Funk Bottoms Gravel 100k/200k

Funk Bottoms Gravel entered its 10th official race excluding last year’s pandemic virtual race.  Saturday morning started early as the field has grown from three entrants in the first year to a capped 250 entrants in 2021.   Volunteers and support staff on little sleep from marking the course the night before, start rolling in around 4am to prepare for registration, a 7am start for the 200k race, and the 100k race starting an hour later.  Many familiar faces return while plenty of new faces arrive for the self-proclaimed Ohio’s toughest gravel grinder. The 100k course this year featured 66 miles and 8200 feet of vertical climbing with less than 9 miles of the course paved.  If that’s not enough for you then you can register for the 200k which sends you out for two laps of the aforementioned terrain.

The weather on this Saturday morning called for fairly mild temperatures in the 70s with possible pop-up strong thunderstorms throughout the day.   The course was in fantastic shape and some fast predictions were casually discussed among the race organizers.   The threat of storms kept quite a few riders away and there were around 60 DNS entrants in this year’s race.  However as 7am approached and the neutral roll out began, the largest field of 200k racers for FBG took to the course and an hour later the largest field of 100k racers took off after them.

Under mostly cloudy skies and mild conditions, the field looked enthusiastic and excited to tackle the course that was ahead.  The first 5.5 miles of the course are a gradual climb, which may give riders a false sense of security about what their day might look like.   After the first real descent is an almost immediate steep climb of nearly 500 feet in under ¾ of a mile, and it’s at this point you can really start to gauge what your day is going to look and feel like.   When you’re not climbing on this course, you’re descending steep gravel roads which leaves many riders white knuckled.  While it’s difficult to count the hills on the course as there is a frequent joke that FBG put’s hills on top of the hills, there are roughly 6 steep climbs in the first 25 miles before rolling into Killbuck for a much needed break at one of the local convenience stores to refill supplies on this self-supported race.

Every year the race coordinators vary the Funk Bottom course for new and interesting sights and challenges.  This year’s route included 1.5 miles of new gravel roads never ridden in previous years.  One of the favorite sections among the riders is “Bigfoot Road” where a 15-foot tall Bigfoot holding gun has been carved out of a tree.  To the surprise of the racers a few miles before the secret checkpoint, some Gravel Angels decided to set-up an oasis dressed as clowns.  This was a much-needed comical break from the relentless grueling hills.

A not so secret checkpoint this year was at mile 52 again in Killbuck where the first riders from the 200k managed to pull in just over 3 hours into the race.  With mild temperatures and a little bit of rain, most of the 200k racers opted to not stop at the only aid station provided by the race and continue to push through the final 15 miles of the first lap back into Glenmont.   A little less than an hour after the first 200k riders came through; the 100k field started rolling through the checkpoint.  The faces of the riders ranged from enthusiastic that they were nearing the end of the course, to agony and asking for the shortest bail out option to the finish line.   For the next few hours, the strung out field of 100k riders continued passing through the checkpoint.  As the last of the 100k riders made their way through the mile 52 checkpoint, the aggressive pace of the 200k riders on their second lap lapped some of them.

A group of about five 200k riders pulls in together back into Glenmont finishing the first lap.  Initially it appears that this group might stick together for the rest of the day and the race could be in for a close finish.  Shortly into that second lap however, a surge by the leader breaks that group up and by the second time through the mile 52 checkpoint, there was well over a 1-minute gap between each of the first five leaders.

Not to the surprise of the race organizers, past Funk Bottoms champion Ben Meer won the 100k in under 4 hours separated by less than 2 minutes by Paul Martin, with the 3rd place finisher just another few minutes behind.   A late entrant Julia Priet won the Women’s 100K and posted an amazing time.  For the next few hours, riders of all categories would continually be pushing across the finish line.

Jeff Pendlebury defending his title from the 2019 200K was the first 200k participant to cross the finish line set a new race record with a blazing time of 8h 32m 11s. Fresh off her win two weeks prior at the Mohican 100 Jen Toops won the Women’s 200K. All 200k participants are greeted at the finish line with a finishers award; this year being the Funk Bottoms Gravel pint glass (hopefully full of ice-cold Yuengling).

