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The Better Ride Experience: Part III

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |November 1, 2010 10:19 PM
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written by: Bob Saffell

iRide Adventures/ rider Bob Saffell had the opportunity to attend the recent BetterRide clinic in Fruita, Colorado, and learn from coach Andy Winohradsky. He shares his experience with us.

I have been racing for around 10 years, 7 of those years have been in the expert/cat 1 group. I finish on the podium regularly in XC and endurance races and have an occasional win.  I excel on courses that have multiple climbs and descents that facilitate recovery. I tend to get a lot of upper body fatigue and time loss on the downhill’s whether they are technical or not. I truly believed that others were faster on the downhill because they were willing to take bigger risks. Now I know that this is not necessarily true.

Prior to the camp Gene Hamilton sends out quite a bit of information to participants to set expectations and to prepare you for learning.  For me specifically, he cautioned that there will be riders with different fitness and skill levels and that I needed to have an open mind. He also mentioned that it was ‘not a pedal as fast as you can camp.’  All of the information Gene sends out is valuable for any rider and it is things we easily forget about. 

Post camp I can look back at multiple areas where ‘I have been doing it wrong.’  There are several things I can do to become more efficient and faster. If I can gain a bike length or 2 in every corner and every technical section, imagine what that translates to over the 80 mile Park City Point 2 Point course or even a 2 hour XC race.

You can check out an outline of the camp here (

Each day of the camp I learned at least 2 critical techniques that I could immediately see how they would make me more efficient and faster. The problem is that I have years of ingrained bad habits to overcome. I cannot expect to overcome these habits without drilling the good habits into my psyche. The coaches know this well and therefore they provided participants with simple drills for each critical skill.  These drills can be done in parking lots and on neighborhood streets. I plan on taking their direction and making these drills a part of my normal riding regime.  I truly believe they will make me faster, more efficient and also they will allow me to have more fun.

How much time and money have we all spent on getting that lighter part, that perfect training plan that magical diet?  How much time and money have we spent on the next big ‘thing’ that will make us faster? 

How many of us have even taken the time to think about fundamentals and what they could do for us?  I, for one, had never even thought about it. When I had heard about the camp in the past I always believed that there was nothing I could be taught. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

I am glad that I had the chance to attend and to learn. You should do the same if the opportunity arises, it will make you faster, guaranteed.

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