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Marathon Worlds Report from Krista Park

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 8, 2010 9:44 AM
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Okay, that was different than any race I've ever done.

All the racers I rode with were super nice, including all the pro guys (that started 40 minutes behind us and caught us). Interacting with the other racer in different languages was the best part of the race for me.

I placed 27th, not what I wanted but I made some mistakes and it was hard to know what to do the first time around. I erred on the conservative side since my goal was really to make sure I was able to start and finish the race.

The first half was a roadie race. My strategy was to not drill it at the start, I dropped off right away to go my own pace; it worked for me at Firecracker plus I didn't think I had the legs to go with the leaders then hang on for another 100km. But I guess you gotta go with the peloton in a road race, at least on this kind of course. I didn't see most of them again. I know I worked harder than the girls sitting in ahead of me, which wasn't smart. The second half was less roadie, there was not really any singletrack, but short steep climbs which were actually my strength compared to the girls around me! I got dropped on the gravel road descents (especially by the Germans) and was able to catch and pass on climbs, something is wrong with that.

It was a great workout, I enjoyed wandering around in the woods and riding through corn/wheat fields for the entire race and I only made one wrong turn (I got passed by eight girls while off course, but was able to pass most of them back).

Lots I should have done differently now that I know. Like practice bombing gravel roads or cart paths at 30mph, then turning 90-180degrees at the bottom (that was the only MTB skill required and the one I apparently do not have, I think we did it 100 times).

It was a great experience for sure! So different from a "normal” MTB race. I am so glad I was able to do this, I learned a lot. Thank you to everyone who helped me get here. Sonya Looney finished 30th. 

America's lone male rider, Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale), did not make the trip to Germany due to health issues.

Pro Women's Results

1, Esther Suss (SUI) 4.33.46

2, Sabine Spitz (GER) 4.35.43

3, Annika Langvad (DEN) 4.36.40

4, Elisabeth Brandau (GER) 4.41.37

5, Birgit Sollner (GER) 4.41.41

6, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (NOR)

7, Kristine Noergaard (DEN)

8, Sally Bigham (GBR)

9, Erika Dicht (SUI)

10, Anna Villar Argente (ESP)

11, Arielle Boek-Van Meurs (NED)

12, Blaza Klemencic (SLO)

13, Anna-Solie Noergaard  (DEN)

14, Yalonde Speedy (RSA)

15, Jane Nussli (GBR)

16, Emmy Thelberg

17, Barbara Kaltenhauser 

18, Silke Schmidt

19, Adelheid Morath

20, Sofia Pezzatti

21, Michela Benzoni

22, Nicolleta De Jager

23, Annike Smail

24, Catherine Lohri

25, Jodie Willett

26, Alexa Huni

27, Krista Park (USA)

28, Ivonne Craft (GER)

29, Kerstin Kogler (GER)

30, Sonya Looney (USA)

31, Melanie Spath (GER)

32, Anja Gradl (GER)

33, Anddrea Kirsic (CRO)

34, Matina Thomasson (SWE)

35, Manuela Werkle (GER)

36, Anda Savlenko (LAT)

37, Jasmin Erhardt (GER)

USA had no male riders at the Marathon World Championships

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