep: What you should be doing but probably aren’t

Question: I am going to do my first 5-day stage race this year.  Aside from actual bike training, what other preparations should I be focusing on to make it through the 5 days of racing? Answer: That is super exciting, … (read more)

Coach’s Column – Start Fast and Win at Your Next Ultra Endurance Race

Question: I plan on adding a few ultra-endurance races to my calendar this year – two 100 milers and a 100k race.  I have only raced XC races as a Cat 1 racer.  I have heard that many of the endurance … (read more)

Coach’s Column: Go Enduro with These Training Tips

Continuing in our series on what ability to focus on for the various racing disciplines, this week’s column will look at the most important ability to train on for racing enduro.   Enduro is a relatively new discipline in mountain … (read more)

Travel Wise to be Your Best on Race Day

Question: My race season this year is going to entail a lot of travel with overnight stays.  What suggestions do you have regarding preparations for all the travel to be able to be at my best for race day? Answer: … (read more)

Coach’s Column: Improve Skills to Get You on the Podium

Question: What skills do you often see lacking in mountain bike racers at the expert/pro level that can keep them off the podium?   What drills would you give to address those short-comings, and are they best addressed in the … (read more)

Coach’s Column – Ditch the Trainer and Get Outside This Winter

Question: I absolutely hate riding a trainer and I don’t own a fat bike yet. Where I live where there usually are at least 4-5 weeks over the winter that I can’t get any riding in.  Do you have any suggestions … (read more)