All in all, it was a fantastic day for racing for everyone involved.  Special thanks to everyone who participated in this race and makes the day what it is.   Funk Bottoms Gravel truly brings out the most determined riders for Ohio’s toughest gravel grinder

Mens 100k open podium

Mens 100K Open
1) Ben Meer* (Johnny Velo Racing) 3:55:41
2) Alex Lundbeck (Paul Martin) 3:57:36
3) Maxwell Matsanoff  (Audi) 4:03:41

women’s 100k open podium

Womens 100K Open
1) Julia Priet (Bicycle Face) 4:51:38
2) Emily Miller (VeloFemm p/b Litzler) 5:24:48
3) Christina Condon (West Coast Cycling) 6:10:02

100k SS podium

100K Single Speed 
1) Josh Kunz* (Trans-Sylvania Productions) 4:32:04
2) Nicholas Campbell 4:52:21
3) Tucker Cavanaugh 4:56:42

100k Masters men’s podium

100k Master Men
1) Nate Loman (Hammer Nutrition) 4:28:36 
2) Rudy Sroka (Lake Effect) 4:36:11 3) Tom Weaver (Summit Freewheelers) 4:42:29

100k Master Women podium

100K Master Women
1) Julie Sroka (Lake Effect) 5:28:54
2) Judy Porter* 6:09:37
3) Peggy Cook 6:10:16
4) Cynthia Berard 6:10:16

200k Mens podium

200K Men Open
1) Jeff Pendlebury* (Ride on Wooster) 8:32:11 (Race Record)
2) Andrew Boissiere (Headwins p/b Elevator Brewing) 8:41:54 
3) Brent Goetz (Think Green-Bicycle Face) 8:47:23

200k women’s open podium

200K Women’s Open
1) Jen Toops (Pearl-Izumi/ Pivot MTB race Team) 10:23:04
2) Maggie Livelsberger 11:53:02 3) Genna Brock (DNF)

200k SS podium

200K Single Speed

1)Scott Phillips* (Team Dayton-Reser Bicycle) 11:20:01

200k Masters podium

200K Master
1) Garth Prosser (Specialized) 10:18:04
2) Steve Curran (Ghisallo Cycling) 10:33:04
3) Jason Hall (Summit Freewheelers) 12:55:02 

Race report & pictures provided by: The funk masters (Chris, Marc, Paul)

Full results CLICK HERE

Shasta Gravel Hugger 2021

Maude Farrell and Peter Stetina Take Gravel Hugger Titles Overcoming Snow and Mud

Advertised as the “Strade Bianchi of the US” the Shasta Gravel Hugger features a challenging mix of gravel and road riding over a course of 100 miles in northern California. The 2021 edition hosted a top-notch field including names like world cup cyclocross superstar Clara Honsinger and road pros Peter Stetina and Jacob Rathe.

Clara Honsinger powers the lead women through the mud. Photo by: Sean Bagshaw

Overnight snow and accumulations up to 3 inches guaranteed that this year’s Gravel Hugger would be a particular challenge.

The women’s race provided the most fireworks with a lead trio of Honsinger, Maude Farrell, and Moriah Wilson pushing the pace and ending with an explosive sprint finish with Farrell taking the win in front of Wilson and Honsinger. The top-3 women’s finishers were separated by less than one second.

Rider in the shadow of Mount Shasta. Photo by: Sean Bagshaw

The men’s race saw gravel specialist Peter Stetina establish a comfortable lead finishing over 5 minutes in front of Jonathon Baker and John Cunningham.

Peter Stetina rode away from the pack on his way to the Gravel Hugger title. Photo by: Sean Bagshaw

