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Product Review: Yess Products Full-Suspension Singlespeed Tensioner

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 26, 2011 5:02 PM
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Since inception in 1994, Yess Productshas been providing the cycling industry with high-end aluminum bicycle frames and parts. Itís evident that Yess Products has an extremely high level of commitment and craftsmanship when it comes to building frames and parts. Theyíre always looking for ways to test and gain feedback on their products. In their mind, "thatís good enoughĒ doesnít cut it. I suppose you need to have the affirmative Yess, to know itís legit.

Yess has been building frames and parts for a number of companyís worldwide. Cove and Misfit, Crupi BMX, PDC, Rocky Mountain, Redline, Redbull, Arrow Racing and other non-bicycle related companies; Instinct Mobility, Traverse Rescue; to name a few. They also produce a sweet singlespeed chain tensioner.

Built for full suspension, singlespeed bikes, the ETR/D tensioner, surely lives up to the standards they live by. Itís said to work well and keep the right amount of tension on the chain as you roll through the travel. After I built up my Trek Top Fuel 9.9 singlespeed, I put it through just about everything I could, in a short amount of time. Mud, rivers, snow, rock gardens and about as much force as a guy like me can deliver. Iím running a 32◊16, which makes for a pretty good grind when it gets steep. Itís flawless.

It mounts directly to the Top Fuel frame and locks into place with two set screws. It allows me to pull my wheel on and off with ease if I were ever to swap out gears or change my tire setup.

Iím very impressed with the folks at Yess Products, and their commitment to designing and producing great products. If I were a betting man, Iíd place my $$ on the fact that this little part will be rolling my chain throughout the entire summer and well into next year, with no problems.

A big shout out to Renny Husada at Yess for taking care of KDAY Racing with his willingness to help out and answer my questions. Also to Ross Schnell, for the suggestion to use the ETR/D. It sure seemed to work for him. Well done Ross. Looking forward to some Fruita this spring.

Kevin Day is a long-time mountain bike racer who competes at the professional level for the Kuhl mountain bike team. You can view more of his product reviews, racing tips, and commentary on the MTB lifestyle at

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