Mohican 100 (NUE) – Full Report & Results

Christian Tanguy and Linda Shin Win in Loudonville

Written by: Marlee Dixon

The Mohican 100 is the third NUE (National Ultra Endurance) race in the series. Driving 22 hours from Breckenridge, I was excited when we finally arrived in the rural town of Loudonville, Ohio, for the race. It’s a beautiful little town full of rolling green fields, farms, and a small friendly town center. The race venue is a large campground filled with campsites, cabins, a pond and lake, a swimming pool and everything that would remind you of being at summer camp. We arrived Thursday evening to a quiet campground filled with humid air, hazy green rolling hills and abundant green vegetation. The quietness was short-lived and by the next day the campground had filled with some of the 700+ racers making it feel like summer camp for bike racers.

The Mohican 100 starts at 7:00am from downtown Loudonville. The course consists of over 60% singletrack and less than 40% road/double track. At the start, all 700+ racers in the 100-mile race and 100K race start together. It’s an immediate hill climb out of town that helps to spread out the racers then a few miles of road before the singletrack starts.

The first 20 miles or so are mostly all one track up and down through large forests. It’s fun, gorgeous riding unlike any riding I’ve done in the West; pedaling through spacious old forests with tall trees, ferns, and so much moisture in the air. The singletrack ascends and descends quickly with very few flat areas, crossing roads briefly only to connect with more singletrack. After aid station 1, there are some short road sections, up and down hills, past old white farms with bright green pastures. The course continues through private property single and double track, on to rolling back-roads until about mile 55 when you reach the 10-12 mile railroad-grade road. Then it’s back on a mixture of singletrack, roads and dirt double track.

For the men’s Open field 153 men lined up for the 100-mile event. The winner, Christian Tanguy (Rare Disease Cycling), said it was a larger pack of men out in the front throughout the race. By about mile 76, humidity/heat and other factors had left the front pack down to around five men. Not long after Tanguy made a push to break away up a steep climb, saw no one was with him and went for it. At one point he looked back and saw someone was fast approaching him from behind. It was Keck Baker (ChampsSys/Cannondale). Keck caught him but Tanguy was able to gain the lead again on one of the final singletrack ascents and claim his second win in a row at the Mohican 100.

For the women’s 100-mile race there were 20 women at the start. I had the lead from the start and remained in the lead until aid station 4 at mile 76 where I saw Brenda Simril (Motormile Racing) come in right behind me. I tried to push it to keep my lead but I had been struggling for a while at that point. Around mile 80, Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycles) caught up to me and from there we rode together for a few miles. I was able to keep up with Linda, who was riding strong at that point, but I took a bad crash while trying to gain time on a loose descent and Linda pulled ahead. At that point I felt like I was in complete survival mode, knowing that Brenda was close behind. Less than a mile out of the finish, I had another bad crash, tearing up my shorts and getting a hematoma on my thigh, at which point, Brenda passed me. At this stage in the race, I was just so incredibly relieved to be finished. The Mohican 100 is a hard race full of short ascents and descents, some technical singletrack, steep climbs, and over 10,000 feet of climbing.

But on the long drive home, all I could think about was how to train to be faster and more prepared for next year. The race venue- a mini mountain bikers summer camp – was beautiful and convenient, the town and people were welcoming and friendly, the racecourse was one huge challenging loop full of awesome singletrack and beautiful back roads, the aid stations were fully stocked with well prepared and helpful volunteers and the after party was just what every race should be – a fun atmosphere with good food, great beer, laughter, and friendly company.

The Mohican 100 is part of the National Ultra Endurance Race Series. The NUE Series is dedicated to providing a level playing field for ALL, Professionals and Amateurs alike and consists of fourteen races across the US and one in Costa Rica. The winner in the men’s and women’s Open, men’s Single Speed and men’s Masters 50+ receive a final cash payout, free entry into the following year’s NUE races and an all-expense paid trip to race the  LaRuta de los Conquistadores stage race in November.