Photo Gallery

Preliminary Results

Open Women 100-mile

1Maude Farrell305:26:10.9
2Moriah Wilson255:26:11.7+0:00.8
3Clara Honsinger245:26:11.8+0:00.9
4Caroline DezendorfEaston Overland325:50:05.9+23:55.0
5Alice Walton335:53:38.9+27:28.0
6Helena Plasschaert375:54:06.1+27:55.2
7Caroline Wreszin206:13:53.0+47:42.1
8Kaitlyn Beecroft296:29:19.5+1:03:08.6
9Linsey Corbin396:30:59.2+1:04:48.3
10Amy VantasselWattie Ink.456:39:57.4+1:13:46.5
11Brenna Wrye-SimpsonDNA Pro Cycling Team / Team S&M346:55:46.8+1:29:35.9
12Romany McNamara427:01:57.1+1:35:46.2
13Janelle BickfordMetropolis Cycle Repair397:13:59.4+1:47:48.5
14Charley Erickson318:22:27.6+2:56:16.7
15Joy Seward629:50:16.9+4:24:06.0
Kim KathreinDialed Cycling Team31DNF
Lisa CordovaLos Gatos Bicycle Racing Club34DNF
Natasha Visnack17DNF
Kira Minehart27DNF
Mollie Futterman32DNF
Jennifer WheelerFount Cycling Guild41DSQ
Brandi Blazier37DNS
Serena Bishop GordonLiv Racing42DNS
Kathy Pruitt39DNS

