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UTCX #5 Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |October 30, 2010 7:33 PM
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Utah Cyclocross #5 - Wheeler Farm - Salt Lake City, Utah

The Halloween race at Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake City is always a huge favorite. Riders get dressed up and race one of the most exciting courses on the UTCX calendar.

This year was no let down. The costumes were more elaborate and the course more challenging.

Massive flooding in the spring had left the normally hard-packed singletrack next to the creek at Wheeler covered in deep, thick sand. The sand presented all new excitement for the riders and crowds assembled for the race.

The racers didn't disappoint creating exciting match ups in almost every category. 

In the men's race, Bart Gillespie (Revolution/Peak Fasteners) jumped out front on the opening laps and never looked back but the racing behind him was exciting. 

Alex Grant (Cannondale), Keegan Swenson (Cole Sport), Kevin Hulick (Biker'sEdge), and Reed Wycoff (Contender) battled all throughout the race. 

Wycoff was the first to go after a crash left him off the back. The youngster Swenson made a bold move with two laps to go gapping the pair. He held his narrow lead until the very end but was eventually overtaken just before the line.

Grant won the sprint for second in front of Hulick and Swenson. Eric Rasmussen (Specialized/Kuhl) took fifth.

The women also had an exciting race with Kris Walker (Contender) outpacing Kelsi Bingham (Rooster's) for first.

Walker and Bingham have been taking turns winning races on the UTCX series and this time it was Walker turn to come out on top.

Third place finisher, Erica Powers (Revolution/Peak Fasteners) rode an impressive race hanging with the usually dominating Bingham for most of the four lap race.

Sarah Kaufmann (Elete/Roaring Mouse) took fourth in front of Alalia Berry.

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