Open Women

1 Linda Shin Blacksmith Cycle 8:59:35
2 brenda simril Motor Mile Racing 9:01:06
3 Marlee Dixon  Pivot/Epic Brewing 9:01:15
4 Simona Vincenciova Hammer Nutrition 9:34:01
5 Kathleen Lysakowski Cycle Lodge 10:02:34
6 Jennifer Malik Lady Gnar Shredders 10:03:42
7 Emily Korsch Team Noah Foundation 10:12:19
8 Jennifer Tillman Joe’s Bike Shop Racing Team 10:13:17
9 Christin Reuter Family Bike 10:24:53
10 Vickie Monahan Team ERRACE p/b DSO Manufacturing 10:41:11
11 Jill Martindale Grand Rapids Bicycle Co. 11:12:08
12 Jessica Tomazic Team Bicycle Hub 11:23:13
13 Kathleen Sheehan Joe’s Bike Shop Racing Team 11:30:30
14 Sarah Temby RBS Cycling Team 11:37:47
15 Heidi Coulter Lady Gnar Shedders 12:16:42
16 Dana Meske RBS Cycling Team/Vanderkitten 12:52:00
17 Anne Gray Pop-a-cap 12:57:55
18 Kathy Judson Joes’s bike shop racing team/gmsv 13:12:45

