Pisgah Stage Race: Stage 5 and Overall Results

Saturday April 14, 2018

Stage 5 is the Industry Nine’s Land of the Waterfall route.

This final stage shuttles racers by bus to a remote start.  From there riders start the long steep climb up to Farlow’s Gap. Then starts the technical decent down Farlow and Daniel’s Ridge, crossing several waterfalls along the way.  Racers get a much needed break at Davidson River and then the grueling seven mile climb to Bracken Mountain begins. Bracken Mountain is the final Enduro section and includes fast flow sections, switchbacks and even some climbing. Riders then finish at the Brevard Music Center to celebrate.

Racers board buses for a shuttle up to a remote start.

Stacey Mulligan climbs her singlespeed up to Farlow’s Gap.

Bacon handups!












Dylan Johnson wins stage five but is unable to gain enough to move up to the podium. Travis Livermon wins the Pisgah Stage Race, Tristan Cowie a close 2nd just 5 minutes back and Kerry Werner hangs on for 3rd.

The top five finishers in the Men’s open are:

Rank First Name Last Name Team Name Stage 5 Time Total Time
1 TRAVIS LIVERMON 02:04:18.914 11:11:30.087
2 TRISTAN COWIE Sycamore Cycles 02:04:51.749 11:16:02.328
3 KERRY WERNER Kona Endurance Team 02:05:48.195 11:23:22.490
4 TRISTAN UHL Giant co-factory 02:02:08.040 11:27:43.678
5 DYLAN JOHNSON Leska MTB Racing 02:02:01.091 11:31:54.422

Men’s Open overall podium: 1st Travis Livermon, 2nd Tristan Cowie, 3rd Kerry Werner

In the Women’s Division Jena Greaser seals up the win for the overall title. Ada Xinxo finishes 2nd about 20 minutes back from Jena.  Jen Nielson comes in 3rd with a total time of 15hrs.

The top five finishers in the Women’s open are:

Division: OPEN WOMEN
Rank First Name Last Name State/Country Team Name Stage 5 Time Total Time
1 JENA GREASER BRITISH COLUMBIA 02:33:10.703 14:02:18.872
2 ADA XINXO SPAIN Trideporte / Tracks Ibiza 02:37:28.600 14:22:46.266
3 JEN NIELSON SC I9 SouthPaw Cycles Liv 02:44:15.022 15:00:43.499
4 JEN TOOPS OH Pearl Izumi/Pivot Cycles 02:47:53.208 15:25:44.563
5 KAARIN TAE NS 02:50:51.549 15:41:42.228

Women’s Open overall podium: 1st Jena Greaser, 2nd Ada Xinxo, 3rd Jen Nielson

Men’s Enduro Podium: 1st Kerry Werner, 2nd Tristan Cowie, 3rd Tristan Uhl

Women’s Enduro Podium: 1st Jena Greaser, 2nd Kim Quinlan, 3rd Meghan Korol

Watch the Stage 5 video recap:

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2018 Pisgah Stage Race Overall Results