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Greg Gibson's Cape Epic Report-Stage 6

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |April 14, 2011 1:13 PM
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MTB Race News contributor Greg Gibson is currently racing the Cape Epic in South Africa. The Cape Epic is widely regarded as the toughest MTB stage race on the planet. This year's Cape Epic features a seemingly endless list of MTB celebrities including: Olympic medalists, World Champions, National Champions, World Cup Champions, and on and on.

Follow along as Greg checks in after each stage sharing the pain and joy that go along with a week-long stage race.

Greg is competing in the Open Men's category with his brother Charlie. Together they make up team


Stage VI

Today was stage 6. It was the second to last day and supposed to be the hardest.  Today had the most climbing, but it didn't seem too bad. 

The day took about 6 hours. I felt good all day and didn't bonk or blow up at any point. The distance doesn't seem to hard to finish, but it is very hard to do it as fast as the top guys. At the front no one is wondering if they will get through the day. They are wondering how fast. This is a big paradigm shift to see a long race this way. 

The Swiss Zaboo team has made good progress moving up through the field the last few days.  The Sager/Sonntag Jamis team also have moved up well. They absolutely crushed it today finishing around the top ten.

Broken parts and flat tires seem to be just a part of the race. No one is immune to it. On several occasions we have had sealant squirting us in the face. However, I am happy we have not had to use any tubes or make any tire changes as our sealant has sealed everything up. I only had to stop and add a little air 1 time to get my psi back up for the rough terrain. We are managing to avoid any pinches with the right rim, psi, and a little riding technique, while our sealant takes care of the inevitable thorns and small cuts. 

We have been testing our prototype TruckerCo sealant for about a year now with great success.  Both Chuck and I have not had to fix a flat in 12 months. The prior year it seemed like Chuck flatted in every race he entered. Not discounting proper psi, tire choice, and fortune. We have been very pleased. We plan to bring the sealant to market within a month.

Tomorrow is the final day and is said to be a little more "mild. Of course, it will be anything but mild. The shorter distance will only mean faster speed and extra suffering.



Team currently sits in 33rd place in the Men's category and are steadily moving up each day

Team CF with Cheryl Sornson and Selene Yaeger are currently 9th in the Ladies divison

Team Jamis with Jason Sager and Ben Sonntag are sitting in 19th

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