Open Men

1 Christian Tanguy Rare Disease Cycling 7:10:03
2 Keck Baker ChampSys/Cannondale p/b Battley Harley 7:11:05
3 Brian Schworm Think Green-Pedal the Planet p/b SWORD 7:13:40
4 Dylan Johnson Scott Pro mtb team 7:16:13
5 Anthony Grinnell Specialized Bicycles & Components,, Highland Training, SWORD Hydration 7:39:40
6 Dereck Treadwell Dr Naylor-PBMracing 7:42:49
7 Ronald Catlin RBS TREK CYClING 7:43:32
8 josh tostado santa cruz, swiftwick, shimano 7:48:18
9 John Petrylak Bike Factory Elite/Ergon/Industry Nine 7:50:03
10 Shawn Hall Piney Flats Bikes and Fitness 7:50:45
11 Jorden Wakeley Quiring Cycles 7:51:14
12 Michael Danish 8:01:39
13 Gordon Wadsworth Blue Ridge Cyclery 8:16:06
14 Joe Johnston 8:16:28
15 Dan Kotwicki RBS Cycling Team 8:17:11
16 Tim Carleton The 11 Inc / Pearl Izumi 8:18:08
17 Nathaniel Cornelius Think Green-Pedal the Planet 8:19:06
18 Brian Roggeveen Momentum Racing 8:20:29
19 Kelly Sugg RBS Cycling Team 8:20:52
20 Stewart Staton Plum Grove Cyclery 8:21:59
21 Scott Morman Stark Velo 8:23:14
22 Ian Stanford Ally’s Bar// Habitat 8:26:32
23 Andy Rhodes North mountain woodworks/ black dog bikes 8:31:51
24 A. Zane Wenzel Horst Engineering Cycling Team 8:36:50
25 Joe Fraas West Liberty Cycles/ Maxxis Tires 8:38:23
26 Tony Mellott Backroom Coffee Roasters/ Trek Store of Columbus 8:42:22
27 Joshua Martin Cliff Bar, Rotor USA, Podium Performace Training 8:43:37
28 Ryan Heerschap Cycle Craft/Bulldogs 8:44:12
29 John Proppe Lake Effect Racing 8:45:02
30 Cory Rimmer Nox Composites / Kona Bikes / Provision Sports 8:47:38
31 Chris Lane Joe’s Bike Shop Racing Team 8:49:57
32 brian mountjoy Think green Toyota sword pedal planet 8:50:26
33 Joe McDaniel Team Lake Effect 8:52:30
34 Lorenzo Serra Pawling Cycle & Sport 8:52:49
35 Ed Serrat Cycletherapy Racing 8:57:10
36 Emilio Brenes Jimenez Rincon de La Vieja Challenge Mixuac Team 8:57:47
37 scott warren Bicycle Depot 8:59:50
38 Robert Koblinsky Bspoke Athletics 9:04:45
39 Austin Francescone Trek Store Columbus 9:06:01
40 Tyler Trask Transition Rack/Mavic/Zeal Optics 9:07:38
41 Christopher Brechbill Got Chocolate Milk? 9:08:02
42 Tom Stritzinger 9:09:12
43 Ryan Burnette 9:11:28
44 Kevin Campbell Spokes-n-Skis 9:13:08
45 Evan Huff 9:13:19
46 Colin Reuter 9:16:14
47 Greg Whitney Arrow Racing 9:17:23
48 Michael Gottfried Trek Store Cincinnati 9:18:49
49 Cary Fridrich JRA CYCLES 9:19:49
50 Jamie Knowlton 9:22:30
51 Matthew Kesecker CAMBO/Wolf Tooth Components/Hammer Nutrition/Blue Ridge Cyclery p/b Reynolds GM/Subaru 9:22:45
52 Michael Banks The Edge Outdoors 9:28:47
53 Thomas Novitsky RACING GREYHOUNDS 9:29:05
54 Jason Rassi Little Ades Team Goose Island 312 9:29:41
55 Bradley Smith Ride On Cycling Team 9:29:45
56 Keith Tarter 9:30:11
57 Brad Hawk Hammer Nutrition / Twin 6 / Bikenetic 9:32:42
58 Ken Krebs 9:33:32
59 Andrew Lysaght B2C2 p/b Boloco 9:34:46
60 Jack Iacoboni Jr LTD4 Life/ No Teeth 9:39:31
61 Charles Moore Orange Krush Cycling Club/ Cycletherapy 9:41:11
62 Dan Marshall 9:42:05
63 Mathieu Sertorio Triatlo Jovent 79 9:42:58
64 Jonathan Kloppenburg Spidermonkey Cycling 9:56:25
65 Christopher R. Chartier BikeFix 9:58:02
66 Jerico Slavin FAMBE 10:00:16
67 Chris Bryce Wolfpack/ Dark Horse 10:01:27
68 Alex Hashem 10:02:48
70 Christopher Arndt Paradise Garage Racing 10:09:06
71 peyton randolph 10:09:40
73 Philip Schiller Team E.R.P. 10:18:29
74 christopher seeley off camber cycling/ River’s Bend Cycles 10:19:38
75 Shane Pasley Rare Disease Cycling 10:20:03
76 Tyler Keuning Grand Rapids Bicycle Co. 10:24:19
77 Rob Hillyard Southtowns Line & Wiquor 10:24:41
78 Mike Loranty 10:24:42
79 Hunter Stoneking Portage Cyclery/Patriot Phoenix Foundation 10:26:09
80 Alex Tenelshof Village Bike & Fitness 10:28:11
81 Tres Riley Adventures for the Cure 10:28:29
82 Jason Sparks RACING GREYHOUNDS 10:32:20
83 Rodney Reed AOA 10:35:03
84 Mathieu Desrosiers 10:37:23
85 Todd Bowden Trek Cyclocross Collective, Aetna Expowheelmen 10:41:12
86 Ryan Sarka 10:44:51
87 Jon Nable Hup United 10:50:30
88 Grant Cunningham KCV Cycling – Racing for Riley 10:57:18
89 Ron Scherff Fat Head’s Brewery 11:04:01
90 Felbert Edrada J&R ski and cycle 11:05:47
91 Jay Morrison Grand Rapids Bicylce Company & Twin Six 11:11:53
92 Rob Mitzel Team E.R.P. 11:15:46
93 Allen Loy Paradise Garage Racing 11:16:56
94 paul karle Montgomery Cyclery/queen city wheels 11:17:21
95 Mike Tobin Ride 2 Recovery 11:18:07
96 Christopher Davis Stanky Creek Cycling 11:24:21
97 Brandon Render 11:50:18
98 Chris Karpowicz 765 Racing/ Hammer Nutrition 12:05:11
99 John Percassi J+D 12:22:44
100 Christopher Barkow Cheese Sammich 12:23:18
101 Lee Wittekind Marietta adventure company 12:23:49
102 Jason Ottinger Guardian Automotive 12:26:05
103 Mark Edwards Wheel Team 6 12:27:00
104 Brian Wahl Team Bicycle Hub 12:28:10
105 jeff mozer 12:41:01
106 Christopher Crofford 4-Play 12:41:43
107 Jaroslaw Kowal 12:52:37
108 Jim Gianoglio 12:55:27
109 Jason Clipse Wheel Team 6 12:55:34
110 Matt Simpson Wheel Team 6 12:55:34
111 Dennis Kavish Mountain Goat 12:57:17
112 Mark Shellhamer 13:15:40
113 chad doellman 13:25:54
114 Kurt Molter 13:26:35
115 shawn duffy Base TriFitness 14:04:08
116 Donald Wieburg Little Ade’s Team Goose Island 312 14:24:53
117 Scott Lang 14:25:18


