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Evan Plews' Trans-Sylvania Epic Blog - Day One - Prologue

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 30, 2010 6:47 PM
As I alluded to in yesterdays post, often the most challenging part of being a "pro" mountain bike racer is getting to the event ready to compete. Today was no exception with a slow Sunday drive and several lengthy detours. We managed to make it to the venue with less than two hours to spare before my start which was only enough time to register, download the equipment and throw the bike together. 
With no time to pre-ride I could only hope not to lose serious time today but that was too much to dream about. Instead my bike had developed some drivetrain gremlins that left me skipping gears profusely nearly every uphill. We are still a little unsure about a single root cause but the end result was several minutes time lost. I suppose the only silver lining is that things can only get better and by not riding too hard I may be better than others later in the week.
Here are some results:
Open Men
Jeremiah Bishop 35:14
Drew Etsall 36:33
Christian Tanguy 37: 16
Alex Grant 37:32
Blake Harlan 37:36
Open Women
Selene Yeager 44:46
Karen Potter 45:27
Rebecca Rusch 45:41
Kathy Evans 52:53
Rachael Mirvish 54:02
The course was a great mix of single, double and gravel roads around the camp. There were a couple tighter sections that rewarded those that had time or commitment to preride but overall the times were close enough that the race will definitely not be decided today. 
Seven Mountains Scout Camp is a beautiful setting for a race. It has all the accoutrements of the typical summer camp with a pool, pond, mess hall and a variety of sleeping accommodations. Rustic enough to keep us all on the edge of comfort but civilized enough that I expect everyone will come away with a great adventure experience!
More time and more to tell tomorrow. Thanks for reading!
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