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TransRockies Stage 3: Elkford to Etherington Camp

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 10, 2010 9:53 PM
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Into the Wild: TransRockies Competitors cross the Great Divide

Elkford, BC Ė Etherington Camp, AB

65km, 1950m climbing/1550m descending

Stage 3 of the 2010 TransRockies was officially the most remote day of the event with a route which travelled deep into some of the wildest, most spectacular terrain in the lower Canadian Rockies and which included a new crossing of the Great Divide that dropped riders in a place more remote and further from civilization than many of them had been before.          

The weather added to the untamed feel of the day with swirling, scudding dark clouds that moved in and out of the area rapidly threatening rain but not delivering. The remote Etherington Creek Campground was subject to the same weather with clear sky thunderclaps and ominous clouds that, luckily, did little more than sweep past the valley campground located at more than 1600 metres above sea level.

While the Open Menís and Open Womenís standings had been relatively static over the first two stages, the Open Mixed and 80+ Menís Divisions were much more wide-open and Stage 3 continued the trend with a change of overall leader in the Open Mixed Division and another tight three-way finish in 80+ Men setting up a dramatic last half of the race.

After two straight stage wins in the Open Mixed Division, Gretchen Reeves and Cannon Shockley (Tokyo Joes) suffered through a tough Stage 3 giving up 15 minutes to stage winners and new overall leaders Mical Dyck and Jeff Neilson (Terrscape/Trek Canada) who will don the leaders jerseys they wore throughout their 2009 TransRockies win. Normon Thibault and Wendy Simms moved one step up the podium to second but remain in third place overall.

In the 80+ Menís Division, 2009 Champions the Czech Masters won their second straight stage with a narrow 4 minute gap over the British Duo of Team  Mule Bar/Abergavenny RC who are hanging tight and preparing for a big push to overcome their 8 minute overall deficit on the more technical coming stages where they feel they have an advantage. 

In the Open Menís Division, the Kona duo of Kris Sneddon and Barry Wicks extended their lead with a dominant ride to grab their third straight stage win. Making their first appearance on the podium were Team Timex/Sugoi Will Kelsay and Matt Boobar, a pair of elite multisport athletes who put their running legs to good use on the big climb to place second on the stage. This finish was even more impressive considering Willís broken derailleur hanger that forced him to turn it into an emergency single speed for the last part of the stage. Kelsay, who also complete last yearís GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run is seeking to become the first athlete to complete the TransRockies Bike and TransRockies Run double in the same year. Weíll check in with his progress later in the race.

The Open Womenís category held status quo with the Terrascape/Deadgoat Racing Duo of Alana Heise and Trish Graczyk won their third straight stage over the Matching Jerseys Scallion sisters duo. In the 100+ category, the Mountaincruzers (Joe McCarthy/Randy Walker) have established a big lead and look like theyíre going to run away with the overall. Many time TransRockies finishers Simon Parker and Jim Seethram are having their best ride yet and sit in second place overall in the 100+ Division. 

After the wildest ride of the year, the TransRockies riders head out into the spectacular trails of Kananaskis Country for Stage 4. The style of riding will change and you can expect the top finishers to shuffle again. It would be a surprise if at least one or two sets of leaders jerseys donít move again after Stage 4. 

Stage 3 Results

Duo Men

1, Kona (Barry Wicks/Kris Sneddon) 3.37.27
2, Team Sugoi (Will Kelsay/Matt Boobar) 4.03.09
3, Rocky Mountain (Stefan Widmer/Marty Lazarski) 4.04.44

Other Notables
4, Granville-Trustteam (Woulter DeClerc/Wesley Luca) 4.07.20
5, Honey Stinger/Trek (Nate Bird/Dax Massey) 4.09.11

Duo Men 80+
1, Czechmasters (Milan Spoic/Martin Horak) 3.58.34
2, Mulebar (Pete Turnbull/George Rose) 4.02.11
3, Deadgoat (Pat Doyle/Craig Bartlett) 4.16.58

Other Notables
15, Bob's Bicycles/ (Jon Gould/Evan Plews) 5.26.12

Duo Women
1, Terrascape (Alana Heise/Trish Grajczyck) 4.52.41
2, Matching Jersies (Magi Scallion/Kate Scallion) 5.24.20
3, Suarez Senoritas (Kira McClellan/Linda Huh) 5.43.20

Mixed Duo
1. Trek Canada (Jeff Neilson/Mical Dyck) 4.02.28
2, Kona (Wendy simms/Norman Thibault) 4.14.53
3, Tokyo Joe's (Gretchen Reeves/Cannon Shockley) 4.17.35


Duo Men
1, Kona (Barry Wicks/Kris Sneddon) 8.54.02
2, Rocky Mountain (Stefan Widmer/Marty Lazarski) 9.28.40
3, Granville-Trustteam (Woulter DeClerc/Wesley Luca) 10.00.00
4,Team Sugoi (Will Kelsay/Matt Boobar) 10.21.39
5, Honey Stinger/Trek (Nate Bird/Dax Massey) 10.22.18

Duo Men 80+
1, Czechmasters (Milan Spoic/Martin Horak) 9.47.31
2, Mulebar (Pete Turnbull/George Rose) 9.55.18
3, Deadgoat (Pat Doyle/Craig Bartlett) 10.31.14

Duo Women
1, Terrascape (Alan Heise/Trish Grajczyck) 12.10.04
2, Matching Jersies (Magi Scallion/Kate Scallion) 13.11.32
3, Suarez Senoritas (Kira McClellan/Linda Huh) 14.55.44

Mixed Duo
1. Trek Canada (Jeff Neilson/Mical Dyck) 10.05.35
2, Tokyo Joe's (Gretchen Reeves/Cannon Shockley) 10.17.21
3, Kona (Wendy simms/Norman Thibault)

TR3 Stage 3 Results


1, Max Plaxton (Sho-Air) 3.30.04
2, Cory Wallace (Kona) 3.35.10
3, Matthew Hadley 3.35.58
4, Adam Craig (Giant) 3.47.17
5, Carl Decker (Giant) 3.49.11

Other Notables
17, Blake Zumbrunnen (Revolution) 4.18.21
26, Mike McCalla 4.42.17 (60 minute penalty)


1, Kelli Emmett (Giant) 4.09.20
2, Rosemarie Gerspacher 4.29.54
3, Heidi Volpe 4.46.23
4, Carrie Edwards


1,Max Plaxton (Sho-Air) 8.32.23
2, Cory Wallace (Kona) 8.42.55
3,  Adam Craig (Giant) 8.50.36
4, Matthew Hadley 9.01.51
5, Carl Decker 9.03.58

Other Notables

8, Mike McCalla 10.08.24
19, Blake Zumbrunnen (Revolution) 10.55.52


1, Kelli Emmett (Giant) 10.05.01
2, Rosemarie Gerspacher 11.19.03
3, Carrie Edwards 12.04.27

Other Notables

4, Heidi Volpe 12.11.44

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