Is hiring a mountain bike race coach the right decision for you?The question of coaching and being coached often comes up with women mountain bikers when they set their sites on training for a race or event.  Below ALP Cycles founder and coach Alison Powers and professional mountain bike racers … (read more)

Evelyn Dong and Cal Skilsky Win Moab Rocks 3-Day Stage Race

Moab Rocks 3-day stage race finished today with Evelyn Dong winning all 3 stages in the women’s pro field.  Melissa Rollins placed 2nd each day, Jenny Smith finishes 3rd, Emma Maaranen in 4th and Nicole Tittensor in 5th. For the … (read more)

Evelyn Dong and Macky Franklin win Moab Rocks Stage 2!

Top Female Pro Racers: 1.  Evelyn Dong 2:10:49.4 2. Melisa Rollins 2:15:53.2 3. Jennifer Smith 2:21:57.8 4. Emma Maaranen 2:24:37.2 Top Male Pro Racers: 1. Macky Franklin 1:54:49.2 2. Keiran Eagen 1:54:49.3 3. Cal Skilsky 1:54:50.2 4. Rotem Ishay 1:54:50.8 … (read more)

Evelyn Dong and Cal Skilsky win Moab Rocks Stage 1!

Top Pro Women: Evelyn Dong 1:57:44.9 Melisa Rollins 2:11:13.2 Jennifer Smith 2:14:56.7 Top Pro Men: Cal Skilsky 1:43:38.6 Rotem Ishay 1:44:34.4 Macky Franklin 1:44:40.0 See Full Results at:

NUE- Marji Gesick 100k

NUE Series 2021-Marji Gesick 50 mile September 18, 2021 Written by: @Jentoops The Marji Gesick is a point-to-point endurance race located on the upper peninsula of Michigan. It starts in Marquette and ends in downtown Ishpeming. The one-hundred mile and … (read more)