Coach’s Column – Boost Your Fitness with a Power Meter

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Coach’s Column – This One Thing Will Make You Faster at Your Next Endurance Event

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Coach’s Column – Getting the Best Start to Your 2016 Training

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Coach’s Column – Maintain Fitness Over Short Winter Days

Question: I’m a Cat1, 40+ racer.  Now that it is the off-season and daylight is dwindling, what is the ‘minimum’ amount of riding/training, I can do in a week without suffering too much fitness loss?  Should I still be doing … (read more)

Coach’s Column – Off-Season Recovery: What you need to know

Question: Now that it’s the off season, I’m thinking about what changes I can make to have a better race season next year and not just in terms of specific interval training.  I found that I am getting fatigued too … (read more)

Coach’s Column – MTB Training with Power

Question: I want to start training and racing with a power meter on my mountain bike.  What do you recommend for a power meter and how do I establish my training zones using the power meter?  Will I need a separate … (read more)

Coach’s Column – Secrets to XC Racing

As mountain bike racing becomes more diversified it has become increasingly more difficult to excel at multiple disciplines throughout the course of a season. So we asked elite Carmichael Training Systems coach Andy Applegate to break down four of our … (read more)

Coach’s Column with Sarah Kaufmann – Training for 50 Milers

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Coach’s Column with Alison Dunlap – Maximize Your Busy Racing Schedule

Question: My race season is stacked with great races early on that I want to do but it would mean racing 9-10 weekends in a row.  Is that doable or just stupid?  If I do race that many weekends in … (read more)

Coach’s Column with Andy Applegate: Build a Training Plan Around Your Busy Work Schedule

Question: I work four 10 hour days, Mon-Thursday, and find it hard to get good workouts in on my work days.  How can I structure a training plan to get me race ready for XC and 50 miler races next season? … (read more)