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Evan Plews' Trans-Sylvania Epic Blog - Day 7

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 5, 2010 10:18 PM

Day 7


Transylvania Epic concluded today under mostly cloudy skies and damp conditions brought on by overnight thunderstorms. While the course had very little climbing and was generally mellow, it wasnít without drama as partway through the race it became apparent that some had missed a turn. I was in the second group and we had followed signs the whole way, so I was figured that the lead group had missed a turn somewhere along the way.


It turned out to be us that had missed the turn and gotten back on the course, so while I worked hard to finish in a "podiumĒ position, it turned out to be another setback as our group was penalized nine and a half minutes for the missed turn. This seemed like a reasonable solution especially with the payout only going three deep there wasnít much to race for today. In the end, Jeremiah Bishop won the open menís race by a sizeable margin followed by Alex Grant and Brandon Draugelis.


Selene Yeager held off Rebecca Rusch and Karen Potter in the open womenís race. Alec Petro seemed to be the big winner on the day since he moved ahead Garth Prosser to win the masterís overall ahead of Alex Hawkins despite also getting the penalty for missing the turn.


We had a great meal tonight served by the staff here at Seven Mountains Scout Camp. The finisher awards were very tasteful medals and everyone seemed to have a great time. It seems like yesterday I was flying into Pittsburg to meet Murray and Joy from for the drive over and now we are faced with an early morning drive back and the long day of travel home.


If you ever have a hankering to do some serious single track in Pennsylvania look no further than TSE. These folks put on a great show and I expect you wonít be disappointed. Until we meet again, so long and feel free to stop by and visit me on



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