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Greg Gibson's Cape Epic Report-Stage 2

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |April 1, 2011 10:57 PM
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MTB Race News contributor Greg Gibson is currently racing the Cape Epic in South Africa. The Cape Epic is widely regarded as the toughest MTB stage race on the planet. This year's Cape Epic features a seemingly endless list of MTB celebrities including: Olympic medalists, World Champions, National Champions, World Cup Champions, and on and on.

Follow along as Greg checks in after each stage sharing the pain and joy that go along with a week long stage race.

Greg is competing in the Open Men's category with his brother Charlie. Together they make up team

Stage II

Today was a longer day. We did around 100k and finished in 5:30 an hour behind the leading Specialized Sauser /Stander team. 

We had a 20k  epic climb about 5k in and things got sorted out a little better.  I ate less solid food and felt much lighter on the climbs. After the big climb we spent most of the rest of the day on rolly dirt roads though apple orchards.

Chuck did most of the pulling on the flats. Every time we hit a hill we passed another team. Many of the faster teams started blowing up today and I think we took back a few spots. We have been fortunate not to have any technical problems or flat tires. 

Simon from the Swiss Zaboo team whom we have done a bit of riding with had a chain ring issue and had to spend all day crossed up in the big ring.

The American Jamis of Sager/Sonntag team had a good day and moved up a little.  Those guys are real veterans and they are just getting warmed up.  

The 7 and 8 hour days are yet to come and  I would usually look forward to the slower pace,but, it doesn't quite work like that here. There is always a faster team up the road to rip your legs off.  

Cheers - Greg

Team currently sits in 31st place in the Men's category and are steadily moving up each day

Team CF with Cheryl Sornson and Selene Yaeger are currently 8th in the Ladies divison

Team Jamis with Jason Sager and Ben Sonntage are sitting in 21st
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