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Live Updates 24-Hour National Championship: Moab, UT

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |October 9, 2010 12:03 PM
Live Updates:

12:58 - Jay Henry has entered the lap tent first with a scorching time of 58min 32 seconds. Jay has gotten the 4-person Honey Stinger/Trek team off to a fantastic start!

1:01PM - Josh Tostado and Kelly Magelky completed their first lap at the same time. They were the 2nd and 3rd racers in overall. Impressive for solo riders!

1:04PM - Hammer Nutrition rider Cary Smith is in third for the Solo riders followed closely by Ben Koenig

1:21PM - The lead solo women have completed their first lap and Honey Stinger rider Kris Cannon is even with Jari Kirkland at the lap tent. Both riders are looking good at this point

2:00PM - Honey Stinger/Trek rider Kalan Biesel has completed the teams second lap again under an hour. Biesel burned it up with a 59.27. Lets see if Schnell can continue the sub-hour streak. The solo men should be making their lap soon.

2:05PM - Kelly Magelky has taken the lead in the solo men's race. The Trek rider finished his second lap in 1.03 taking a 5 minute lead over Josh Tostado who holds on to second

2:49PM - The lead women have now completed their first lap. Kirkland has moved into the lead by 3 minutes. She actually improved on her opening lap time. Cannon has stayed consistent with a solid second lap of 1 hour 24 minutes.

3:00PM - Ross Schnell has kept the sub-hour streak alive. He actually went one better and laid down the fastest time with a 58 min 18 second lap. Len Zanni now has the responsibility of keeping the streak going

3:20PM - The solo leaders are really pushing each other. Magelky still has the lead but Tostado put in a faster lap 3 by almost 3 minutes. These two are virtually locked together on course.

7:40PM - The solo men are now out on their 7th lap. Magelky and Tostado swiped in 4 seconds apart. Ben Koenig has dropped far back after several slow laps while Travis Macy has moved into third place just in front of Jackson, WY rider Cary Smith.

A lot can happen when night falls in Moab.

Jari Kirkland continues to stretch her lead to almost 20 minutes. Kirkland is keeping the rubber side down and throwing down some consistently strong laps. Kirkland has yet to log a lap over 90 minutes

7:51PM - The Honey Stinger/Trek 4-Man team continues to put on a show. Although Zanni went over an hour by just one minute on his last lap Ross Schnell bested his own fastest lap time for the event by burning a 57.51 on his second lap

10:37PM - The sun has gone down but temps have stayed relatively warm. 

Josh Tostado has taken over the lead in the men's solo race. He put 14 minutes into Magelky on the last lap. Right now the top-5 are Tostado, Magelky, Cary Smith, Travis Macy, and Ben Koenig

Jari Kirkland keeps putting the heat on in the women's race. She took 15 minutes out of Kris Cannon on the last lap

The Duo Men's race is shaping up to be an exciting showdown. Ben Parsons and Clint Muhlfield (Hammer Nutrition) are in the lead. These two led the Breck Epic for 5 stages until Muhlfield crashed hard on his face just feet from the finish line and was forced to withdraw from the race.

The Hammer boys are just minutes in front of the Honey Stinger/Trek duo of Nate Bird and Dax Massey who also teamed up for Transrockies taking several podium finishes on their way to a top-5 finish.

6:10AM - Good morning. Most of the night laps are complete. Solo leader Josh Tostado has once again used the darkness to his advantage steadily building a solid lead over Kelly Magelky. Tostado has turned night laps between 1.18 to 1.31. That's about 5 minutes faster than Magelky each lap.

Cary Smith has held on to third followed by 22 year-old Ben Koenig and now Jonathon Davis in fifth.

Jari Kirkland maintains her lead in the women's event. She has yet to turn a lap at over two hours with 1.54 being he longest time. Kirkland is relishing the night saying, "This is the first time I haven't been hot all race."

Kris Cannon has a solid hold on second followed by Timari Pruis and Laureen Coffelt who are separated by just 10 minutes.

The Hammer Duo of Parsons and Muhlfield have increased their lead over the night showing that Clint has clearly recovered from his devastating crash at the Breck Epic

And the Honey Stinger/Trek 4-Man team continues to impress. They are currently on lap 17 and show no signs of slowing down. Their longest lap of the race is now just 1 hour 12 minutes.

Behind them the New Mexico Allstars with Mike McCalla, Macky Franklin, Cameron Brenneman, and Walt Wehner have done their best to keep it close. The Allstars have also not gone over 1.12 a single lap but they consistently lose 2-3 minutes to the likes of Schnell and Henry

12:20PM - Final results are in and Josh Tostado has successfully defended his National Championship title against Kelly Magelky. Tostado used some strong night riding to take the lead and finish with 18 laps completed.

Magelky also completed 18 laps followed by Cary Smith in third with 16 laps. Ben Koenig took fourth with 15 laps and Speedgoat racer Ernesto Marenchin moved up several spots throughout the morning hours to take home fifth.

The women's solo title goes to Jari Kirkland who completed 15 laps a full two laps in front of runner up Kris Cannon

Stay locked on to MTB Race News for live updates from this year's race. The next 24 hours should be exciting!

Race Preview

At noon today riders from across the country will run through a cloud of dust and tackle the Behind the Rocks racecourse at the 24-Hours of Moab. 

The elite riders will be challenging for a shot at the stars and stripes jersey of the 2010 National Champion. The big guns will be accompanied by hundreds of amateur athletes bend on battling one of the toughest 24-Hour races in the nation.

Moab offers up a perplexing mixture of rock, sand, and more rock that can only be solved by the most hardy of riders. The Moab course is technical and tough and weather always plays a factor. Whether it's wind and blowing sand, rain, freezing cold, or long frigid nights, mastering the racecourse can be the easiest feat a rider must accomplish at the 24-Hour of Moab.

This year seems to be off to a good start with rains throughout the week damping down the sand and sunny blue skies for today's start. Temperatures are currently in the 70s but that can quickly change. As native Utahns like to say, "If you don't like the weather in Utah, wait 5 minutes, it will change."

In the always-competitive Solo Open category reigning 24-Hour National Champ Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) will be defending his title. Tostado is always strong in Moab and top finishes at Breck Epic and the Park City Point to Point show that "Toast" is on form.

Last year's revelation Kelly Magelky (Trek) will be challenging Tostado on course. Last season these two waged an epic battle. Magelky actually led for the first half of the race until light problems during the night cost him the lead. No doubt he will be looking to make amends for last season's difficulties.

Youngster Ben Koenig will be back again as will Ernesto Marenchin (Speedgoat) both of whom finished in the top-5 in 2009.

The women's event will have a much different feel from '09 as defending champion Eszter Horanyi will not be taking the start. Horanyi made the trip to Australia for the 24-Hour World Championships which, inexplicably, fall on the same weekend as the U.S. National Championship.

Taking her place as the favorite will be former National Champion and 2008 winner Jari Kirkland (Alpine Orthopedics). Kirkland has the experience and engine to put on a good show in the sand and rocks of Moab. A crash on lap 2 put Kirkland out of the race last year so she'll have to be careful this time around.

The annual race for the fastest first lap will almost certainly go to the Honey Stinger/Trek team, which includes Ross Schnell, Jay Henry, Len Zanni, and Kalan Beisel.
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