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Battle of CamRock - Cambridge, Wisconsin

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 1, 2013 2:16 AM
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The WORS Season Heats Up with Strigel and Schouten Each Grabbing Their Second Victory

 By: Todd Nutter

Racing season, just like the weather, is starting to heat up in Wisconsin. The Subaru-sponsored Wisconsin Off-Road Series (WORS) organized its 4thevent this past Sunday in Cambridge, WI with the Battle of CamRock. Just outside of the stateís capital, CamRock Park is a technically challenging course that thrills riders with a variety of obstacles and flowing single-track. As part of the Dane County Park System, CamRock is located between Milwaukee and Madison, WI, making a convenient home course for some of the stateís fastest athletes.

Abby Strigel (Honey Stinger/ Bontrager) calls this course her home field. She certainly showed racers and spectators alike, this past weekend, that she knows the trails well. With a lengthy starting climb and a very hot and humid day, the Belgioioso Elite Womenís field had a lot of work to do before hitting the single-track. Strigelís strategy was to be first into the woods so she would not get held up by anyone in the single-track she knows so well. Strigel was joined by Sue Stephens (Grit MTB / Dominos) who came from Harrow, Ontario to try a second year at the Battle of CamRock. Stephens recalled a few crashes in front of her by other elite women that slowed her down a bit. She stated the CamRock was "a true mountain bike courseĒ since it is so full of challenging technical riding. Once she lost sight of Strigel, however, her focus shifted to hanging onto 2nd place. This year was a repeat of 2012 for Stephens who finished 2nd to Strigel last season. Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/ Specialized) didnít start her race in the 3rd position, but did work her way up to it. With a last minute course change, racers ended up with an extra lap to make up for a section of the race that was removed. Krayer said she had not prepared for an extra climb of the starting hill. But she made the best of the situation and worked her way to a third place finish. This was Krayerís first top three finish of the season.

In the Belgioioso Menís Elite race, Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima Wheels) put the hammer down for a second consecutive win for his season. Early in the race, Nathan Guerra (Vision Pro Cycling) led the pack. But soon after, Schouten took over in the first place position. Schouten was not going to break away from the pack alone. Corey Stelljes (RACC-Gear Grinder) held close onto Schoutenís wheel throughout the race. Stelljes has coached with his teammate and previous WORS overall champ, Brian Matter (RACC/ Trek). His coaching has paid off by landing him on the podiumís second step. Schouten, however, could not be caught as he pulled away in the final lap to widen the gap on Stelljes. Third place went to Kevin McConnell (Mercy-Specialized) who made the trip to CamRock from Iowa City, IA. McConnell and fellow teammates have made several appearances on the WORS podium before. McConnell credits his consistent pace for the 3rdplace finish, saying that other riders were having issues with the heat and mechanical failures.

The WORS season continues Sunday June, 30 with the Red Flint Firecracker in Eau Claire, WI. For more info visit


Pro Men


1, Tristan Schouten Rolf Prima Wheels 2:00:35
2, Corey Stelljes RACC- Gear Grinder 2:01:29
3, Kevin McConnell Mercy-Specialized 2:03:37
4, Joseph Maloney KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin 2:04:06
5, Darrin Braun Adventure 212/Specialized 2:04:18
6, Nathan Guerra Vision Pro Cycling 2:07:59
7, Tim Racette KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin 2:09:07
8, Paul Mumford Roscoe Village Bikes 2:09:44
9, Dallas Fowler Kuhl / Rocky Mountain 2:10:39
10, Ryan Krayer Adventure212/Specialized 2:11:05
11, Jw Miller Erik's Bikes and Boards 2:11:53
12, Gabriel Ion Treadhead Cycling 2:12:08
13, Tyler Jenema KUHL RACING 2:12:22
14, Ted Hanes Fond du Lac Cyclery 2:13:34
15, Matt Silvia Roscoe Village Bikes p/b Virtu 2:13:45
16, Aaron Robnett Iowa City Cycling Club 2:15:44
17, Michael Hemme Roscoe Village Bikes 2:15:50
18, Michael Michetti LAPT 2:16:16
19, Lee Unwin 2:16:54
20, Vincent Steger Erik's Bikes and Boards 2:17:01
21, John Shull 2:17:13
22, Bill Nigh Team Pedal Moraine 2:17:36
23, Bryan Frazier Adventure 212/Specialized 2:18:32
24, Kyle Russ 2:18:55
25, David Bender JVC/Michael's Cycle 2:18:59
26, Scott Neperud Magnus 2:19:29
27, Greg Jones 2:20:31
28, Cory Samz Heavy Pedal Velo Club 2:20:41
29, Ben Senkerik Wheel & Sprocket/Vision 2:21:17
30, Dan Ajer GDVL 2:21:43
31, Matthew Riley 2:21:55
32, Eric Stull Team 360 / Laxvelo 2:22:21
33, John Wypiszinski Titletown Flyers 2:22:53
34, Michael Humpal Specialized Regional 2:24:27
35, Noah Marcus Greenstreet Velo 2:25:22
36, Carlos Haeckel Alterra Coffee Team W&S 2:26:49
37, James Ye Tuxedo Thunder 2:27:58
38, Steve Schafer Village-Verdigris Cycling Team 2:28:20
39, Tony Wagner Sheboygan Bicycle Co 2:30:10
40, Michael Anderson Schwag 2:30:27
41, Jose Barraza 2:31:47
42, Jimmy Toombs Erik's Bike and Boards 2:34:00
43, David Poulton Activator Cycling Club 2:35:24
44, Brad Dash ABD 2:35:41
45, Michael E. Dutczak South Chicago Wheelmen 2:35:45
46, Karl Tillman Team 360 / LAX Velo 2:37:11
47, Jess Kruchoski Wheel & Sprocket Delafield 2:39:14
48, Michael Norton JVC Michaels Cycles 2:41:19
49, Tim Jennings Element Mobile/Brings 2:42:17
50, John Brown 2:47:43

Pro Women

1, Abigail Strigel Honey Stinger / Bontrager 1:44:36
2, Sue Stephens Grit MTB / Dominos 1:47:58
3, Lisa Krayer Adventure 212/Specialized 1:51:13
4, April Morgan Foundry Cycles 1:53:39
5, Alison Reitter Magnus 1:58:22
6, Sarah Agena Twin 6 ys 2:00:26
7, Lori Sable Team 65? / W&S 2:01:20
8, EMILY ROBNETT Iowa City Cycling Club 2:05:25
9, Jeanne Hornak Wheel & Sprocket Vision 2:09:51
10, Darcy Sanford ICCC 2:14:26
11, Evelyn Johnson 2 Rivers 2:22:18

Junior Cat 1 Men

1, Josey Weik ISCORP 1:40:44
2, Fletcher Arlen Team Magnus 1:41:33
3, Gavin Haley ISCORP 1:42:33
4, Parker McColl Midwest Devo 1:44:37
5, Ian Haupt My Wife Inc 1:44:40
6, Connor McColl Midwest Devo 1:52:41
7, Mitchell Bratz Sprocketz Bike Shop 1:55:14
8, Andrew Senderhauf Wheel and Sprocket 2:08:25
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