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Laramie Enduro Report, Results, and Pics

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |July 31, 2010 6:04 PM
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written by: Shannon Boffeli

If Wyoming makes you think of dusty dry plains, cowboys, and jackalopes, you obviously haven’t raced the Laramie Enduro. While Laramie may not be the first city that comes to mind when thinking of  great mountain bike racing the Enduro is one of the most challenging all-around mountain bike events in the country. It’s popularity with dirt enthusiasts is unmistakeable. This year’s Enduro sold out in a jaw-dropping 8 minutes.

The Laramie race offers a mix of riding that will hurt even the best riders. Over 68 miles the Wyoming course offers up high-octane dirt roads, primitive prairie singletrack, long grueling climbs, and tight, technical trail sections.

To win the Laramie Enduro a rider has to be the best in all facets of riding. The field of 400 included many riders capable of doing just that.

After the mass start at 7AM a fast group of men established themselves at the front. This group included former Enduro champions Jay Henry (Tokyo Joe’s), Kelly Magelky (Trek), and Barkley Robinson (Orange Peels). The leaders stayed close on the early road sections and quickly put time on the field.

As the trio of former champions slowly spit riders out of their group Henry picked up a screw in his front tire that forced him to stop. "We kept the pace high after Jay flatted but we both knew he would be coming back’”  commented Magelky after the race.

Indeed Henry did recover all his lost time and after rejoining he and Robinson cut the lead group to just two. Magelky started to feel his long season of endurance racing just as a flat tire compounded his troubles.

With most the road behind them, the gaps started to open up even in the lead group. Even after his impressive comeback, Henry had plenty of gas in the tank and dispatched Robsinson who was now comfortably in second place.

After the final climb and a scorching descent back to the finish Jay Henry crossed with over 5 minutes on second placed Barkley Robinson. Magelky held on for third place. Joseph Saperstien crossed the line comfortably in fourth followed by Utah rider Nate Miller.

The women had an equally strong field with endurance big guns Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt), Kelli Boniface (Moots), and former XC champion Tammy Jacques (Eriksen), all challenging for the win.

Carey took the early lead until a crash stole some of her steam. "I was drafting behind some guys and I followed them right into a big rut. I couldn’t do anything once I got in there and I went down,” said the Kenda rider.

Soon after, Boniface and Jacques bridged the gap to the leader. Once together the trio pushed a furious pace riding some the top male riders off their wheels. After the race many of the men commented on how hard those "girls were drilling it!”

Carey was the first to find the pace too much as she let a gap open. Boniface and Jacques kept the heat on and challenged each other throughout the event. The high pace was taking it’s toll on Jacques and between the fourth and fifth feedzones the Eriksen rider finally cracked.

Boniface carried on while Carey retook the runner-up spot from a fast fading Jacques.

By the finish Kelli Boniface would take the win by just 4 minutes over Amanda Carey. Jacques, who wasn’t sure she could finish just 5 miles out, persevered to take the third spot followed by Melissa Marts (Tough Girls) and Jill Damman (Fitzgerald’s). 

Pro/Open Men:

1, Jay Henry 4:49:05
2, Barkley Robinson 4:55:45
3, Kelly Magelky 5:00:28
4, Joseph Saperstein 5:05:25
5, Nathan Miller 5:10:25
6, Peter Kalmes 5:11:46
8, Shannon Boffeli 5:16:34
9, Troy Barry 5:18:23
10, Brad Pilling 5:22:22

Pro/Open Women

1, Kelly Boniface 5:33:26
2, Amanda Carey 5:37:05
3, Tammy Jacques 5:49:52
4, Melissa Marts 6:11:10
5, Jill Damman 6:18:06
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