Open Men 100-mile

1Peter Stetina344:44:38.4
2Jonathan Baker474:49:58.9+5:20.5
3John Cunningham494:50:42.9+6:04.5
4Luke LampertiTRINITY Racing195:02:23.8+17:45.4
5Jacob Rathe305:02:24.3+17:45.9
6Jack Bardi225:02:25.3+17:46.9
7Mikal Davis345:02:25.9+17:47.5
8Jesse Moore475:02:26.6+17:48.2
9Keelan Ontiveros215:03:49.0+19:10.6
10David RichterFount Cycling Guild515:05:08.5+20:30.1
11Franke Warouw475:09:05.4+24:27.0
12Zachary Morvant385:09:46.5+25:08.1
13Aris SophoclesAris III Sophocles415:09:47.3+25:08.9
14Christopher BaggWattie Ink425:10:24.3+25:45.9
15Roman KilunTeam Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffees405:11:13.7+26:35.3
16Landon FarnworthDryve Racing225:11:15.5+26:37.1
17Jan-Willem Groeneveld325:16:26.8+31:48.4
18Elias LawsonFlywheel Bicycle Solutions225:18:31.2+33:52.8
19Cliff HeaberlinRiver City Bicycles – Bike Law415:19:56.6+35:18.2
20Darin MorganFolsom Bike355:20:35.3+35:56.9
21Erik TonkinTeam S&M475:25:00.3+40:21.9
22Ian Lopez De San RomanSycip185:25:09.8+40:31.4
23Stefano Profumo435:26:48.5+42:10.1
24Matt WeisBlack Dog AVT / Stupid Shit on Bikes395:28:29.7+43:51.3
25Forest HietpasHagens-Berman LLP Cycling375:28:59.4+44:21.0
26Stephen PlomerTeam Oregon p/b Rodda Paint365:37:31.0+52:52.6
27Brian HitchcockFount Cycling Guild385:37:47.5+53:09.1
28Aren TimmelTeam Chico415:38:36.9+53:58.5
29Emmett Culp285:38:37.9+53:59.5
30Lars Lofgren395:38:39.4+54:01.0
31Tyler AquinoHoltey Law | Peak Condition305:38:40.5+54:02.1
32James JaggardNorthwest Competitive Adventure365:44:56.7+1:00:18.3
33Chris SarrettDialed Cycling Team425:47:05.9+1:02:27.5
34Cesar Espinoza515:47:06.4+1:02:28.0
35Ryan NessThump Coffee465:49:14.5+1:04:36.1
36Cory Sullivan325:51:27.6+1:06:49.2
37Erik HammerquistTEAM OREGON P/B RODDA235:57:04.2+1:12:25.8
38Corey Piscopo405:57:40.1+1:13:01.7
39Peadar Omochain476:00:01.8+1:15:23.4
40Gary Schulte466:01:00.8+1:16:22.4
41Forest Hoff376:04:59.8+1:20:21.4
42Kyle Anderson386:05:18.8+1:20:40.4
43David Deroche486:07:32.0+1:22:53.6
44Ryan HavillTaco Time NW Cycling Team – Seattle Supe326:08:20.1+1:23:41.7
45Eliah Reeves176:08:45.3+1:24:06.9
46Danny WeikelFast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b Wattie Ink496:09:09.5+1:24:31.1
47Alex PalmerBlackdog CC456:09:55.4+1:25:17.0
48Pierre Meunier326:10:17.3+1:25:38.9
49Brian Atwood456:10:18.6+1:25:40.2
50Joshua NordellGreenridge Physical PT/In Focus Eye Care446:10:27.3+1:25:48.9
51Erik Crossing466:10:51.5+1:26:13.1
52Sean Crossing336:10:51.7+1:26:13.3
53Mykenna IkeharaTaco Time NW316:21:21.3+1:36:42.9
54Thaddeus Sparrow486:25:01.1+1:40:22.7
55Adam Vanarsdall496:28:18.0+1:43:39.6
56Ryan Younkin416:33:02.1+1:48:23.7
57David JohnsonTeam Oregon p/b Rodda Paint386:38:19.3+1:53:40.9
58Zachery Castiglione366:39:36.6+1:54:58.2
59Paul Connolly376:40:01.7+1:55:23.3
60Joe Kruegel376:40:02.2+1:55:23.8
61Kurt Klassen356:41:13.8+1:56:35.4
62Jeffrey Diament256:41:29.0+1:56:50.6
63Jason EvansWalmart/ACEC Cyling Team446:45:57.0+2:01:18.6
64Riley Rice286:54:03.0+2:09:24.6
65Jacob OlanderDeschutes Brewery186:58:02.9+2:13:24.5
66Curran JacobusCascadia Junior Cycling156:58:03.6+2:13:25.2
67Cian Sweeney326:59:15.0+2:14:36.6
68Joshua DegraffGrouptrail Cycling457:00:28.8+2:15:50.4
69Terry CampbellBeerMongers477:04:49.7+2:20:11.3
70Robert Callahan467:05:07.4+2:20:29.0
71Charlie GoldstonFast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b Wattie Ink427:17:45.4+2:33:07.0
72Nicholas Brecheen367:24:20.4+2:39:42.0
73Joe Crittenden347:25:11.8+2:40:33.4
74Brian Sittner277:26:11.9+2:41:33.5
75Seth Von Gretlein397:26:13.4+2:41:35.0
76Brett Baumann397:44:00.8+2:59:22.4
77Trevor Pratt328:11:28.5+3:26:50.1
78Charlie DouthwaiteTeam Coastal358:11:29.3+3:26:50.9
79Chris Mcdonald368:15:11.0+3:30:32.6
80Alex Rose348:27:57.2+3:43:18.8
81Norm Rousey479:10:10.4+4:25:32.0
82Mac Wood289:34:28.7+4:49:50.3
Michael ClaudioThirstyBear Cycling43DNF
Michael CordovaLos Gatos Bicycle Racing Club38DNF
Michael Sayers51DNF
Charlie LeveroniMettle Cycling p/b Leave It On The Road27DNF
Alex RomanBreadwinner Cycles28DNF
Trenton StarkeyFount Cycling Guild31DNF
Vasileios Raptakis38DNF
Shannon O WeryFount Cycling Guild53DNF
Christopher Wilson32DNF
Mike GuyvanDialed Cycling Team34DNF
Adrian BoschFlywheel Bicycle Solutions44DNF
Ramon MartinezCapitol Velo Cycling35DNF
Clayton Kuzma38DNF
Philip Norman33DNF
Jeff Malnick37DNF
Dennis Hahn49DNF
Stephen HartzelBreadwinner Cycles38DNF
Mac Tully28DNF
Jesse Reeves38DNF
Michael Gaines25DNF
Brian Rinck46DNF
Santiago Maldonado Sciutti19DNF
Cody Kaiser29DNF
Nate Manchester38DNF
David Milligan31DNF

