US Cup: XC Olympic Results

Mexican National Champion Daniela Campuzano & Christopher Blevins Win in Fayetteville

Elbows-out, world-cup-style racing is what the US Cup was hoping to deliver in Fayetteville, Arkansas, this weekend and did not disappoint. Exhilarating head-to-head racing throughout the women and men’s categories led to sprint finishes to decide both winners.

The best of the best were on hand in round 1 of the US Cup and they clearly brought their A-game treating the crowds with constant attacks, big drops, technical descending, and plenty of speed.

The women’s race featured multiple national champions going all out for the win. A lead grouping of Haley Batten (Trinity Racing), Mexican national champion Daniela Campuzano, and Erin Huck formed at the front after Lea Davison succumbed to a flat tire.

Huck and Campuzano got clear on the penultimate lap before finishing in a wheel-to-wheel sprint with Daniela Campuzano coming out on top just 2 seconds in front of Huck.

Batten stayed clear in third position while Alexis Skarda (Santa Cruz) dropped an impressive last lap to jump into fourth place in front of Hannah Finchamp.

The men’s race featured a stacked field with all eyes on the battle between US national champion Keegan Swenson (Santa Cruz) and Trinity Racing’s Christopher Blevins who are battling for a spot in the upcoming Olympics.

The duo did not disappoint as they lead a train of North America’s top talent around the Fayetteville course ultimately dropping everyone except a determined Riley Amos (Bear Development) who did not shy away from the challenge of racing for a win.

On the final lap Swenson and Blevins opened enough of a gap to play a little cat and mouse before unleashing a roaring sprint to the finish line with Blevins taking the win by less than a bike length.

Amos rode home in third followed by Cole Paton and Puerto Rican Georwill Perez Roman.


Pro Women

12033Daniela Campuzano ChÁVez PeÓNFemale35HIDALGOUNK71:25:56.2004:34.2513:23.6413:31.4813:26.2413:56.9913:42.5413:21.06MEX10008100086
22015Erin HuckFemale40BOULDERCO71:25:58.5904:35.7813:22.1313:32.0113:25.8913:56.7213:42.2713:23.79USA10006969735
32005Haley BattenFemale23SANTA CRUZCA71:27:04.8904:33.4713:23.8813:32.2513:25.9813:56.6214:06.2814:06.41USA10010130521
42014Alexis SkardaFemale32GRAND JUNCTIONCO71:27:58.5004:37.3513:45.0013:41.3613:46.8914:21.8914:14.7813:31.23USA10058874536
52018Hannah FinchampFemale26MILLCREEKUT71:28:25.8104:34.4913:25.0513:51.3213:58.1314:23.4914:14.6313:58.70USA10009349265
62030Gwendalyn GibsonFemale22RAMONACA71:28:38.2004:36.1813:22.7013:51.0214:00.0414:21.9714:15.4714:10.82USA10016145329
72025Sofia Gomez VillafaneFemale27HEBER CITYUT71:28:46.3904:33.8813:23.3513:43.7314:08.2214:23.2214:31.7214:02.27USA10008140809
82001Rose GrantFemale39COLUMBIA FALLSMT71:28:52.3204:40.9413:48.1614:01.0214:06.4114:16.1414:14.7113:44.94USA10008187891
92004Kelsey UrbanFemale23KENTFIELDCA71:30:43.2404:33.6113:23.9113:42.8214:09.3014:52.2614:59.8615:01.48USA10010130420
102024Madigan MunroFemale19BOULDERCO71:31:03.6504:34.8013:42.6014:02.8414:35.3014:39.3014:40.1614:48.65USA10085042308
112021Ruby RyanFemale20GRAND JUNCTIONCO71:34:16.8004:36.4013:43.1614:22.5714:57.8615:03.6815:35.1015:58.03USA10021993520
122003Crystal AnthonyFemale41BENTONVILLEAR71:36:47.8004:39.2514:24.3316:21.8414:55.7815:15.4715:33.5515:37.58USA10006680351
132013Lea DavisonFemale38SUNDERLANDVT71:37:27.9304:35.1513:24.8113:30.7416:11.1513:59.6713:52.8521:53.56USA10003588374
142022Natalie QuinnFemale20LOUISVILLECO71:37:55.2704:56.0014:51.6714:52.0315:27.2516:16.0016:16.6315:15.69USA10089027388
152028Gabrielle RichardsonFemale19RANCHO SANTA MARGARITACA71:39:02.4404:51.6715:09.9515:40.6615:43.1215:43.1916:05.5715:48.28USA10077911895
162019Haley RandelFemale19MILL VALLEYCA71:41:07.9804:44.3315:12.8415:45.1315:42.6915:42.5516:13.4117:47.03USA10090671237
172016Michaela ThompsonFemale19NIWOTCO71:41:37.3604:38.8014:33.8715:32.4316:21.5715:56.0117:48.3016:46.38USA10095589339
182002Lisa CordovaFemale34CHICOCA71:45:08.4505:00.7415:29.7015:31.7615:37.4516:13.0516:31.2420:44.51USA10064785775
192007Madelyn RobersonFemale19GARDENDALEAL51:10:03.5004:36.9514:53.3217:20.6816:54.9916:17.56USA10071700966
202011Sydney NielsonFemale19HIGHLANDUT51:10:11.2604:51.6115:32.8816:21.4216:35.7716:49.58USA10086436074
212009Ellen NobleFemale26BOULDERCO51:11:13.3904:42.9619:38.5415:16.4815:39.9515:55.46USA10009005725
222012Paige EdwardsFemale19CAMASWA51:11:58.5004:46.1515:49.0916:47.4516:54.9117:40.90USA10095731405
232026Brittany ParffreyFemale31SAN ANTONIOTX455:48.8504:49.6019:31.8115:38.1915:49.25USA10061810505
242032Madeline DepmanFemale26ROANOKEVA457:29.2405:06.4616:57.4217:27.1217:58.24USA10096769204
252020Lauren LopezFemale19MISSION VIEJOCA41:00:34.1905:19.4017:12.0018:41.0019:21.79USA10096248333
262027Opal KoningFemale19BRECKENRIDGECO343:39.3605:27.1318:31.7719:40.46USA10061793428
272017Catherine HarndenFemale29SOUTH LONDONDERRYVT348:08.2105:37.6020:12.6922:17.92USA10010084546
1029Helena Gilbert-SnyderFemale22EL CERRITOCADNS343:07.2004:44.9515:44.7522:37.50USA10087824790
2031Danielle LarsonFemale36FAYETTEVILLEARDNF225:54.9104:47.5021:07.41

