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50-Mile Multi Park Marathon - San Diego, CA

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |September 13, 2010 7:19 PM

The first annual event consisted of one big loop in San Diego' North County. Covering just under 50 miles and close to 6,000 feet of climbing through 3 different park systems and minimal paved roads.  Racer's were treated to a single loop of a mix of single and double track roads through technical, steep and demanding terrain.

Racers and Chasers series, 50 mile multi park marathon.  Who would have expected a loop free endurance mountain bike race in the middle of San Diego County?  Rob Herbert, the organizer, spent countless hours gathering permits and getting road and trial access for an event San Diego has never seen before creating a true "Urban Endurance Race".

150 racers took off at 8am in the fog but soon ascended through the clouds as they climbed up and over Mt. Isreal.  The race leaders established themselves early on and a tight race ensued between Poway native- Bryan Taylor (Chain Required), Pro MTB NEU contender Doug Andrews (Geoladders) and Guy Sutton (CalCoast).  Some riders were put on a significant detour due to some sign foul play attributed to hikers on the Lake Hodges section but prevailed. in the end.   Cyclocross star Brent Prenzlow (B&L, Specialized) started 17mins late due to an absent front wheel, but would scratch and claw his way through the field to a respectable 4th place after having to drive home to remedy the slight oversight. 

The course consisted of varied terrain as they linked through various preserves/parks on fireroads and twisty SoCal singletrack.  Near the midway point Guy Sutton and Bryan Taylor separated from Andrews on the technical switchback climb up thought the multi million dollar Crosby Estates, part of the Coast to Crest Trail network.  The last 3 miles consisted of a helacious 1000' climb up to Elfin Forest on grades in excess of 30%.  The two leaders would remain close for the remainder of the race but Guy had a bit more left in the tank and was able to take the cash.   Aaron Hauke was the first SS with a respectable 4hrs18mins.



1, Guy Sutton




2, Bryan Taylor




3, Doug Andrews




4, Brent Prenzlow




5, Scott Salstrand




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