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Greg Gibson's Cape Epic Report Stage 3

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |April 5, 2011 3:27 AM
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MTB Race News contributor Greg Gibson is currently racing the Cape Epic in South Africa. The Cape Epic is widely regarded as the toughest MTB stage race on the planet. This year's Cape Epic features a seemingly endless list of MTB celebrities including: Olympic medalists, World Champions, National Champions, World Cup Champions, and on and on.

Follow along as Greg checks in after each stage sharing the pain and joy that go along with a week-long stage race.

Greg is competing in the Open Men's category with his brother Charlie. Together they make up team

Stage III

Former World Champion Cristoph Sauser said today was the hardest stage ever in the Cape Epic. I liked most of it. It was a sandy, rocky, technical 6hour 125 k mess. 

The Specialized team finally got beat but only by two seconds to one of the Merida teams. The Jamis team of Sager and Sonntag took full advantage of the difficult terrain today finishing 15th on the day and bumping them up to 16th on the GC. 

I wish they wouldn't have so much flat road at the start. It seems like everyone thinks they should be at the front and end up getting in the way when we hit the dirt. We are trying to figure out a way to be closer to the front without killing our legs at the start.

We finished in 6hr 12min today just over an hour behind the leaders, which is not too bad for us. We finished 30 places back moving up to 30th in the GC.  We started the race 44th in the GC.

There are a few teams within a few minutes of us to catch still, Not forgetting that it is still a long race and any team can lose much more than a few minutes on any day.

Tomorrow is a time trial, so it's a good chance to recover a little. We won't have to start until 11:30. This means we get to sleep in a little and get a little maintenance done on our bikes.

My cables are getting a little sticky and need some love. I am envious of the top pro guys who get to start the day, everyday, on fresh componentry. Of course they also don't have the freedom to choose things like saving a pound by using a lefty fork. Then again I guess it doesn't really matter when they put 10 minutes per hour on us, haha.



Team currently sits in 30st place in the Men's category and are steadily moving up each day

Team CF with Cheryl Sornson and Selene Yaeger are currently 8th in the Ladies divison

Team Jamis with Jason Sager and Ben Sonntag are sitting in 16th

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