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Breck Epic Stage 5: Results

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 26, 2010 2:51 PM
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Wheeler Trail Exacts Revenge

All week the Breck Epic has dangled the Wheeler Stage in everyone’s face. Wheeler’s stats alone are enough to strike fear in all the rider’s minds: 40 miles, 7,300 feet of climbing, and altitude of over 12,500 feet above sea level.

Even with all that build up Wheeler still managed to surprise. Not just because of the epic long climb and incredible elevation gain but the treacherous descent off the top of the Ten Mile Range and the rough root-laden Peaks Trail back to Breck.

When asked how this descent compares to some of the Enduro Downhill courses Ross Schnell has competed on he said, "IT’s right up there with some of the hardest ones. This one isn’t quite as technical but the speed really makes it tough.”

The speed at which the lead riders attack such a monstrous mountain bike race is nothing short of phenomenal.

In today’s race the usual contenders broke away from the field early on. Josh Tostado (Bach Builders), Cannondalers Jeremiah Bishop, Alex Grant, and Ben Sonntag, and Matt Shriver (Ft. Lewis) all pushed the pace early on.

Lurking just off the back was Ross Schnell (Trek). Schnell has slowly been riding his way into shape throughout this week’s race.

Today he climbed his way up the Wheeler trail and then unleashed his descending skills on the descent blasting his way into first place as Bishop stopped for a quick bike change after encountering some rear wheel problems.

Bishop wasn’t done as he went on the hunt for the leader and overtook Schnell on the Peaks Trail. "As we came out on the road I looked back and Ross was just 10 seconds behind me. I really had to push it to the end.”

Bishop crossed the line just in front of his former Trek teammate. Alex Grant stayed strong with a consistent third place on the day. Ben Sonntag took 4th just one second in front of Josh Tostado.

In the women’s race Pua Sawicki ( started off the day looking almost human. Struggling early with a temperamental chain that eventually broke just before the first feedzone.

After a relatively quick fix it was off to the races again. Sawicki still took the win today but only six minutes in front of second place Ivonne Kraft (Squirt Lube). Wendy Lyall (Yeti Beti) turned in another consistent performance. She has nearly an hour in hand for the final GC podium spot.

Fourth today want to Space Cowgirl Sara Uhl who is competing in only her 3rd mountain bike race.

Tomorrow’s stage is relatively short and fast stage with lotso f road climbing that will make it hard to get much separation between racers.

Jorge Espinoza ( took a surprise win on this very stage last year.


Stage 5 Results

Pro Men

1, Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) 2:57:12

2, Ross Schnell (Trek) 2.57.20

3, Alex Grant (Cannondale) 2:58:00

4, Ben Sonntag (Cannondale) 3.00.21

5, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) 3:00:22

6, Matt Shriver (Ft. Lewis College) 3:06:24

7, Macky Franklin (Yeti/Sunflower)

8, Colby Pearce (Panache)

9, Chuck Gibson (

10, Jorge Espinosa (

11, Blake Harlan (Jamis) Peter Butt

12, Max Taam (Honey Stinger/Trek)

13, Gregy Gibson (

14, Shannon Boffeli (iRideAdventures/


Pro Women

1, Pua Sawicki ( 3.29.25

2, Ivonne Kraft (Squirt Lube) 3.35.43

3, Wendy Lyall (Yeti Beti) 4.06.30

4, Sara Uhl (Space Cowgirls) 4.20.28

5, Katie Declercq 4.20.28

5, Jill Damman (Fitzgeralds) 4.25.17



1, Evan Plews ( 3.21.41



Pro Men Solo

1, Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) 16.03:04

2, Alex Grant (Cannondale) 16:10:28

3, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) 16:28:30

4, Ben Sonntag (Cannondale) 16.33.17

5, Matt Shriver (Ft. Lewis College) 16:49:51

6, Macky Franklin (Yeti/Sunflower) 17.19.54

7, Ross Schnell (Trek) 17.31.51

8, Chuck Gibson ( 17.55.22

9, Colby Pearce (Panache) 17.55.29

10, Blake Harlan (Jamis) 18.09.49

11, Jorge Espinosa (

12, Gregy Gibson (

13, Shannon Boffeli (iRideAdventures/

14, Max Taam (Honey Stinger/Trek)

15, Peter Butt 

Pro Women


1, Pua Sawicki ( 18.06.35

2, Ivonne Kraft (Squirt Lube) 19.33.41

3, Wendy Lyall (Yeti Beti) 22.19.22

4, Sara Uhl (Space Cowgirls) 23.24.06

5, Jill Damman (Fitzgeralds) 23.36.42


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