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Keegan Swenson's Blog From Granichen, Switzerland

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 26, 2011 5:03 PM

Park City native and Whole Athlete/Specialized racer Keegan Swenson is the reigning 15-16 year-old national XC champion. This season is his first with the Whole Athlete squad and his first in the 17-18 category. Keegan will be representing his team and the United States throughout the 2011 season and he will be posting a weekly blog on

Keegan is now 3 for 3 at Pro XCT events this season. He recently traveled to Granichen, Switzerland, to race the world cup event there with Team USA. Read Keegan's report below.


Racer Bikes Cup, Granichen, Switzerland

I was pretty excited for this race after racing the Offenburg world cup, and learning how to race in Europe. The track was a short and fast 5k loop, with short techy downhills and some very steep climbs. There were also a lot of creative lines built into the gravel pit that we raced through.

After a super good warm up we lined up. I happened to be called up 11th, which was awesome considering there were 60 starters! The started off incredibly fast, as presumed. We hammered up the pavement and I managed to make my way into 3rd by the singletrack descent.

I took the lead for a bit of the first lap, which turned out to be a mistake as I faded back into 6th by the end of the second lap. I started to feel better and began to make my way back up to the front of the race. I made up most of my time on the longer asphalt climb that was right after the start.

After some chasing, I caught up to the current 2ndand 3rd place racers and proceeded to ride a lap with them. Somewhere during the 5th lap Dominic Zumstein (Scott-Swisspower, 3rdat finish) and I shook off Erik Jonsson (who ended up 5th). So it was just Zumstein and I, on the last lap I threw in an attack on the paved climb and put about 20 seconds or so on him by the top. I just tried to keep the pace high but was careful not to crash on the downhills and just road it out until the finish. Good job to all of my USA teammates out there!

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