Pro Men

11048Christopher BlevinsMale23SAN LUIS OBISPOCA81:26:17.5703:57.9211:47.4811:27.2111:50.9311:51.0111:56.9311:57.14USA11:28.9510010130319
21024Keegan SwensonMale27PARK CITYUT81:26:17.7603:57.2911:47.5811:27.3911:51.1111:51.0111:57.0011:57.27USA11:29.1110007709157
31106Riley AmosMale19DURANGOCO81:26:41.4303:58.6911:46.9211:27.2811:50.3111:50.9811:57.0211:57.21USA11:53.0210059075206
41010Cole PatonMale24DURANGOCO81:27:35.2103:57.7511:47.4511:27.3212:09.8511:43.1311:53.3312:04.59USA12:31.7910010669071
51008Georwill Perez RomanMale28AGUADILLAPR81:27:48.5804:00.4111:46.1411:41.5811:55.2711:53.0012:05.0112:13.74PRI12:13.4310008104938
61084LÉAndre BouchardMale29ALMAQC81:28:13.5203:57.3311:47.3211:39.9511:58.3712:09.5712:18.6712:21.49CAN12:00.8210090960318
71013Luke VrouwenvelderMale26CHARLOTTESVILLEVA81:28:27.2604:00.7011:45.2911:38.8611:59.0512:08.8412:18.4612:21.97USA12:14.0910008862245
81039Tyler OrschelMale23UXBRIDGEON81:28:58.5803:59.4011:47.0611:38.8011:57.4412:09.5812:11.9712:28.66CAN12:45.6710010826392
91072Jerry DufourMale24BIRMINGHAMAL81:29:23.9004:00.7411:56.9211:57.1412:05.7312:10.0312:21.0712:34.87USA12:17.4010009770914
101012Stephan DavoustMale26DURANGOCO81:29:24.6604:06.6511:52.7111:55.1212:05.8912:10.2512:20.9312:34.87USA12:18.2410010038369
111054Jonathan QuesadaMale25ALAJUELAUNK81:30:11.5103:58.9012:00.0712:05.5612:22.8212:32.5012:24.4512:24.20CRI12:23.0110009245696
121060Carson BeckettMale24BENTONKY81:30:25.6804:02.4711:56.6612:13.0712:15.5012:32.1612:31.8412:34.82USA12:19.1610009663204
131033Robbie DayMale19EVERGREENCO81:30:36.6004:20.5012:04.9012:10.4412:13.9612:10.7012:31.6512:34.82USA12:29.6310088232800
141006Bjorn RileyMale19BOULDERCO81:30:39.8504:03.9812:05.7412:15.1112:24.4612:10.1712:33.0412:34.18USA12:33.1710060176760
151042Tyler ClarkMale21MONOON81:31:46.4804:03.6111:57.5012:03.2612:22.7512:32.3113:12.2112:43.90CAN12:50.9410023498232
161025Tobin OrtenbladMale27SANTA CRUZCA81:31:53.9804:03.9811:53.3311:56.6712:07.7712:25.1512:57.5813:21.96USA13:07.5410007817877
171046Alex WildMale29SAN JOSECA81:32:06.5004:17.4012:07.1412:16.9212:15.7812:30.0612:39.0313:05.77USA12:54.4010049048436
181081Torbjorn Andre RoedMale24GRAND JUNCTIONCO81:32:11.3404:09.3612:02.8712:28.3812:31.3412:41.2512:57.9612:45.64USA12:34.5410011029991
191082Brian MatterMale43PRESCOTTAZ81:33:37.9504:18.9212:27.5812:33.1712:39.1012:49.2212:54.8512:54.16USA13:00.9510003929692
201055Cypress GorryMale27PISGAH FORESTNC81:33:50.2904:11.3712:01.4712:12.2612:52.5613:18.0413:20.8412:57.96USA12:55.7910007591444
211063Andrew StrohmeyerMale19MOUNT AIRYMD81:33:56.7004:10.8112:14.0412:37.7912:56.6912:48.3012:56.0713:09.96USA13:03.0410071735019
221075Cobe FreeburnMale20DURANGOCO81:34:16.4604:10.1812:14.9212:30.5212:59.6012:52.7813:24.4812:48.99USA13:14.9910062778380
231049Russell FinsterwaldMale30COLORADO SPRINGSCO81:34:16.7403:59.8911:59.0713:17.9412:41.5312:49.0212:46.0013:28.11USA13:15.1810006834844
