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Evan Plews' Trans-Sylvania Epic Blog - Day Zero

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 29, 2010 8:19 PM
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Transylvania Epic Day Zero

As I gaze out the port window of another Southwest Airlines luv-ship, the contents of my mind resemble my smoothie before turning on the Magic Bullet this morning. The frantic last minute preparation that seems inevitable prior to any race has jumbled my normally logically organized thoughts, but luckily not pureed them!

Mostly it involves wondering what I may have forgotten or worse yet, not even thought to pack. Then I imagine what the trails around State College may be like and if my bike set-up will be optimal. The shopping list to buy on the way to the race needs done. Then the dam breaks and the flood of questions flows... Who's going to show up? Is my fitness back near where it was during my string of early season victories? Even if it is, can I possibly be rested enough? What about the weather? 

This all gets pushed back to the filing department with one soothing thought: I've been down similar paths before and its one is also going to be totally RAD! That's because I can only describe an long MTB stage race as a microcosm of life itself: full of every emotion, pitfall, contingency, defeat, success, failure, and even victory unimaginable! 

I suppose this is why I find these events so gratifying--there is no formula or recipe to follow, the good mitigates the bad most of the time and most importantly, I always DO seem to find the edge of comfort and control and ride beyond onto uncharted territory! The places where your hair stands up and shivers radiating from our primal lower cranium show us there is so more we don't know about ourselves than the surroundings of the bubble of familiarity we normally inhabit. 

After completing seven "epics" before, I mostly look forward to discovering something new and unique in Pennsylvania. Sure the venue and trails and competition is exciting but it is the unknown I crave with baited anticipation. I hope you will share and enjoy the journey with me as I report daily from the inaugural Transylvania Epic this week.

Feel free to send me questions and comments through my contact on and I will do my best to incorporate them into my postings. In the meantime, get ready to hear all about the camp and opening individual time trial tomorrow!

Thanks for tuning in..

polo 06/16/2014 1:39 AM
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