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Updated Full Results from 12 Hour of Mesa Verde

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 9, 2010 10:36 AM
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Further cementing it's status as a local "must-do" race the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde put on a great show for it's sold out crowd of racers. Under blue skies racers attacked the fun, twisting racecourse starting at 7AM Saturday morning.

The 12 Hour of Mesa Verde is held just outside the town of Cortez, Colorado, and utilizes the Phil's World trail system. Unlike most Colorado racecourses, Phil's World offer little climbing but makes up for it with nonstop fun and excitement. Endless whoops, berms, and snaking descents keep riders wanting more as they burn laps at just over an hour a piece.

In fact, the Mesa Verde race is so much fun it brought together one of the most accomplished 4-person race teams ever assembled. Mountain biking's version of the Dream Team included Travis Brown, Daryl Price, Dave Wiens, and John Tomac.

The presence of the Local Legends 4-person team made this the race to watch. The Legends team battled for 12 solid hours against the Directory Plus/Zia team frequently trading the lead between the two. In the end an impressive group effort from the Directory Plus team of Andrew Ferguson, Cale Redpath, Miles Venzara, and Nick Gould would take the upset victory.

Once the riding is done, riders are treated to a post race feed and awards party. 

Brief Results

4-Person Male

1, Directory Plus/Zia/Trek
2, Local Legends
3, Brick Oven/CB Builders

4-Person Female

1, Pirate Booty
2, Revolution/Peak Fasteners
3, Lead Ladies

Solo Male

1, Cameron Brenneman
2, Ben Preston
3, Sam Sweetser
4, Michael Chavez
5, Leslie Handy

Solo Female

1, Jari Kirkland
2, Rachel Warren
3, Amy Robillard
4, Karen Jarchow
5, Jeni Turgeon

Solo Singlespeed

1, Sean Gregory
2, Kevin Thomas
3, Daniel Zurzoin

Solo Singlepseed Women

1, Karen Tremain
2, Sarah Wallick
3, Kara Durland
4, Heather Gilbert
5, Heidi Slaymaker

Duo Male

1, Mountain Top Cycling
2, High Rollers
3, Infinite Cycles

Duo Female

1, Brick Oven/CB Builders
2, Sea Bass
3, Miles Of Style

Duo Coed

1, Team Holley
2, L&L Team
3, It's Got To Happen

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