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Breck Epic Stage 4: Results, Report, and Photos

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 25, 2010 4:37 PM
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Jeremiah Bishop takes control while Sawicki continues to roll

Breck Epic director Mike McCormack keeps saying that this year’s Epic contains 3 queen stages.  If that is true than today was certainly the Queen of Hearts.

With long sections of rolling singletrack dotted by moderate grade climbs and bomber descents today’s stage left a smile on most riders faces.

Despite starting the day with two climbs named Heinous Hill and Vomit Hill riders were rewarded with some of the best high-speed, sinuous singletrack riding Colorado has to offer.

One rider enjoying his day was defending Breck Epic champion, Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale). Bishop started pushing the pace early and never let up. His teammate Alex Grant was the only rider capable of staying with Bishop early on.

By the first of three feedzones the duo already had minutes on their closest chaser, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders).

Bishop was on a mission today and he succeeded by opening a lead of over six minutes on second place.

Grant has enjoyed a spectacular week however and was content with another second place finish on the day. Tostado took 3rd just one second in front of Cannondale man Ben Sonntag. Matt Shriver (Ft. Lewis College) came in fifth, recovering nicely from a difficult stage 3.

The pro women’s race continued to be a one-woman show with Pua Sawicki ( again turning in a dominating performance. It seems the steeper and longer the climbing gets the faster Sawicki rides.

Ivonne Kraft again finished second on the day confirming that today was the most exciting stage of the 2010 Breck Epic. "The trail today was so good,” commented the German rider, "I really had a good time today.”

Wendy Lyall finished third today and has a solid hold on the final GC podium spot.

Fitzgerald’s rider Jill Damman has been steady creeping up on the leaderboard. She took fourth today and seems to be feeling stronger as the week goes on. Damman has stuck with her hardtail all week despite having a full-suspension at her disposal.

Tomorrow’s stage is the final Queen stage, which features the grueling climb over Wheeler Summit.

Stage 4 Results

1, Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) 3:22:44

2, Alex Grant (Cannondale) 3:29:19

3, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) 3:35:22

4, Ben Sonntag (Cannondale) 3.35.23

5, Matt Shriver (Ft. Lewis College) 3:36:33

6, Colby Pearce (Panache) 3.45.17

7, Ross Schnell (Trek) 3.50.47

8, Blake Harlan (Jamis)

9, Gregy Gibson ( 

10, Macky Franklin (Yeti/Sunflower) 

11, Peter Butt

12, Shannon Boffeli (iRideAdventures/

13, Jorge Espinoza (

14, Chuck Gibson ( 

15, Daine Zaffke

16, Jordan Carr

17, Jasen Thorpe

18, Max Taam (Honey Stinger)

19, Ezejiel Hersh

20, Thom Parsons


Pro Women:

1, Pua Sawicki ( 3.55.49

2, Ivonne Kraft (Squirt Lube) 4.11.01

3, Wendy Lyall 4.48.24

4, Jill Damman (Fitzgerald’s)

5, Sara Uhl (New Belgium)



1, Evan Plews (

2, Michael Melley (Chandler)

3, DJ Birtch (Niner)

4, Jake Kirkpatrick (New Belgium)

5, Dan Durland (Pro Cycling)

6, Doug Jenne

7, Montana Miller

8, Jeff Wu

9, Peter Kieller

10, Rich Dillen


GC Results


Solo Men

1, Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) 13.05.52

2, Alex Grant (Cannondale) 13.12.28

3, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) 13.28.08

4, Ben Sonntag (Cannondale) 13.32.56

5, Matt Shriver (Ft. Lewis College) 13.43.26

6, Macky Franklin (Yeti/Sunflower) 14.09.53

7, Ross Schnell (Trek) 14.34.30

8, Chuck Gibson ( 14.41.44

9, Blake Harlan (Jamis) 14.43.57

10, Colby Pearce (Panache) 14.45.28

11, Gregy Gibson ( 14.53.53

12, Shannon Boffeli (iRideAdventures/ 14.54.06

13, Jorge Espinoza ( 14.57.05

14, Max Taam (Honey Stinger)

15, Peter Butt

16, Daine Zaffke

17, Ezejiel Hersh

18, Ryan Hamilton

19, Jordan Carr

20, Bernie Romero

Solo Women

1, Pua Sawicki ( 14.37.10

2, Ivonne Kraft (Squirt Lube) 15.57.58

3, Wendy Lyall 18.12

4, Sara Uhl 19.01

5, Jill Damman 19.11 

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