50+ Men 100-mile

1Andrew SargentEvolution Racing515:17:21.3
2Mike Castaldo545:17:21.9+0:00.6
3Ron Johnson605:20:44.8+3:23.5
4Frank WintersClean Power Cycling pb TESLA655:37:58.3+20:37.0
5Wylie Palmer515:38:41.5+21:20.2
6Max LawsonFlywheel Bicycle Solutions525:45:49.8+28:28.5
7Ric Reinhardt535:46:29.5+29:08.2
8Joe Staron545:46:30.6+29:09.3
9Scott SeatonHutch’s Bend Dental625:53:17.2+35:55.9
10Herb BoolZeitgeist Racing585:56:34.5+39:13.2
11Rich Thurman545:57:01.1+39:39.8
12Rich Julyan516:08:42.4+51:21.1
13Todd GallaherTeam Glass Forge566:12:08.9+54:47.6
14Scott Rider536:13:57.1+56:35.8
15Matt KlineLand Shark566:17:34.7+1:00:13.4
16Mark NewtonPoison Spider Bicycles506:35:27.6+1:18:06.3
17Jason HoornTeam dfL546:36:24.1+1:19:02.8
18Dave TricamoTeam dfL576:37:01.5+1:19:40.2
19Alan Tagstrom556:38:09.7+1:20:48.4
20Andrew LaveineDialed Cycling Team546:38:16.4+1:20:55.1
21Gabriel McCoy516:39:45.7+1:22:24.4
22Keith KenworthyTeam dfL586:46:54.7+1:29:33.4
23David Visnack526:46:54.9+1:29:33.6
24Tom Boss576:50:54.0+1:33:32.7
25Jeff NarySagebrush Cycles567:13:22.6+1:56:01.3
26John Nunes587:24:35.2+2:07:13.9
27Thomas FarleyTeam Roaring Mouse527:28:43.3+2:11:22.0
28Robert Martinez597:30:06.5+2:12:45.2
29Matt Berna528:14:35.5+2:57:14.2
30Mike Kirkmire548:14:36.0+2:57:14.7
Dan LeeVelo Fratello57DNF
Dennis Rose69DNF
Gary CornillesDialed Cycling  Team61DNF
Greg FieldsSacramento Golden Wheelmen54DNF
Mike WarrenVelo Fratello60DNF
Roderick GilchristSan Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC64DNF

Open Women 100k

1Laura CoombsUnattached384:07:24.2
2Chanda WillseCHICO MASTERS CYCLING TEAM464:08:43.3+1:19.1
3Ryan LeveringMudslinger Adventure Squad434:11:19.1+3:54.9
4Erin ReisHutch’s Bend Dental444:16:45.7+9:21.5
5Sue Lin HoltAlto Velo414:18:22.9+10:58.7
6Brooke Hansen414:19:06.9+11:42.7
7Carrie DayDeschutes Brewery494:19:19.6+11:55.4
8Gillian BergmannMarys Cycling Team244:21:37.6+14:13.4
9Jamie CavenerBlack Dog AVT / Stupid Shit on Bikes374:35:05.8+27:41.6
10Bryna CurryMurder of Crows354:54:21.0+46:56.8
11Julia Herrmann454:54:53.9+47:29.7
12Christine Meyer414:56:09.3+48:45.1
13Molly BalfeCBCG424:58:54.0+51:29.8
14Heidi Pahls415:01:35.4+54:11.2
15Anita Lam475:10:58.5+1:03:34.3
16Chelsea LundChico Corsa345:18:30.6+1:11:06.4
17Alexa Loscutoff345:24:06.0+1:16:41.8
18Aimee Furber376:03:44.1+1:56:19.9
19Carmen Tomas326:06:24.7+1:59:00.5
20Dartanian Fierce Kaufman397:01:30.0+2:54:05.8
21Angela Roberts4211:21:02.7+7:13:38.5
22Margo BrownFount Cycling Guild3011:21:51.4+7:14:27.2

