Pisgah Stage Race: Stage 3

Thursday April 12, 2018Stage 3 is sponsored by Sycamore Cycles, and is the White squirrel Route. Pisgah forest was populated with white squirrels after a circus train carrying them tipped over quite a few years back. This stage offers 29 miles and 5118 feet of climbing! With most of the trails being so close to Brevard, these trails are quite popular with the locals.

Racers fighting for position at the start at the bottom of Black Mountain.

The race starts at the bottom of Black Mountain. Racers immediately funnel into double track up Grassy Rd and over to a rooty fast decent down Sycamore Cove. From there racers loop back around to Thrift cove over to climb/hike-a-bike up black mountain. A fun decent down Buckhorn gap brings you to the 2.25 mile enduro section on Avery Creek. This downhill sections offers a little of everything from roots, rocks, drops, creek crossings and smooth fast hammer sections.

Carey Lowery (Women’s Masters leader) tearing up the downhill.

Sketchy bridge crossing after the Avery creek enduro.

Taking the win for the day in Men’s open is Travis Livermon from NC with a time of 2:31:30. Stefano Barberi from CA came in 2nd at a time of 2:33:03 and finishing 3rd is Tristan Cowie from NC in 2:34:03. After stage 3 Travis now takes the lead in the overall Men’s Open.On the Women’s side, Jeana Greaser had another strong finish 3:11:52. Coming in 2nd is Ada Xinxo at 3:17:56 and Jen Nielson 3rd with a time of 3:27:06. The standings in the Women’s Open remain the same.

Race director Todd Branham awaits racers at the finish line.

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Pisgah Stage Race: Stage 2

Wednesday April 11, 2018

Written by: Jen ToopsStage two started at the bottom of Black Mountain with a police escort out to Turkey Pen road. From there riders climbed up and hit trails such as: South Mills River, Mullinex, Squirrel Gap, Buckhorn Gap, Pressley Gap and finished on a 2 mile enduro section of Black mountain.

Stage 2 was a close race in the Men’s Open. Travis Livermon overtook Tristan Cowie in a close finish taking the stage win by less than a second. Tristan Still holds onto the overall lead by less than a minute over Travis. Rounding out 3rd place is Kerry Werner only a few minutes back.

Men’s Open category: 1st- Travis Livermon: 2:14:04.448 USA, 2nd- Tristan Cowie 2:14:04.965 USA, and Kerry Werner 3rd 2:17:05 USA

In the Women’s open division it was Jena Greaser still holding strong in first and adding to her overall lead. Ada Xinxo comes in 2nd about 6 minutes back moving her to the 2nd overall position. Jen Nielson grabs the 3rd podium spot pushing her to 3rd overall.

In the Women’s Open division: 1st- Jena Greaser 2:44.54 Canada, 2nd Ada Xinxo in 2:50.59 Spain, 3rd Jen Nielson 2:58.49 USA

Tomorrow’s stage 3 brings a lot of climbing and locals favorite trails such as Avery Creek and Buckhorn gap.

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