241059Lance HaidetMale24SAN LUIS OBISPOCA81:34:34.4104:10.3912:08.2212:45.8412:55.0512:55.0913:16.0813:21.13USA13:02.6110009360985
251051Kyan OlshoveMale19TRAVERSE CITYMI81:34:51.6204:21.1712:21.7912:35.9813:02.6313:06.8113:16.3713:08.69USA12:58.1810114309430
261064Cody CuppMale27DURANGOCO81:35:11.8804:22.6212:23.7212:41.0213:05.9212:55.2813:15.5613:09.63USA13:18.1310010168513
271032Bradyn LangeMale22AUSTINTX81:35:16.5304:02.2212:07.4112:32.1012:52.8013:02.4112:56.7213:44.70USA13:58.1710011193679
281080Malcolm BartonMale23UXBRIDGEON81:35:40.4104:05.6812:06.4713:58.1512:49.2712:43.2813:01.5413:15.71CAN13:40.3110009984920
291047Nathan ColavolpeMale19NORTH YARMOUTHME81:35:44.1004:28.2212:49.4912:38.5812:49.2212:52.8213:15.0313:29.94USA13:20.8010114587700
301022Noah HayesMale21OAKLANDCA81:35:48.7504:13.6612:14.2112:50.3813:14.7413:14.2313:25.3813:31.12USA13:05.0310063209527
311070Sebastian Brenes MataMale21CARTAGOUNK81:36:12.8304:19.7712:26.3513:08.0512:55.2313:09.9513:31.5313:33.75CRI13:08.2010050392187
321058Charles RauschMale19SUNNYVALECA81:36:28.6304:29.9912:51.9312:53.8912:55.4613:04.0613:18.8213:46.56USA13:07.9210105701486
331040Joseph RamÍRez VenegasMale19PALMARESUNK81:36:29.4804:31.5913:14.2612:38.6912:53.7513:15.5613:25.4113:39.00CRI12:51.2210056016167
341014Pavel NelsonMale19TUCSONAZ81:36:56.7204:27.8812:50.8812:59.3413:15.4513:18.8913:27.1213:21.34USA13:15.8210063860033
351056Luke LampertiMale19SEBASTOPOLCA81:37:18.1504:12.1012:13.0013:09.4513:08.2013:04.8213:35.3314:13.80USA13:41.4510063393019
361053Matt PikeMale24BOULDERCO81:37:38.7904:35.7813:03.1012:52.6113:01.6413:16.0013:30.0813:47.46USA13:32.1210096757884
371037Brannan FixMale24FORT COLLINSCO81:37:49.8804:14.1612:32.7313:06.6313:17.6613:29.9613:35.2813:48.34USA13:45.1210009422320
381034Zack VillarsMale22APPLE VALLEYCA81:38:16.8004:27.2112:51.0913:33.5912:53.6513:44.6913:22.1113:33.56USA13:50.9010064342811
391038Tydeman NewmanMale19WOODLAND HILLSCA81:39:36.3804:12.6512:14.2712:37.4112:54.2813:30.1014:09.2614:35.24USA15:23.1710088019905
401028Ryan StandishMale28HEBER CITYUT81:41:26.2704:19.6612:07.9212:29.1812:15.0112:30.6514:29.8114:43.51USA18:30.5310052290054
411011Jeremy NorrisMale23FORT COLLINSCO71:24:56.3004:36.5113:19.7413:02.3113:08.2813:23.1213:36.6413:49.70USA10015554538
421073Sandy FlorenMale24BERKELEYCA71:25:31.8804:22.8912:36.5112:57.0612:50.7613:32.4814:20.4714:51.71USA10011238846
431021Calder WoodMale21ANACORTESWA61:11:19.5304:08.4012:32.5013:29.8013:21.8513:45.6914:01.29USA10023497121
441085Rob SanduskyMale24BENTONVILLEAR61:11:20.2804:23.7512:55.9313:30.6313:35.3613:21.8613:32.75USA10011043836
451154Samuel ElsonMale23HENDERSONNV61:11:54.8004:13.1512:32.9813:36.7713:40.0014:00.2013:51.70USA10016013973
461019Zachary FernauMale19SHOW LOWAZ61:12:06.4904:34.3113:13.7913:15.1513:21.9213:37.0414:04.28USA10088687181
471067Nathan BigelowMale19PRESCOTTAZ61:12:06.5304:32.5113:14.4313:17.7213:20.8513:37.7714:03.25USA10096386961
481043Keegan PeltonMale19GOLDENCO61:12:07.8004:32.9213:12.7513:05.4313:35.0213:48.5913:53.09USA10099040923
