Stan’s NoTubes-Pivot Team Announced for 2016

National champions Woodruff and Grant partner up on pro mountain bike squad

The Stan’s NoTubes-Pivot Team is pleased to announce its roster of elite cross country mountain bikers for 2016. Returning rider Chloe Woodruff has been joined by new signing Rose Grant.

“This team turned some heads last year, and I’m looking forward to building on that momentum with the continuation of support from Stan’s NoTubes,” said Chloe Woodruff who is both the current U.S. Cross Country and Short Track Mountain Bike National Champion. “We’ll have a presence at international races as well as the biggest domestic events.

Photo 1-3New recruit Rose Grant, a two-time U.S. Marathon Mountain Bike National Champion, excels at both marathon and cross country racing. “I am grateful to be a part of this small, tight-knit team with its high level of support and hope to make 2016 my best season yet!” said Grant.

Stan’s NoTubes Creative Director and Sponsorship Manager Chris Currie said, “Two of the friendliest and most talented athletes racing today, Chloe and Rose, have shown the world what our impact-absorbing Valor tubeless wheels can really do. Each has been a great ambassador for us and for the sport, and together, they represent a true powerhouse team. We can’t wait for this season to get rolling.”

Pivot stepped up as the team’s new co-title sponsor in 2016. “As part of our ongoing, long term commitment to both elite cycling and to making the best women’s racing bikes, Pivot is proud to support Chloe and Rose as they compete at the highest level around the world,” said Chris Cocalis, President and CEO of Pivot Cycles.

Chasing the Olympic dream

Both Woodruff and Rose have been named to the U.S. Olympic Long Mountain Bike Team, a list of candidates for possible selection to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil.

“The strongest two American riders will make the U.S. Olympic team, and while of course I’m working to be one of those racers, I’m also working hard to be more competitive on the international level and to push my U.S. teammates a bit further,” said Woodruff, a seven-time member of the U.S. national team at the World Championships. Her career resume includes national championship titles at the junior, under 23, collegiate and elite levels.

“My hope is that we’ll have a stronger collective showing at the World Cup and Olympic level. This year is all about keeping opportunities in perspective and doing my homework.”

Best known for her achievements in marathon racing, Grant considers herself a long shot for the Olympic team, but she’s excited to have the chance to mix it up among the sport’s best talent.

“I’m filled with gratitude to be named to the 2016 U.S. Olympic Long Team. It is fuel for the fire and confirmation that hard work pays off,” said Grant. “At least for one more season, I’ll continue to focus on racing at the national level. With patience and proper planning, I hope I will find some success on the world level, too, when the timing is right.”

Photo 3-2Grant is one of the few pro female racers who juggles motherhood and racing. 2015 marked the first time that she was selected for and attended the Cross Country Mountain Bike World Championships, and in 2016, she heads into her fifth season as a pro, having worked her way up the ranks from being fully self-supported.

“I remember racing the Missoula XC in Montana in June 2013, my first true race of that season after giving birth to my daughter in March 2013. It was Chloe Woodruff, more than anyone else, who went out of her way to introduce herself, be encouraging and have a genuine conversation,” said Grant. “She has continued to be humble, noble and inspiring and works hard to be her best, and I’m proud to be her teammate.”

Woodruff also thinks highly of her new teammate. “Rose Grant is already one of the strongest racers in the country. She’s a make-no-excuses kind of competitor, and I’m thrilled that our team can give her the support and tools she needs to keep improving.”

Race calendar

The Stan’s NoTubes-Pivot Team will compete primarily in Olympic-style cross country races as well as the longer, more endurance-oriented marathon mountain bike races.

Both Woodruff and Grant will contest a mix of World Cup, US Cup and National Championship races. They’ll also target the Pan American Championships and domestic events such as the Epic Ride Off-Road Series.

Woodruff is aiming to build on her 2015 successes which also included a weekend sweep of victories at the Whiskey Off-Road in her hometown of Prescott, Arizona; a win at the Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) round of the US Pro XCT; a victory at the Iceman Cometh; and a bronze medal at the Pan American Championships in Bogota, Columbia.

Grant is looking to improve on top three finishes at the Missoula and Colorado Springs rounds of the US Cup as well as the Whiskey Off-Road.