1 Bob Moss Farnsworth Bicycles/Crank Arm Brewing/Torrenti Cycles 8:07:49
2 peat henry Team Noah Foundation, 8:11:53
3 Will Crissman B2C2 p/b Boloco 8:14:41
4 Merwin Davis pathfinder of wv 8:24:30
5 James Litzinger Specialized Bicyles & Components,, Highland Training, SWORD Hydration. 8:25:16
6 Brian Patton US Military Endurance Sports 8:27:48
7 jason pruitt Peoples Brewing, Hodson Bay, CRC, LAS 8:28:55
8 trevor grant bicycle depot 8:39:52
9 Donald Powers Pro Bikes 8:42:50
10 Ernesto Marenchin Pivot Cycles, Twin 6, WAS Labs 8:44:08
11 Mike Bernhard Twin Six METAL 8:46:06
12 Igor Danko 8:54:18
13 Trever Kingsbury NCCS Derailed CoOp-Crankbrothers-Lazer-First Endurance-ProGold-DeFeet 8:59:35
14 Bob Sowga Paradise Garage Racing 9:01:22
15 Mike Cordaro Dirty Harry’s / Answer Products 9:05:55
16 Tim Anderson Faster Mustache 9:29:03
17 Joseph Stroz Stroz Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, P.C. 9:43:38
18 Duncan Sinclair Trestle Bridge Racing 9:50:03
19 Jon Dub-Nine Twin Six/ESI Grips/Carborocket/Tiremaniacs/TOGS 9:50:29
20 matthew hellmers Joe’s Bike Shop Racing Team 9:58:11
21 Chris Hays Toasted Head Racing 10:01:25
22 Stanley Skotnicki 10:24:40
23 Jeff Wass Team Dayton Cycling 12:03:05
24 Scott Dennis Pop-a-cap 12:18:56
25 David Spurlock Roll: 12:35:04

Master’s 50+ Men

1 Roger Masse Rare Disease Cycling 8:17:12
2 Jeff Clayton Super Sport Athletic Wear 8:28:28
3 Dave Jolin Stark Velo 8:37:28
4 Mark Donakowski RACING GREYHOUNDS 8:47:38
5 Tom Kruse Cycle Craft/Bulldogs 8:57:45
6 lee simril Motor Mile Racing 9:01:10
7 Chris Torrance RACING GREYHOUNDS 9:14:16
8 Terry Blanchet NAV – North American Velo 9:29:00
9 Alan Miner Banks Bikes 9:33:36
10 Jim Miller Kelly Benefits Strategies / LSV 9:36:45
11 anthony hergert Rescue Racing p/b Reality Bikes 9:42:53
12 Alain Simard 9:53:26
13 Roman Urbina La Ruta LandRover 10:22:44
14 Brent Harlos Peoples Brewery 10:23:04
15 David Grauer orthopro, Boulder Bone and Joint 10:50:11
16 Donald Newman 11:02:23
17 Tony Papandrea Team Truth 11:21:49
18 Rich Doubledee RedBike 11:50:18
19 Brian Parr TMR 11:58:42
20 Don Rice CCB Racing 11:59:44
21 Jeff Wrataric 13:02:48
22 Mark Sullivan Joe’s Bike Shop Race Team 13:12:45
23 Ralph Keller 13:33:04
24 Fernando Gurdièu Astuis 13:33:04
25 Mark Jones Orrville Cycling Club 14:02:47