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Sycamore canyon XC and Marathon: San Diego, CA

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |July 10, 2011 10:31 PM
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Written by: Jens Raz

Mountain-bikers, especially endurance racers in Southern California sure are spoiled. Racers and Chasers has always run their XC events alongside a 3 ½ hr Marathon for the guy and girl that like it a little longer. 

This past weekend, the series known for creating races in the San Diego California area, put on another gem of an event in Sycamore Canyon.  Each lap consisted of a brutal 6.66 miles with roughly 1,271 feet of climbing. A mix of fast, technical, loose and rocky single track, 28 mph+ descents, steep dirt roads and wickedly fun and tight single track combined with scorching temperatures left racers challenged. Luckily each of the 130 participants were greeted at the end with Rockstar recovery drinks, cookies, fruit and plenty of shaded seating under the Racer’s & Chasers Hospitality tent. 

Local cyclocross Pro, Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific), who recently took 1stat  Julian Death March and 4thplace at the Lumberjack 100 Mtb (NUE Series) in Michigan lined up with Tinker Juarez(Cannondale Factory), Charles Jenkins (KHS 650B) and Paul Friewald (Pivot Bikes)  to fight for the top price money. Brent in his onw words: "I took the hole shot to lead down the first single-track and stay out of trouble. It worked and three of us (Brent, Tinker and Paul) were off the front at the bottom. I continued to lead until the climb to Martha's Grove, where Tinker set the pace dropping Paul Friewald. I stayed on his wheel and then re-passed him before the single-track to keep him in check. I kept the lead until the final fire road climb where I fell off the lead and went my own pace from there on out.” Meanwhile, an unlucky Chuck Jenkins experienced a flat and had to chase. He was never able to catch up. The top step and $265 was taken by the Cannondale man, followed by $150 and Brent Prenzlow (Cello Pacific) and Paul Friewald (Pivot Bikes) taking home $120 for a painful 2 hours.

The endurance racers started 1 hour earlier under a cool and moist cover. The 30 some guys and gals went off together. Guy Sutton (Cal Coast Cycles) and Zac Stein (SDSU) took the lead early on towards the first single track. Not to be seen again by the majority, Guy Sutton had a fight on his hand with Zac Stein. Being dropped on the descents, Zac came back on Guy’s wheel on the climbs. The college student faded towards the end and finished out of of the top 5. Alex TerVrught (Celo Pacific) and Jens Raz (MTBRaceNews) had a similar battle going until the flying Dutchmen, also known as ATV encountered a mechanical. The rocky 20mph+ descent after the start/finish threw the chain in between the cassette and spokes, virtually pulling the emergency brake on Alex’s Kona. It took the 2 rivals quite a bit of cursing, a bloody knuckle and soft words to loosen the stubborn chain. Back on the dirt, Alex caught back on to the MTBRaceNews dude and continued playing cat and mouse until the end, graciously letting the German walk one step higher to a 2nd place finish behind Guy Sutton and taking 3rd in the process. 

The women’s race was taken by Christin Gray who lapped her nearest threat, Christin Gillis with enough time in the bank to have done one more lap!


Marathon Results:
Men Open:
1, Guy Sutton (6 laps) 3:37:41
2, Jens Raz (6 laps) 4:08:41
3, Alex Ter-Vrugt (6 laps) 4:08:42
4, Hans Garcia (6 laps) 4:10:35
5, Dee Folse (6 laps) 4:11:20

Open Women:
1, Christin Gray (4 laps) 3:15:46
2, Christin Gillis (3 laps) 3:18:04

XC Results:

Men Open:
1, Tinker Juarez (Cannondale) 1:52:05
2, Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific) 1:54:07
3, Paul Freiword 1:59:15
4, David Sullivan 2:00:16
5, Stehane Roch 2:04:26
6, John W Beherns 2:04:33
7, Chuck Jenkins 2:10:43
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