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Cascade XC - Portage, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Off-Road Series

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |November 13, 2013 2:22 AM
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Cascade XC - Portage, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Off-Road Series

Neff and Strigel Win WORS Cascade XC


Report by Todd Nutter

The Subaru Sponsored Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) has been a major player in the mountain bike scene for over two decades. A lot of the reason for the success of WORS is because the series has adapted well to changes over the years. This weekend could not have proved that any better. Throughout the history of WORS, races have come and gone as well as changed formats several times. In 2013, WORS added the Cascade XC in Portage Wisconsin. Not only was this event new for the regular WORS racers, but it was also the first event for the newly formed WIN Cycling. WIN Cycling is the Wisconsin Interscholastic mountain bike series for high school and junior high race teams. 

The event started on Saturday September 28th with the WIN Cycling portion of the event. Kids from all over the state got their first chance to race with an affiliation to their school. WORS Director, Don Edberg, has been coaching and developing a team with his local high school, Stevenís Point Area Senior High (SPASH). The SPASH team came out with good attendance along with several other area high school teams. Races varied on length between 4-12 miles depending on the category, which included middle school, junior varsity and varsity. 

The second day brought the rest of the WORS racers to the starting line. This included the Belgioioso Womenís Elite field as they climbed the many switchbacks of Cascade Mountain. Abby Strigel (Honey Stinger/ Bontrager) came out to get the points for her 8th WORS race. With yet another win under her belt, Abby has all but locked up the series overall win. Not far behind in the race was Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized). Strigel and Krayer both had the advantage of living about half an hour from the venue and had some time to become familiar with the new course before the race. In a heated battle for 3rd place, Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder) and Sarah Agena (Twin 6/ Cider Boys) fought for position. In the end, Matter out-climbed Agena to lock down the 3rd step of the podium. Agena, who also assists in coaching the girls of the SPASH mountain bike team, grabbed her third 4th place finish of the season.

The Belgioioso Menís race once again showed some new faces in the lead. Isaac Neff (5Nines/ Cannondale) took his first win of the season. The lead group at the start of the race included Neff along with Corey Stelljes (RACC/ Gear Grinder), Nathan Guerra (Vision Pro Cycling), Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin) and Justin Piontek (Titletown Flyers). Maloney pushed hard in the beginning, but burned his matches quickly since he recently returned from racing in China. Stelljes and Neff led most of the race while Guerra followed in third and Piontek chased them down. Neff said that he had a slow start to his season. With cyclocross as his main discipline, Neffís fitness is developing later in the summer than someone that focuses more on cross country racing. This is to be his last WORS event of the year, which was a win. Stelljes had a bit of bad luck as he tried to hang with Neff and ended up burping some air from his front tire. After a few stops to try to add pressure, he was eventually overtaken by Guerra for 2nd place. Stelljes cautiously rolled in with only about 10 pounds of pressure. Piontek took his best finish so far in the 2013 season with this 4th place.           

WORS will conclude the 2013 next weekend in Sheboygan, WI with the Wigwam Challenge. For more information please visit and


Pro Men

1, Isaac Neff 5Nines/Cannondale 1:47:03
2, Nathan Guerra Vision Pro Cycling 1:48:39
3, Corey Stelljes RACC- Gear Grinder 1:48:45
4, Justin Piontek Titletown Flyers 1:50:25
5, Chris Peariso Adventure212/Specialized 1:51:16
6, Joseph Maloney KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin 1:52:52
7, Ryan Krayer Adventure212/Specialized 1:53:27
8, Ray Nelson Treadhead Cycling 1:54:13
9, Rick Mezo 1:54:23
10, Ted Hanes Fond du Lac Cyclery 1:57:22
11, Dallas Fowler   1:57:39
12, Carlos Haeckel Alterra Coffee Team W&S 1:57:39
13, Brian Matter RACC / TREK/ Gear Grinder 1:57:55
14, Darrin Braun Adventure 212/Specialized 1:59:19
15, Jw Miller Erik's Bikes and Boards 1:59:38
16, Vincent Steger Erik's Bikes and Boards 2:00:15
17, Gabriel Ion Treadhead Cycling 2:00:29
18, Tristan Brown TIMEX 2:00:55
19, Nicholas Holzem Sprocketz Bike Shop 2:01:43
20, Cory Samz Heavy Pedal Velo Club 2:02:09
21, John Shull Alberto's 2:02:44
22, Tim Drankus Sheboygan Bicycle Club 2:03:40
23, Karl Tillman Team 360 p/b Kickapoo 2:04:49
24, Jeff Bender Bluebear Outside/Morvelo 2:05:17
25, Michael Humpal Specialized Regional 2:05:20
26, Bill Nigh Team Pedal Moraine 2:05:32
27, Bryan Frazier Adventure 212/Specialized 2:06:41
28, Tony Wagner Bikes LTD/Scenic Concepts 2:08:12
29, David Bender JVC/Michael's Cycle 2:08:48
30, David Poulton Activator Cycling Club 2:09:01
31, Myles Beach Adventure 212/Specialized 2:10:07
32, Steve Schafer Village-Verdigris Cycling Team 2:11:09
33, Ben Schreiber Team Fond du Lac Cyclery 2:11:30

Pro Women

1, Abigail Strigel Honey Stinger / Bontrager 1:32:14
2, Lisa Krayer Adventure 212/Specialized 1:36:29
3, Andrea Matter Gear Grinder 1:40:35
4, Sarah Agena Twin 6/Cider Boys 1:43:53
5, Michelle Peariso Adventure212/Specialized 1:47:19
6, Jeanne Hornak Wheel & Sprocket Vision 1:48:05
7, Evelyn Johnson 2 Rivers 2:03:10

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