Evelyn Dong and Cal Skilsky Win Moab Rocks 3-Day Stage Race

Melissa Rollins finishes 2nd overall

Moab Rocks 3-day stage race finished today with Evelyn Dong winning all 3 stages in the women’s pro field.  Melissa Rollins placed 2nd each day, Jenny Smith finishes 3rd, Emma Maaranen in 4th and Nicole Tittensor in 5th. For the men’s pro field, Keiran Eagen won today’s stage but it wasn’t enough to push him into the top 3 overall.  He finishes 5th overall. Yesterday’s stage winner, Macky Franklin finishes 2nd overall with the overall 3-day men’s winner Cal Skilsky!  Kolben Preble and Rotem Ishay finish out the top 5 men’s racers. 

Cal Skilsky and Macky Franklin finish 1st and 2nd overall

After taking a year and a half off due to Covid, Moab Rocks was completely sold out this fall.  With beautiful desert weather, a fun race venue and atmosphere, and epic Moab single-track it’s a race that mountain bikers come back to year after year.  Back on schedule next year, Moab Rocks 2022 will be in the springtime from April 2nd-4th, 2022.  Only ~5 months to go!

Teammates Rotem Ishay and Keiran Eagen

Women’s Pro Field

 1. Evelyn Dong 6:30:57.1

2. Melisa Rollins 6:55:26.7

3. Jennifer Smith 7:06:33.1

4. Emma Maaranen 7:13:20.0

5. Nicole Tittensor 7:27:29.3

Pro Men’s Podium

Men’s Pro Field

1. Cal Skilsky 5:43:19.6

2. Macky Franklin 5:43:58.8

3. Kolben Preble 5:46:15.7

4. Rotem Ishay 5:47:04.8

5. Keiran Eagen 5:47:38.8

View full results at: https://zone4.ca/race/2021-10-18/78d92b40/results/

Racer on Mag 7