491050Colton SacketMale21TROYTX61:12:19.8904:24.6012:53.5113:17.7613:38.3913:31.6314:34.00USA10058982044
501031Simon LewisMale22FRANKLINTN61:12:22.4404:35.7013:03.6812:58.3213:10.2313:58.3914:36.12USA10015557467
511074Daxton MockMale20LAKE MILLSWI61:12:35.8904:02.7513:47.9512:59.9513:01.0513:39.1915:05.00USA10084055534
521018Chris MehlmanMale21MANCHESTERMA61:12:37.9404:29.7213:45.6313:19.1413:33.1213:40.8813:49.45USA10064342205
531044Tyler CloutierMale32BENTONVILLEAR61:13:13.7004:30.5613:15.8913:37.8313:51.3113:57.7214:00.39USA10014784295
541027William DowlingMale22DURANGOCO61:13:25.1704:38.7413:34.0913:32.1013:47.3513:59.5213:53.37USA10059185138
551020Lucca TrapaniMale21GLENWOOD SPRINGSCO61:14:01.7604:34.5813:17.8213:41.2414:01.5614:07.1414:19.42USA10061906491
561076Austin PetersonMale19AUSTINTX51:00:22.4804:37.7113:54.0113:49.3813:56.8114:04.57USA10060260222
571041Felipe NystromMale38PORTLANDOR51:00:26.9304:28.5913:53.9913:56.9513:58.2114:09.19USA10058674169
581153Lucas StrainMale51:00:27.6104:27.6413:17.6914:11.6114:11.6114:19.06
591036Dylan FryerMale21SAN ANSELMOCA51:00:39.6004:29.5213:15.6813:48.3814:15.5514:50.47USA10036456624
601077Lucas MiersMale19RENONV51:00:39.8604:22.2913:24.8614:11.0514:27.4014:14.26USA10096220748
611045Lars HallstromMale24BRIGHTONMI51:00:52.8004:35.4613:40.0813:42.9114:27.0414:27.31USA10106020879
621065Ryan JohnsonMale22BROOKVILLEPA51:01:32.9004:31.9813:34.4214:12.5914:27.7314:46.18USA10055835911
631002Jesus MartinezMale30AUBURNAL51:01:42.7004:34.1613:58.1914:00.5514:42.5014:27.30USA10082672272
641026Justin McQuerryMale26AUSTINTX447:51.3804:35.3013:51.3214:32.7714:51.99USA10014722661
651071Skyler MackeyMale26TULSAOK448:14.6204:23.1913:50.1414:56.3115:04.98USA10009770813
661066Garrett MeifertMale19DURANGOCO448:25.4204:33.5114:06.4014:23.7415:21.77USA10091943654
671001Nat RossMale50BENTONVILLEAR448:31.5004:38.4214:15.7314:47.2614:50.09USA10003394374
681016Ried IndartMale19RENONV449:10.4205:21.7114:02.7214:44.5415:01.45USA10096543070
691015Nicholas F TabaresMale20DENVERCO337:26.4704:31.1419:28.7613:26.57USA10048865045
701061Fred 6 VincentMale23GRAPEVINETX338:51.2304:27.7515:05.8519:17.63USA10015311533
711030Jacob PetersonMale27GOLDENCO225:19.4004:26.8720:52.53USA10066496009
1083Raphael AuclairMale24QUEBECQCDNF554:48.9004:01.7911:50.4312:23.4812:39.9813:53.22CAN10009356440
1009Jacob MoralesMale22NARANJITOPRDNF558:02.5006:24.3012:25.0312:54.3712:48.7413:30.06PRI10011175794
1004Caleb SwartzMale22MADISONWIDNF456:21.2004:09.7824:30.3813:04.3414:36.70USA10011030803
1017Malaki CaldwellMale20EDMONDOKDNF331:04.0004:19.2812:58.6313:46.09USA10084055736
1023Canyon EmmottMale26MIDWAYUTDNF330:49.8304:27.6713:04.2113:17.95USA10051485257
1062Ian McDonaldMale19OAK HILLWVDNF330:47.7704:24.2813:07.3813:16.11USA10081985390
1079Olivier LavigueurMale36BENTONVILLEARDNF217:32.4004:23.4413:08.96USA10013951513
1069Ryan WoodallMale36OCALAFLDNF217:23.4504:27.4612:55.99USA10006021357
1078Owen BrennemanMale19YORKPADNF104:38.9004:38.90

