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Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage VII - Final Stage

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 13, 2011 2:14 AM
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Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race - State College, Pennsylvania

Jeremiah Bishop, Amanda Carey Seal Up TSE Titles

Seventh day is a day of (almost) rest for TSE riders

by Mike Cushionbury

Today’s final stage of the Trans-Sylvania Epic concreted the GC with agreements on the trail and a festive last ride with beer hand ups under tepid skies on picture perfect singletrack.

The open men’s class raced to secure their overall spot on some of the best trail conditions the world has to offer. Kona’s Barry Wicks took an early flyer on the initial technical sections but was caught early by GC leader Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale), second place GC Jason Sager (Jamis) and Justin Lindine (’s Garage/Scott.) The trio worked together and in the end it was Lindine who took the final stage victory as Bishop, who rolled across in second, claimed his second overall TSE title with Sager in second and Kona’s Kris Sneddon in third overall.

The women’s class rode a parade loop today with the top five taking a trail ride together and enjoying a perfect day in the sun. Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) is the 2011 TSE champion followed by Selene Yeager (Team CF) and Vicki Barclay (NoTubes/FTC/Performance Labs), who won the final day’s contest.

In an odd twist, the singlespeed class was all business when Morgan Miller (West Virginia Night Club) said no deal to a single speed parade lap. As fate would have it, Miller, who won the stage, took advantage of a flat tire by second place GC rider Rich Dillen (Team Dickey) and moved into second overall despite a frantic chase by Dillen all the way to the line. Rich Straub (Freeze Thaw/BikeFlights/NoTubes) rode a conservative race and secured his overall TSE title.

Stage VII - Results

Pro Men

1, Justine Lindine 1.49.36
2, Jeremiah Bishop Cannondale 1.49.42
3, Jason Sager Jamis 1.49.43
4, Kris Sneddon Kona 1.50.00
5, Alex Grant Cannondale 1.52.17
6, Drew Edsall Super Cool Bike Shop 1.55.25
7, Barry Wicks Kona 1.56.03
8, Jonathon Davis Trek Store Boulder 1.58.18
9, Adam Snyder Jamis 2.00.14
10, Bryan Fawley Orbea 2.01.10
11, Sloane Anderson ProAir HFA 2.05.26
12, Ross Schnell Trek/SRAM/Easton
13, Nathan Ruch
14, Kip Biese Big Wheel Racing
15, Mark Weir Cannondale/WTB
16, Nate Byrum WTB/Cannondale
17, Ben Cruz WTB/Cannondale
18, Michael Wissel B2C2
19, Michael Cushionberry TSE/NoTubes

Pro Women

1, Vicki Barclay 2.51.57
2, Selene Yeager Team CF 2.52.00
3, Sue Haywood Shenandoah Cycles 2.52.02
4, Amanda Carey Kenda/Felt 2.52.05
5, Kaarin Tae Bicycles Plus 2.53.01
6, Sonya Looney Topeak/Ergon 2.57.00
7, Rebecca Rusch Red Bull/Specialized
8, Tanya Hanham Tall Tree Cycles
9, Laura Gleason Giordana/Clif Bar
10, Karen Brooks Dirt Rag
11, Jill Weist Don Weist Stables
12, Kerry Combs
13, Donna Weiser

GC Results

Pro Men

1, Jeremiah Bishop Cannondale 15.14.09
2, Jason Sager Jamis 15.21.49
3, Kris Sneddon Kona 15.24.44
4, Justine Lindine 15.31.08
5, Drew Edsall Super Cool Bike Shop 15.47.38
6, Alex Grant Cannondale 15.58.00
7, Adam Snyder Jamis 16.39.29
8, Bryan Fawley Orbea 16.39.49
9, Barry Wicks Kona 16.47.20
10, Jonathon Davis Trek Store Boulder 17.24.22
11, Kip Biese Big Wheel Racing 17.37.59
12, Sloane Anderson ProAir HFA 17.49.22
13, Mark Weir Cannondale/WTB 17.58.50
14, Nathan Ruch 19.19.44
15, Ben Cruz WTB/Cannondale 19.24.45

Pro Women

1, Amanda Carey Kenda/Felt 19.06.40
2, Selene Yeager Team CF 19.21.48
3, Vicki Barclay 19.53.04
4, Sue Haywood Shenandoah Cycles 20.06.38
5, Rebecca Rusch Red Bull/Specialized 21.04.57
6, Sonya Looney Topeak/Ergon 21.48.25
7, Tanya Hanham Tall Tree Cycles 23.46.22
8, Karen Brooks Dirt Rag
9, Laura Gleason Giordana/Clif Bar
10, Jill Weist Don Weist Stables
11, Donna Weiser
12, Kerry Combs
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