Open Men 18-49 100k

1Matt RussellHutch’s Bend Dental423:31:56.2
2John CraftHutch’s Bicycles/Bend Dental Cycling Tea493:32:17.3+0:21.1
3Luke DemoeLandspeed433:32:56.3+1:00.1
4Haydn MackayR4R – Make A Wish493:32:57.0+1:00.8
5Rob WhittierThirsty Bear racing473:32:57.6+1:01.4
6Piers BarryThirstyBear Cycling453:32:58.2+1:02.0
7Scott Scholz383:33:15.7+1:19.5
8Mark GoodmanMurder of Crows403:40:16.9+8:20.7
9Jaden Lombard223:42:07.1+10:10.9
10Marty Moran323:43:32.2+11:36.0
11Martin Szwarc453:43:40.8+11:44.6
12Matt DooleyComare Cycles313:44:06.9+12:10.7
13Tyler MillerTeam 10 Barrel443:48:52.1+16:55.9
14Scott HoodMoe’s Bike Shop483:49:42.6+17:46.4
15Brandon MarshallLandspeed PNW Dental413:50:37.4+18:41.2
16Brent Easton253:51:43.6+19:47.4
17Kyle Dixon473:51:59.5+20:03.3
18Daniel Reinkensmeyer483:52:11.6+20:15.4
19Reid CurryMurder of Crows343:54:17.9+22:21.7
20Matt PavlovichLandspeed PNW Dental423:54:57.8+23:01.6
21Michael Paine414:04:15.6+32:19.4
22Samuel Phillips384:04:43.2+32:47.0
23Mike Arrera364:05:17.6+33:21.4
24Collin BundyTeam Fancy324:06:38.7+34:42.5
25Eliah Reeves464:07:10.9+35:14.7
26Chad Glass414:07:17.9+35:21.7
27Mark Young4:07:43.1+35:46.9
28Steven Crowthers444:08:39.9+36:43.7
29Jared Ives404:09:23.9+37:27.7
30Lance McAdams464:10:42.9+38:46.7
31Mickey Duffy364:14:58.2+43:02.0
32Tyler Gilbert264:15:25.0+43:28.8
33Evan Schmidtke414:15:39.3+43:43.1
34Tyler RupeHutch’s Bend Dental474:17:51.8+45:55.6
35Brad Cox454:18:23.4+46:27.2
36Dustin Fortado324:18:24.2+46:28.0
37James DaytonMurder of Crows404:27:30.8+55:34.6
38John ChapmanMurder of Crows304:31:24.6+59:28.4
39Eric Whitworth444:31:25.3+59:29.1
40Peter MadsenDeschutes Brewery384:31:25.7+59:29.5
41Erik AndrejkoC510434:40:20.2+1:08:24.0
42Jeremy Morris454:41:35.4+1:09:39.2
43Jeremy Everitt454:49:33.6+1:17:37.4
44Ian Wilkinson315:03:56.3+1:32:00.1
45Brent Pahls415:05:57.0+1:34:00.8
46Michael PageAshland Mountain Adventures345:07:19.2+1:35:23.0
47Kyle Gunther285:15:22.9+1:43:26.7
48Matt Jarrett465:25:36.4+1:53:40.2
49Colton BerkNorthwest Competitive Adventure255:26:36.8+1:54:40.6
50Mike Major335:28:44.2+1:56:48.0
51Aaron BustardFlywheel Bicycle Solutions405:29:08.7+1:57:12.5
52Matt Hickey425:50:14.4+2:18:18.2
53Jesus FernandezJMBA/Siskiyou445:55:17.8+2:23:21.6
54Brennan Pang485:59:50.6+2:27:54.4
55James StevensSABA496:20:37.5+2:48:41.3
Andrew Loscutoff33DNF
Spencer BonneyAMCC-Colavitta34DNF
Stefan Fuller26DNF
Sean Garcia22DNF
Thom Kneeland49DNF
Andrew HellenReno Devo43DNF

Women 50+ 100k

1Jenny SlawtaLand Shark574:22:12.5
2Jennifer HartMoe’s Bike Shop524:27:38.0+5:25.5
3Karen Dwyer534:36:14.2+14:01.7
4Loran Millard635:33:50.3+1:11:37.8
5Heather Brown505:33:52.5+1:11:40.0
6Lillian Schiavo-GilmourZach’s Bikes575:48:54.4+1:26:41.9
7Kimberly Arthur Limon526:00:27.6+1:38:15.1
8Fnu Novita5211:23:15.7+7:01:03.2
9Amber Pearson5211:24:16.2+7:02:03.7
Jo Meacham55DNF

