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Rider Interview with Guy Sutton

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 16, 2010 10:04 PM
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MTB Race News does our best to highlight some of our favorite riders across the country. You may not know Guy Sutton but he’s one of the most accomplished endurance racers in southern California.

Guy is a San Diego pro endurance racer. His accomplishments include podium finishes in everything from XC races to ultra-endurance events like the "Julian Death March”, "Vision Quest” "The Traverse” Downieville” the "Breck Epic”, "12hrs of Temecula” and more.  The longer, harder and more technical the trail the better it suits his abilities. Always excited to ride, he epitomizes the spirit of mountain biking.

MTB Race News - Give us a little bit of your background?

Guy Sutton - I started commuting to work and running errands by bike in 2001 as a response to the continuing middle east/oil crisis.  As I built some fitness I ended up racing and had a great time.  


MTB Race News - What is your day job? 

GS - I am a Dentist.

MTB Race News - How do you find time for training, how much?

GS - I commute to work on a MTB, leaving at 5:30am.  Some days it is all I can do to get home after a hectic work schedule.  If I have anything in the tank I can take some great detours through the local canyons.  I am truly spoiled by all the great trails between work and home.  San Diego weather allows for year around commuting   

MTB Race News - Can you let us in on your training secrets?

GS - Wish I had some!  I do not have any kind of set training regiment and am likely doing it all wrong.  I like to go fast.

MTB Race News - What are some of your Biggest Mountain bike achievements over the years? What goals do you have for the future in this sport?

GS - For a working dad with his own business I feel like I have done pretty well overall.  My 2nd place (Pro Men) at 12hrs of Temecula to Tinker was unexpected earlier this year.  I did the Breck-Epic stage race in 2009 and got 3rd in a tough category (40+ Open Men).

My future goals are to have a positive impact on XC mountain biking.  I would like to see high school Mtb racing in San Diego like our friends in NorCal.  

MTB Race News - What have you sacrificed n your life to attain those goals? 

GS - Sleeping in.

MTB Race News - What is your Weapon of choice? The components (be specific)?

GS – I ride a 2008 Ibis Mojo SL dialed in by CalCoast Cycling in San Diego.  It is spec'd with a Fox 140mm RLC air fork, XTR, Magura carbon shock, ti egg beaters, Hope Disc Brakes,  Easton Seat post, WTB ti saddle,  Ritchey WCS alloy 120mm stem 16 degree inverted, Stan's wheels- AC hubs 9mm QR, Schwalbe tires, oury grips with wire.  Weight is 23lbs +/- 1 lbs depending on tires.  

Other than the water bottle location, I don't know of a better ride for what I do.  It is great for XC racing, locks out for the road and has 5" travel for Nobel Canyon/Downieville.  Yes I still ride a 26" bike.  I tend to break bike stuff, so the fact I am still riding this bike says a lot.  I am using Mavic shoes this year which are really comfy.


MTB Race News - What do you think had the biggest impact on mountain biking in recent times? What about Product? 

GS - Litigation affecting racing and trails.

Best products- Stans tubeless sealant.


MTB Race News - Worst or most unnecessary Mtb item? 

GS - I don't get the screw down grips.  They are so uncomfortable when grasping the outside edge of the grips.  Wire is so easy to apply.    

MTB Race News - What always breaks?

GS - Any moving part.  Lately my Fox fork.  Man these aren't cheap to service.  

MTB Race News - Favorite Trail/Race?

GS - Mid Mountain Trail in Park City- who wouldn't like that?  For local stuff, Cuyamaca (East of San Diego) area is great and I am stoked on the new trails from my backyard here in Rancho Penasquitos. 

I like any race with decent trails and a good vibe.  The 2009 Breck Epic was bad ass but, I did an Enduro race in Idyllwild last year that was remarkable.  60 miles-  No course markers, no water, no awards.       

MTB Race News - Why do you do it?

GS - For fun.  I am a bit hyperkinetic, so I need exercise daily.  

MTB Race News - What else are you passionate about besides dirt? 

GS - My family, friends and work.

MTB Race News - What would you be if you weren't a mountain biker?  

GS - Chubby like Greg Lemond. 

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