Bikes and wheels

Woodruff and Grant will train and compete on four different Pivot mountain bikes, all equipped with Stan’s NoTubes carbon Valor wheels.

“The Stan’s NoTubes carbon Valor wheels are phenomenal. Coming into last season, I knew they were going to be the lightest wheels that I’d ever raced, but I was floored by their durability, performance, and ease of setup,” said Woodruff. “The wheels let me confidently run low pressures while knowing I have an edge over my competitors on ‘other’ wheels.”

Grant said, “You can really feel the difference the Stan’s NoTubes carbon Valor wheels make in absorbing impacts, and it’s nice to have the most reliable tubeless system out there when it comes to setting up tires. They have ‘fast’ written all over them.”

Woodruff will race Pivot’s Mach 4 and Les 27.5” frames. “With Pivot and Stan’s NoTubes, I had the choice between 29″ and 27.5″ wheel sizes, and after some testing, I decided to go with the smaller wheels,” said Woodruff. “While I believe I can be fast on either wheel size, the typically steep and technical characteristics of the World Cup courses may give an edge to the smaller, more nimble 27.5” wheel size. The ultra-low standover of the smallest Pivot frames is a huge advantage for a rider my height.”

“Over the past couple seasons, I’ve focused a lot on building up my confidence on the challenging World Cup-level courses,” said Woodruff. “I’ve reached a point where I’m a much more proficient technical racer so now we’re starting to ask: ‘what’s going to be the fastest?’”

Grant, on the other hand, made different choices, opting for the 29” wheel platform.

“I am lucky to have both hardtail and full suspension race bikes from Pivot in 2016,” said Grant. “I’ll race my Pivot Les 29er carbon hardtail at most events because it is a very lightweight and tight-handling, responsive cross country bike with all the benefits that naturally come with 29” wheels.”

“When I want full suspension for some of the more technically challenging courses, I’ll ride the Pivot Mach 429SL carbon 29er, it’s an ultra-fast full suspension racebike that handle whatever the race throws at it.”

Both riders will use the Pivot Vault bikes for training on the road or gravel or doing cyclocross.


The Stan’s NoTubes-Pivot Team is also sponsored by Shimano (drivetrain, brakes, pedals); Maxxis (tires); Castelli (custom clothing); Clif Bar (nutrition); Fox (suspension); PRO (components); Pearl Izumi (shoes, gloves); Kask (helmets); Feedback Sports (trainers); and Cassette Creative (design, marketing).

2015 Stan’s NoTubes-Pivot Team

Chloe Woodruff, 28, Prescott, AZ

Rose Grant, 33, Whitefish MT

Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 3

Lindine and Haywood win stage 3 at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic

McElveen and Barclay defend their leads in overall classification

Today’s stage 3, the Galbraith Enduro, is a crowd-pleaser for both participants and spectators at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race. Five enduro segments of classic East Coast singletrack, each steeper and rockier than the last, tested racers’ ability to flow like water — or at least to remain upright and live to fight another day.

Justin Lindine (Competitive Cyclist) and Sue Haywood (Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team) won the elite men’s and women’s stage while Payson McElveen (Competitive Cyclist) and Vicki Barclay (Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team) successfully maintained their leads in the overall classification.

Dan Timmerman (Riverside Racing) rides during the enduro stage at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race. Photo by: Trans-Sylvania Epic Media Team

Dan Timmerman (Riverside Racing) rides during the enduro stage at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race. Photo by: Trans-Sylvania Epic Media Team

Elite men

One wouldn’t think that cyclo-cross skills would necessarily translate to enduro, but Justin Lindine (Competitive Cyclist) shows it’s possible. He won the day with an impressive time of 17:35.

“Last year, I think I ended up further back in the group at the start. I’ve always done this stage further back than I wanted to be, so it was nice to be in the front early to have the sections clean,” said Lindine.

“Payson [McElveen], Tristan [Uhl], Peter [Glassford] and I were kind of a little group. We hit the timed sections first and pretty much hit them in line, and it was really good. I led through most of them, and it was a way for my teammates and I to make sure nothing catastrophic happened to us… And it was nice to have company.”

Lindine proved his good result in the enduro stage last year wasn’t a fluke. “Last year was surprising, I was second in the stage. I knew I was trying hard but I didn’t know I was trying that hard,” he said.