Haley Batten’s Trail to Tokyo

Haley Batten photo: Etienne Schoeman

Haley Batten is the youngest US Mountain Bike racer on the 2021 Tokyo Olympics long-team, although she is by no means a long shot. In our interview, Haley shares how she arrived at the top of the sport, the importance of mentorship, and basically just a whole bunch of wisdom for such a young athlete. We are grateful to Haley for taking the time to be interviewed by us while she is preparing for the final Olympic qualifying event in a few short months.

Haley Batten donning the #3 plate at 2020 U23 World Cup races Photo: Michal Cerveny

MTB Race News: Briefly summarize your cycling resume. 

Haley Batten:

  1. 4 x junior US national champion
  2. 2017 U23 US national Champion and fourth in U23 World Cup Overall
  3. 2019 U23 Pan American Continental champion
  4. In 2019 I landed my first two U23 world cup podiums and World Cup win.
  5. Silver medal in the 2019 World Championships Team Relay with team USA.
  6. 2020 Swiss Epic overall win with teammate Annika Langvad
  7. 4th U23 world Championships 2020
A very young Haley Batten winning her first National Championship in 2012. Photo courtesy Haley Batten

MTB Race News:  When did you know/how did you decide to pursue mountain biking as a profession? Why and how did you choose to balance it with attending college? 

