TransRockies Tinhorn Creek Stage 7

Travis Hauck finishes with partner Nick Gould, left, and Mathieu Belanger-Barrette
John Gibson Photography
The Tinhorn Creek TransRockies Stage Seven broke cool and clear in the quiet town of Crowsnest Pass as riders prepared to take on the final epic ride into Fernie. A late evening thunderstorm complete with double rainbows had tucked riders into their tents for the night, and they would need the rest for what was to be the most challenging yet rewarding stage of the entire week. After traversing a power line road, the main climb of the day began in earnest up to the high point for the day some 1900 meters from were they started. Panoramic views greeted riders as they punched through into the Fernie trail system and down the 1000 meter decent of Porky Blue. A short lap on the new flow trail Contra and then into FloWRKR had riders hooting and hollering as they rolled across the final finish line and the end of an amazing week of mountain biking across the Rockies.
Double rainbow over Transrockies tent village
John Gibson Photography
Zoe Roy traveled to TransRockies this year at the very last minute, getting the invite just four days before this years event. She had never done a mountain bike race before, but stayed strong all week and finished solidly on the podium with her partner Barry Wicks in the Open Mixed category. Here’s what she had to say about the week, as told to Barry:

“It is pretty amazing what the human body can do. Before this race, any one of these days would have totally cratered me, but there is something about doing back to back days that tricks your mind into keeping going. It’s pretty great to experience that.

My favourite part of the week was that we started way over there, and finished here, and we rode our bikes the entire way. It feels like no time at all and also an eternity has passed all at the same time. 

It’s going to be strange to not have to get up and ride my bike tomorrow. I feel like there will be a bit of a depression in the next few days as the body and mind readjust back into the real world and I have to think about more than just riding my bike and having snacks all day.

I was so impressed with everyone out there doing the race. It was a very hard physical and mental challenge, and everyone performed so well. It was very cool to watch that process for everyone.”
Vincent Lombardi and partner Maxime Nguyen
John Gibson Photography
TransRockies Classic goes on hiatus for a year in 2020, but Singletrack 6 is on the docket and is sure to be an amazing single track experience for anyone looking to spend some quality time out in the woods getting rad on their bikes and winning at life. See you on the trails!

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