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25 Hours of Frog Hollow - Hurrcane, Utah

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |November 6, 2010 9:58 PM
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written by: Shannon Boffeli

Billed as the "Longest One-Day Race EverĒ the 25 Hours in Frog Hollow is unique in many ways. The most obvious is that extra hour. Although the race starts at 10AM Saturday and ends at 10AM Sunday riders pick up a bonus hour signifying the end of Daylight Savings Time.

In addition to the bonus hour the fantastic weather, gorgeous scenery, and phenomenal racecourse all conspire to make Frog Hollow a truly singular race experience.  The race circuit itself is soon to be named an IMBA Epic Ride, a testament to itís amazing beauty and unmatched singletrack.

This year, riders enjoyed near perfect racing conditions as earlier rains made the course hard-packed and high clouds kept the temperatures in the mid 60s.

Right from the gun riders put the hammer down with Nate Miller of Dolllyís Endurance taking the opening lap title. He wouldnít hold onto the course record long as his teammate Keegan Swenson took that honor with a lap of 44 minutes and 47 seconds.

The Dollyís team were locked in a heated battle with the Bikerís Edge and Weíre Nucking Futs 4-Male category. The teams went back and forth throughout the day and night until Dollyís opened up a lead at the end of the night laps. Dollyís were ultimately the only team to reach the 30 lap mark, thatís roughly 375 miles.

Bikerís Edge caused some confusion by getting off course early in the race but their consistently fast lap times moved them ahead of the Nucking Futs riders.

The 4-Female category was a blowout right from the start. KC and The Sunshines p/b flew out of the gates and never looked back eventually completing 25 laps putting them in front of the second-placed Nutcrackers by 9 laps.

The solo categories put forth an exciting race as well with solo female Judy Allen taking the lead early and holding it for much of the race until Kiki Hutchins took the lead. It almost wasn't meant to be for Hutchins.  Both of her lights malfunctioned on one of her night laps and she was stuck in the desert unable to see the trail.  Good Samaritan racer, Erica Tingey, stopped and gave her a light to borrow.  Hutchins ultimately took the win with 12 laps.

Allen was also overtaken by Debbie Mortensen who completed 11 laps. Allen took third with 10.

The menís solo race kept things interesting with the top-3 riders all completing the same number of laps Ė 20.

In the end it was Muleterro taking the win in front of Epic Endurance Cycling and Captain Frogger.

After the race every rider, despite their finish could be heard saying the same thing, "That course was so much fun!Ē With riders coming in from Maine, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado to enjoy the fantastic Utah riding itís easy to see this race getting much bigger in the future.


-Race promotor Cimmaron Chacon provided yummy treats in the staging tent.  Some highlights included pizza and warm pie.  

-Prior to the race competitors placed orders for mexican food that was delivered after the event free of charge.


Solo Men

1, Muleterro 20 laps
2, Epic Endurance Cycling 20 laps
3, Captain Frogger 20 laps
4, Greg Lesh-A-Sin 17 laps

Solo Women

1, Kiki Hutchins 12 laps
2, Debbie Mortensen 11 laps
3, Judy Allen 10 laps

4-Person Male

1, Dolly's Endurance 30 laps
(Chris Peters, Troy Lupch, Nate Miller, Keegan Swenson)
2, Biker's Edge/Desination Homes 29 laps
(Thomas Bener, Jake Pantone, Kevin Hulick, Brent Pontius)
3, We're Nucking Futs 28 laps
(Chris Holley, Chad Harris, Duff Johnson, Josh Wolfe)

4-Person Female

1, KC and the Sunshines 25 laps
(KC Holley, Erica Tingey, Jill Dammon, Jen Hanks)
2, The Nutcrackers 16 laps
(Sharlynn Jones, Becky Johnson, Hilary Wahlen, Heather Williams)
3, Scared Night Riders 10 laps
(Lorie Hutchison, Jodi DeRouchey, Elaine Elliott, Margaret Rose)

4-Person Singlespeed

1, North & South 25 laps
(Dave Harris, Lynda Wallenfels, Heather Gilbert, Kenny Jones)
2, Shift for Brains 23 laps
(Mark Weston, Jon Hansen, Chris Pettigrew, John Taylor)
3, Club Ride Apperal 15 laps
(Michael Shane, Mike Herlinger, Greg Martin, Pete Ross)

1, Ride-4-Rich 23 laps
(Tom Horner, Shawn Horner, Laura Parker, Ryan Parker, Carl Irwin)
2, Red Rock Bike Hasbeens 20 laps
(Dave Smith, Tracy Ence, Troy Houston, Sandra Smith, Kendall Sullivan)
3, Designated Drinkers 20 laps

Duo Co-ed
1, Brick Butts 20 laps
(Dan Loftus, Casey Wilson)
2, Swiss Miss 16 laps
(Jill Homer, Beat Jegerlehner)
3, Capt'n Pedals & Sprocket Girl 9 laps
(Keith Kitchen, Heidi Swain)

Duo Male
1, Diamond Peak Mountain Sports 24 laps
(Nick Fisher, Josh Morensen)
2, No Pain 22 laps
(Logan Jones, Mark Robbins)
3, Pease-Slocum 20 laps
(Tim Slocum, Jeff Pease)

Solo Singlespeed Male
1, Sleep When You're Dead 17 laps
2, Richard Long 16 laps
3, BPR Lt Col 13 laps

Solo Singlespeed Female
Des(s)ert Diva 10 laps

Bob Saffell 02/13/2011 6:22 PM
That race was awesome
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