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Rabbit Valley Rally-MSC #1

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |April 26, 2010 6:02 PM
This weekend kicked off the always popular Mountain States Cup Series in Rabbit Valley, Colorado. The race course, right outside of mountain bike mecca Fruita, Colorado, features a single 31 mile loop and includes some of the best trails in the area including the Kokopelli and Western Rim Trails.

The Rabbit Valley Rally is a two-day event with a time trial on Saturday followed by a cross country event on Sunday.

In the men's race Cannondale Factory Racing teammates Ben Sonntag and Alex Grant worked together to get away about 10 miles into the long loop. They were able to maintain a gap to the finish over a chasers Ross Schnell, Colin Cares, Jay Henry, Bryan Alders and Travis Brown. 

Colin Cares flatted while vying for a top-5 position. 

Grant led the singletrack sections until Sonntag dropped the hammer on the final couple miles of dirt roads into the finish, taking the win by 36 seconds over his teammate.

Pro Men's XC

Ben Sonntag 2:01:30
Alex Grant 0:00:36
Bryan Alders 0:02:10
Ross Schnell 0:02:11
Travis Brown 0:05:07
JJ Clark 0:05:23
Brad Bingham 0:05:28
Kalan Beisel 0:05:33
Jay Henry 0:05:50
Jake Wells 0:05:55

Women's XC

Jennifer Smith 2:28:47
Jennifer Gersbach  0:01:04
Teal Stetson-Lee 0:01:17
Kelly Cullen 0:03:50
Shannon Gibson 0:08:52

Men's Off Road Time Trial: 4.5 miles

Colin Cares 15:07
Alex Grant  0:03
Ben Sonntag 0:12
Jay Henry 0:13
Mitch Hoke 0:18
Tim Allen 0:19
Kevin Kane 0:25
Mike West 0:28
Trevor Downing 0:29
Kevin Stoller 0:37

W's TT- 4.5 miles

Erin Huck 18:21
Becca Blay @ 0:48
Sonya Bugbee 1:26
Jari Kirkland 1:43
Shannon Gibson 1:45
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