Haley Batten: I can clearly remember the moment I decided that I wanted to compete in mountain biking at the Olympics. It was 2012 and I had just won my first national championship in Sun Valley, Idaho. The US Olympic team had recently been announced and they called the selected athletes onto the podium for photos. Todd Wells, Sam Schultz, Georgia Gould, and Lea Davison all stood up there, ready for London. Each one of them a humble, kind, and hard-working individual. I decided then, watching them stand on that stage, that I wanted to see what I could do in this sport. That year, for the first time, I watched the cross-country Olympic event on TV and I realized that the sport I loved was something that I could pursue at a high level. From a young age, I had the confidence and belief in myself that I had the ability to chase after any big dream. I think my parents instilled that in me and my bike helped me find the independence and passion to fuel my pursuits. Now, as we begin the 2021 season, I’m getting closer to making that vision my reality.

I couldn’t have predicted that both Georgia and Lea would become my teammates on the Luna Pro Team (Clif Pro Team) years later, when I began my professional career.

Haley’s first Pro contact was with the Luna Pro team. Pictured here with teammate, mentor, and 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, Georgia Gould Photo courtesy Haley Batten

They would help guide and inspire me, along with the many other incredible women on that team including Catharine Pendrel and Katerina Nash that I am grateful to call my mentors and friends. I think that having the guidance of this team in my first years on the world cup stage were fundamental to the rider that I have become. I learned the ins and outs of travel and race preparation, as well as the type of environment that I need to be in the right mindset come race day. Plus, I was surrounded by an all-women’s team and THAT was empowering because it made professional cycling a feasible opportunity to me.

The Luna Pro Team evolved into Team Clif Bar. Haley is pictured here with teammates Lea Davison, Catharine Pendrel, Maghalie Rochette, and Katerina Nash. Photo courtesy Haley Batten

From a young age biking was something I absolutely loved. It gave me freedom, adventure, and adrenaline and it became an important part of my life early on. Although I always dreamed big and poured my energy into cycling, school, or anything that grabbed my attention, I don’t think racing professionally became my reality until I got on my first pro team. It wasn’t until then that I really started to bring my youthful joy for the sport and the career possibilities together. I had the support to begin to put the pieces together to not just dream, but do.

Although most of my energy and drive is pursuing professional cycling, attending university has created an important balance in my life. Not only has it connected me with a special community, but it has also helped me find my passions off the bike and reminds me that being a professional athlete is a unique opportunity. As an athlete, it is often easy to get caught up in the ‘biking bubble” where everyone shares a  similar lifestyle. Stepping outside of that has allowed me to find perspective on racing and results, but also makes me appreciate the journey even more. I love learning and I think that challenging myself in new ways, while growing my knowledge base and skill-set is beneficial for being both human and athlete. Yes, it’s very hard to have a high workload for both school and training, but once I can embrace struggle as something that stimulates growth, I often surprise myself with what I am capable of. What I’ve learned is that it’s easy to work hard at something you enjoy. I study what I find meaningful, break up those study sessions with my favorite thing in the world… biking :), and surround myself with great people that will support me and smile through it all. And that, is my recipe for success!

At Quest University Canada, we have a Question as our major and build-your-own degree. My Question is “How can education be optimized to inspire?” I’m really interested in the research surrounding how people learn most effectively. In the future, I hope to help implement effective teaching and learning strategies into the educational system, so that more students can find meaning in their educational experience. I want to help inspire our youth to engage in their education, their own physical and mental health, and apply themselves to the environment and global issues! 

MTB Race News: Tell us about your new 2021 team, Trinity racing. How will your bike be spec’d? Anything special/unique about your set-up?

Haley Batten pictured with 2021 Trinity racing teammates Christopher Blevins and Luke Lamperti photo: Jimmy Smith

Haley Batten: I am thrilled to be on Trinity this season. While I will continue to be on the same great equipment with Specialized bicycles and Sram components, the support behind the scenes will look a little different in 2021. The staff supporting the athletes on this team have experience helping young athletes make the leap into the elite field and I think this guidance and support is what I need to become the rider I hope to be. I’m happy to continue to be teammates with Christopher Blevins, a good friend of mine and my teammate during our junior years on the Whole Athlete development team, while also building new relationships with athletes from all over the world. Plus our bikes will be DIALED!! Last season Specialized launched the new S-works Epic and wow does this bike know how to go fast. It’s spec’d with a RockShox Sid SL fork and RockShox-Specialized rear shock, both with the BRAIN-controlled travel. This, along with my SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS, keeps my cockpit extremely clean. I believe this setup has been a game-changer for allowing me to keep my focus on the race moment, not on the buttons on my handlebar. I have also added the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post for training and most racecourses. This is another game changer that has improved my riding position on the downhills and overall skill level. In addition, I run the Roval Control SL carbon wheels with 29mm rims and choose between the Specialized Renegade, Fast-Track, and Ground Control tires. All my bikes have the Specialized Women’s Power Pro saddle with Mimic and Wahoo Element Bolt head-unit. The final touch are my sparkling gold Crankbrothers Eggbeater 11 pedals. This bike is light and made for fast racing, but it’s also extremely capable! I’ve tested my limits on the Squamish trails and have been blown away with what this bike allowed me to ride. Having confidence in my equipment is really important to me and this bike can really do it all. Hands down the best xc bike I have ever raced on.