Men 50+ 100k

1Lance HepplerDialed Cycling Team513:31:15.0
2David SjogrenHutch’s Bend Dental543:32:20.9+1:05.9
3Daniel QuirkThirsty Bear racing523:32:33.2+1:18.2
4John WeathersBicycleAttorney.com513:39:39.2+8:24.2
5Eric Schehen593:40:22.6+9:07.6
6Paul Whiting563:43:52.7+12:37.7
7Tiago ReisHutch’s Bend Dental513:45:10.4+13:55.4
8Richard AlbrowHutch’s Bend Dental523:45:32.0+14:17.0
9Steve ChapinCastelli513:47:21.1+16:06.1
10Jeff ThomasCo-Motion Cycles Factory Team523:53:58.5+22:43.5
11Charles Hall583:54:29.3+23:14.3
12John Hancock574:03:26.3+32:11.3
13Tim TurkLand Shark544:03:28.5+32:13.5
14Richard HoganLand Shark524:03:34.6+32:19.6
15Chris Morris594:03:34.9+32:19.9
16David Funk554:04:39.3+33:24.3
17Jonathan MyersTeam S&M544:05:38.7+34:23.7
18Wade GoffHalf Fast Velo presented by Ninkasi Brew504:05:53.4+34:38.4
19Mark MagilnerHalf Fast Velo presented by Ninkasi Brew564:05:53.9+34:38.9
20John Lulich574:06:24.8+35:09.8
21Dave MasessaFlywheel Bicycle Solutions554:10:59.2+39:44.2
22John RaedekeQuadzilla Racing544:13:32.9+42:17.9
23John SlawtaLand Shark604:13:48.5+42:33.5
24Jeff BouletHutch’s Bend Dental634:15:02.0+43:47.0
25Blair Peterson604:15:12.7+43:57.7
26Marc DitommasoLand Shark584:16:05.4+44:50.4
27Paul WertzbergerSABA654:17:50.2+46:35.2
28Eric Johnson534:18:17.9+47:02.9
29Stephen Hofkin544:20:52.0+49:37.0
30Brian DwyerBear Creek Bicycle564:22:03.7+50:48.7
31Kevin Markham564:23:51.5+52:36.5
32Mike PaulaComare Cycles584:27:40.9+56:25.9
33Jason Singleton514:40:56.9+1:09:41.9
34Joshua Gnass514:45:39.5+1:14:24.5
35Rafael Ramirez524:46:31.4+1:15:16.4
36Carl AndersonCapitol Velo Cycling504:55:20.9+1:24:05.9
37Brian QuigleyCapitol Velo Cycling554:55:41.7+1:24:26.7
38Stacy Geiken665:08:23.0+1:37:08.0
39Joe FabrisPlus3635:08:23.7+1:37:08.7
40Mike RipleyMudslinger Events545:11:00.4+1:39:45.4
41Scott Housley505:12:21.3+1:41:06.3
42Cory PersingJefferson Mountain Bike Association545:17:03.3+1:45:48.3
43Dominic Barth585:18:55.6+1:47:40.6
44Patrick Honsinger565:18:55.8+1:47:40.8
45Tim Dorman615:29:10.2+1:57:55.2
46Charlie Wirtz725:34:36.2+2:03:21.2
47Don Brainard765:55:27.2+2:24:12.2
48Rod McColloughHeart Attack Racing656:08:43.9+2:37:28.9
49Mike Kordus556:36:05.0+3:04:50.0
Rob Rigg58DNF
John Fritz55DNF
Matt MartinezSky Express51DNF
Robert Fuller57DNF

2020 True Grit Epic Preview

Written by Jen Toops

The 2020 True Grit Epic put on by GRO races takes place March 12th-14th near St. George, Utah. Southern Utah offers up some world class desert mountain biking and for many, a chance to get away from the winter blues. This destination has no shortage of magnificent desert views, rock gardens, sand, technical climbs, and challenging descents. As always, True Grit serves as the NUE Series opener with the 50 mile (marathon) an 100 mile (epic) options along with some new categories for 2020.

New for 2020 is the Extreme Grit Stage Race.  It’s for those looking for the ultimate challenge and includes 3 days of back to back riding.

Day 1: A self supported 40 mile ride (MTB or gravel)
Day 2: True Grit Gravel course
Day 3: True Grit Epic 50 mile MTB

If gravel is more your style, the True Grit Gravel Epic doesn’t fall short of grit either! The course is 84 miles, 80% off road, with 9000 ft of climbing.

Not up to the challenge of racing 3 days or skinny tires? There are plenty of other options to choose from: NUE Epic 100 , NUE Epic 50, Relay (25), or the Challenge 15 mountain bike events. There are lots of vendors set up at the finish and fun for the whole family!

Want to join in on the fun? Get registered HERE