“And there were only 10 seconds to first. So it’s cool to go out and surprise everyone a bit, you know, cross country riders can descend, too. Makes me want to try enduro racing. It’s tricky. Out here, it’s risk-versus-reward descending. You break stuff more often, you flat more often, but I enjoy it. You switch your brain off and just go.”

Lindine’s teammate Tristan Uhl followed his lead to earn second on the day with a time of 18:13.

Payson McElveen hung on to the Competitive Cyclist train and didn’t lose too much GC time.

“It’s good to get out front a bit on this stage and not be waiting in line at the top of the segments,” said McElveen. “We’re all pretty good friends, so we decided to roll the climbs together and pretty much stuck together on the descents.”

“Both Tristan Uhl and Justin Lindine are more confident descenders than I am, so I was taking it a bit more conservatively, just because I have the lead and I want to take care of that lead, while they were trying to make up a bit of that time. But Justin is a great descender so I think I lost a bit of time to him today. It was a balance working as a team to get down safely while all of us were trying to do good times.”

Sue Haywood (NoTubes Elite Women’s Team) shreds the enduro segments on her way to winning the enduro stage at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race. Photo by: Trans-Sylvania Epic Media Team

Sue Haywood (NoTubes Elite Women’s Team) shreds the enduro segments on her way to winning the enduro stage at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race. Photo by: Trans-Sylvania Epic Media Team

Elite women

Cross country legend Sue Haywood (Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team) has been focusing on enduro lately, and it showed today in her first-place performance.

“If there was any stage that I would have the chance of winning, it would be this one,” said Haywood. “But with enduro, you know how people say in bike racing anything can happen? Enduro is even more like that. You have a lot of expectations but it’s so easy to mess up. You always try, though!”

The Stan’s NoTubes women dominated the top half of the results, but Haywood attributed that to camaraderie more than planning. “I don’t think riding together was any kind of strategy. Some people ride faster because they’re able; they’re a lot faster up the hills. The open men were done so quickly! Their day is much shorter,” she said.

“It’s always more fun in this stage to ride with friends. You want to be with people you like,” said Haywood. The NoTubes women did coordinate their outfits — they all donned baggy shorts for this stage.

Haywood said that it’s back to work on the next stage. “Tomorrow is an important day for the women—different people have different strengths, so we’ll see.”

Currently sitting in second place in the general classification, Mical Dyck (Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team) earned second on today’s stage as well.

“We all rode together for the stage, Vicki [Barclay, Stan’s NoTubes], Crystal [Anthony, Riverside Racing] and Sue [Haywood]. We didn’t hammer up the road, we took it easy going to the first stage,” said Dyck.

About the team kit coordination, Dyck said, “Baggies make me feel cooler!”

Dyck also enjoyed her first go at the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic’s enduro day. “I really liked the third and fifth segments,” she said. “I really liked five. I got held up at the end, in the big rock section. Racing—always better than working!”

Vicki Barclay had a good enduro day as well and hung on to her top spot in the general classification.

Aaron Albright (Trans-Sylvania Epic/NoTubes) descends the rocky Wildcat Trail in the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race. Photo by: Trans-Sylvania Epic Media Team

Aaron Albright (Trans-Sylvania Epic/NoTubes) descends the rocky Wildcat Trail in the NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race. Photo by: Trans-Sylvania Epic Media Team

Under 25 men and women

The youngsters showed everyone else how to ride enduro. Ellen Noble (Competitive Cyclist) had a stellar day, taking third place in the elite women’s field. She’s currently in sixth place in the general classification. Emily Shields (Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team), last year’s Under 25 women’s winner, also did well, with a seventh place finish.

Cody Phillips, an enduro specialist with the Ibis Cycles Enduro Team, broke into the top three of the elite men’s field. Scott Smith (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria), racing on an Epic team, was not far behind him, with a time that would have been good enough to crack the top five elite men. Aaron Albright (NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic) earned fifth place just ahead of men’s overall leader Payson McElveen.

The NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic presented is made possible with the generous support of great partners like Pactimo, Lupine, Purple Lizard, Klean Kanteen, Dirt Rag, SRAM, Kona, BMC, ProGold, NUUN, Freeze Thaw Cycles and more!

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