MTB Race News: You coach with Olympic Gold Medalist, Kristin Armstrong. What is your training plan like? 

Haley Batten: It has been such an honor to have Kristin Armstrong on my team. Not only is she one of the most successful cyclists in the world, but she is also an incredible mom, coach, and entrepreneur. What she has taught me goes far beyond the workouts she loads to training-peaks, including a mental-toughness, confidence, and perspective that has allowed me to train and prepare for racing at a new level. Our perspective is QUALITY not quantity. I train smart, rest smart, and race smart. Our plans are very focused for the races we want to perform well at and we prioritize the training that will help us get there. With Strava and social media it is becoming more and more common for people to compare their numbers (power, hours, distance, elevation) to others. Although this can definitely be a great motivator and way to create community, it’s important to keep in mind your unique circumstances and what your goals are!! Kristin and I don’t add extra hours that, although they may feel like extra-credit, are really a distraction from what we want to prioritize. Every season I take about a month off the bike and during this time I prioritize my school work, add a variety of sports into my routine, and ride with friends and family I don’t usually get to. This is SO crucial for bringing a fresh and excited mindset back onto the bike when it’s time to get back to training. Kristin’s training approach also focuses on making the process FUN!!! Pursuing mountain biking professionally is something I am so grateful to do, so every day I’m out on my bike I enjoy it. Some days are hard, that is no doubt, but even the hardest days are what make the outcome that much more rewarding.

MTB Race News: What is your biggest strength as a MTB racer? 

Haley Batten: What is so cool about MTB is that there is endless room for progression, from technical skill or physical strength to your mindset. No doubt, growing up in Park City with the incredible Utah cycling community really helped me advance quickly and grow to love the sport. I did a lot of racing and group rides with my friends (mostly guys) and I think this really helped me develop my skills early on. Moving to Squamish, BC for university was a whole different level of technical riding!!  I’ve SO enjoyed being there in the winter to ride and train, although it does get a little wild out in those woods! I’ve always loved the adrenaline and technical riding aspect of mountain biking, so I think that has allowed me to excel on the more technical courses. This is why I’m not much of a  roadie! I love the trails too much! Overall, I think I have a range of skill sets and I try to use that to my advantage. I don’t often consider one race course being better for me than another and I train to perform at any World Cup that is thrown my way. What I have found to be helpful is that I am a very adaptable and positive person, not much can “phase” me. When it comes down to it, you can train as much as you want, but all the travel and chaos of racing at such a high level needs to be enjoyable, not stressful! I focus on the things that I can do to help me perform, since the things that are out of my control aren’t worth worrying about. Although it’s easy to get caught up with how someone else is riding, or what the weather is, or if the airline lost my baggage, it really doesn’t do me much good! So I try to put my energy and focus on the aspects of racing that fuel my passion and prepare me for the incredible journey ahead!

In 2020, Haley Batten was teammates with former World Champ, Annika Langvad. The duo teamed up and subsequently won the Swiss Epic stage race. Photo: Sebastian SebShiek

MTB Race News: There are currently six US women on the long list for the Tokyo Olympics. Kate Courtney has already qualified for the team. How will the remaining two spots be determined? Do you have a game plan to make the team? 

Haley Batten: The second world cup race in Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic will be our final qualifying event. Until then, it’s all about dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s to make sure I am the best rider that I can be on that day and the events prior. I am confident that I have what it takes to perform during my first year in the elite category.  My eyes are also on 2024, so I think doing everything that I can to be at the start line in Tokyo is a huge step for my career. I am confident that there is a good chance one of us can meet the second spot through the selection criteria, but after that it will come to discretionary selection. We have a talented group of US women working for those slots and I think it will be a thrilling year to be a part of!

