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Evan Plews' BC Bike Race Blog - Day 7

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |July 3, 2010 8:54 AM

Day 7—Stage 6, Squamish

We finished the stage yesterday at Langsdale ferry terminal, loaded up, and set sail back to mainland North America and Horseshoe Bay. Once disembarked, we drove a half hour north to Squamish, home of the Test of Metal. Our accommodations were right downtown and within walking distance of restaurants and shopping. The base camp was just a 5 minute drive away at the local recreation center.

In 2007, Squamish was one of my favorite venues with convenient services and a beautiful setting where the seemingly endless mountains of British Columbia meet the water of the Pacific Ocean. Despite the Olympic weather debacle, winter stayed late throughout the Northwest, and BC was no exception. The mountains were especially beautiful on this sunny early summer day with a backdrop of azure sky and puffy white clouds.

Squamish is home to many purpose-built trails, and we got to ride one of the famous ones called Half Nelson. The government was propositioned to fund the construction of this downhill pump track, and apparently no expense was withheld! It will be interesting if there is a Full Nelson in the future…

The other trails we rode were typical of alpine single tracks found in high mountains most anywhere--steep and rocky. The course lasted about 30 miles and consisted of mostly fire and double track climbs with narrow, wooded trails to traverse and attack the fall line. I was back to my fatigued but manageable state, and found my place in the bus was things slowed down on the initial climb. From that point, I enjoyed the comfortable conditions and company of friends for a great ride!

It is hard to believe we will be in Whistler tomorrow and this adventure will come to an end. However, for me the end will likely not come soon enough to start an intensive recovery for my next two-wheel endeavor. It has been especially fun to ride different equipment this trip and to "race” with a different perspective. For those of you who wish you rode at the front, I can say the view from the back seat is pretty nice; and for my piers who haven’t ever lifted their noses from the stem I suggest you try it for a change!

One more day in Whistler!



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