MTB Race News: Can you tell us a bit about Outride? How are you involved? 

Haley Batten pictured with fellow Outride ambassador, Christopher Blevins Photo: Etienne Schoeman

Haley Batten: Outride is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of youth through school-based cycling programs and grants. Their programs are evidence-based with the goal of improving social, emotional, physical, and cognitive health of young students. The Outride mission is to make these benefits accessible and sustainable!!  Bikes are such an incredible vehicle to empower individuals, beyond the race-course. What Outride stands for aligns with many of my values and working with them has allowed me to speak out about what I value. All that Outride does is supported by research and has had a positive impact on so many children, schools, and communities. I have witnessed the power of the bike first-hand and I’m glad that I can share this journey with Outride to help make the benefits accessible to more people! As an ambassador I work to spread the word about Outride to get more cycling programs into schools. I have not yet been able to get involved with a school visit or more hands-on work as a result of Covid-19, but I am so looking forward to when that becomes a possibility again!

Intermountain Cup #8 – Snowbird, UT

Written by: Jen Hanks

The Intermountain Cup’s 8th stop of the season was at picturesque Snowbird Resort.  Snowbird’s 8000+ foot elevation was just high enough to give racers reprieve from Salt Lake City’s heat wave that has had temperatures hovering in the low 100s for the past three weeks. The high altitude race was also a perfect final test for racers planning to race cross country nationals at Mammoth Mountain in two weeks; this included the Whole Athlete Development team who has been training at altitude in Park City in preparation for Nationals.  Utah’s own development team, Summit Bike Club, was also out in full force.

The impressive eleven-rider pro women’s race featured some of Utah’s fastest ladies as well as three juniors with UCI rankings in the top-10 worldwide including Haley Batten (Whole Athlete-ranked 1st in the world), Rachel Anders (Summit Bike Club – 4th in the world) and Kelsy Urban (Whole Athlete – 8th in the world).

Joey Lythgoe flows through the wild flowers at Snowbird - Photo by Angie Harker

Joey Lythgoe flows through the wild flowers at Snowbird – Photo by Angie Harker

Rachel Anders took the hole shot and hit the singletrack first with Haley Batten and Nicole Tittensor (Revolution) not far behind.  Joey Lythgoe (Kuhl) who has won five of the seven I-CUP XC races had a slow start and was caught behind traffic in the initial singletrack allowing the lead trio to get away.

Although Lythgoe said after the race that she wasn’t sure she would be able to catch up to the leaders, in actuality it didn’t take her long; as soon as the course opened up she closed the gap and was in her usual position of contending for the win.  The pace remained high and Anders dropped back on the 2nd lap ultimately getting caught by KC Holley (Kuhl).  At the front, Lythgoe was able to build a small, but comfortable lead on the final lap ultimately taking the win by less than a minute over Haley Batten.

Behind Lythgoe, Tittensor was chasing Batten down the final rocky descent.  Just as she made contact, the trail kicked up again and Batten climbed away to the finish.  Holley finished a strong 4th with Anders close behind in 5th.

Although he mainly races on the road Rob Squire never disappoints on dirt - Photo by Angie Harker

Although he mainly races on the road Rob Squire never disappoints on dirt – Photo by Angie Harker

In the Pro Men’s race, Cypress Gorry, the 2014 collegiate XC and STXC National Champ and junior Carson Beckett represented Whole Athlete.  Hincapie/Holowesko roadie and sometimes mountain bike badass Robbie Squire was on hand as was the always competitive Revolution racers Drew Free and Justin Desilets.

Off the start, the trio of Robbie Squire, Drew Free, and Cypress Gorry quickly established themselves at the front.

The leaders rode together until Gorry flatted on the 2nd of 4 laps.  He was able to repair his tire and move back into third place only to flat again toward the end of the race ultimately dropping back to 6th.

Meanwhile, Squire and Free stayed within 15 seconds of each other until the fourth and final lap where Squire, who clearly saved something for the last lap, rode away on the first climb of the final lap and ultimately finished with a 1:30 gap.  Whole Athlete junior, Carson Beckett, finished 3rd followed by Chris Holley (Kuhl) and Justin Desilets (Revolution) to round out the podium.

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