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Wisconsin OffRoad Finale - Sheboygan, WI

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |November 22, 2012 2:21 AM
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WORS Final Wigwam MTB Challenge - Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Written by: Todd Nutter

The finale for the Subaru-sponsored Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) took place this weekend in Sheboygan, WI. Rain or shine, Cole House and Abby Strigel came to grab the last two pieces of gold for the year.

The Wigwam MTB Challenge in Sheboygan has now served as the finale of the 12 event WORS Series for more than 10 years. Event organizers planned major course changes, including running many trails backwards from previous years to add an element of surprise. They got a little more surprise than expected. Rain had been on the radar all weekend and racers were prepared for the worst. The pre-ride was cancelled to preserve the trails for race day, and several sections had to be cut from the race. These included the Equalizer, a seemingly vertical climb that challenges even the top pros and has long been spectator and competitor favorite. Despite the rain and course changes, spectators braved the woods to cheer for their favorite athletes. The single track had become so muddy and wet from the rain and previous Cat 2 and 3 races that the Cat 1 events were a matter of survival. Spectators cheered not only for the fastest person, but also the one who could stay upright the longest.

 As the men took to the start line for the BelGioioso Elite series, Cole House (Competitive Cyclist/616) showed the field that he meant business. House had a legacy to defend, having won this event in 2011 and 2009, and he was not going to let a little mud and rain slow him down. Off the start line, he took the lead and grabbed the hole shot sprint prime. The field did not catch him, but battled against the mud and against each other. Mark Lalonde (Lalonde Bros. / Twin Six) came out to one last WORS race for the season and ended up with a 2nd place medal. Lalonde, a seasoned cyclocross racer and former All American runner, tends to do very well in bad conditions. Nathan Guerra (Vision/Wheel & Sprocket) claimed the 3rd step on the podium after a grueling effort. Going over the bars early on, he fought his way back into the top three. Even amongst the agony and the cold shivers, these guys all had smiles on their faces as they recounted the race.

Abby Strigel (Honey Stinger / Bontrager / Patís Gym) also took the title for her second year in a row at the Wigwam MTB Challenge. Strigel used the shortened course length to her advantage stating "for me shorter races are better. So knowing that it was short, I just went as hard as I could.Ē She could not be caught, but there was a definite battle for the next three positions. Amber Markey (Magnus) put up a strong fight in the tough conditions. With strong climbing skills, Markey led Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized) and Cooper Dendel (Culverís Racing) at first. As the muddy, technical course took its toll, Krayer was able to get around Markey for a second place finish. Cooper Dendel and Amber Markey worked hard until the end, when the 20 year old Dendel passed to claim 3rd before the finish.

As the traditional WORS series finale, Sheboygan is a special event for competitors and their families to spend one last day racing and cheering for each other. For many, this was the most fun theyíve had all year. To celebrate their 21st season racing in Wisconsin, and the WORS Year of the Junior in 2012, WORS will hold their annual series banquet, raffle, and awards ceremony this Saturday, October 20th in Stevenís Point Wisconsin.  First place finishers in all WORS Junior classes will be awarded a special Mt. Borah WORS Junior Champion jersey. Thanks to the Wisconsin-based Trek Bicycle, one lucky Junior Series Overall Finisher will win a certificate for the winnerís choice of a 2013 Trek X-Caliber or Trek Cali SL


Pro/Cat 1 Men

1, Cole House 1:44:40 Competitive cyc
2, Mark Lalonde 1:47:36 Lalonde Bros-Tw
3, Nathan Guerra 1:48:49 Vision/Wheel &
4, Darrin Braun 1:49:57 Adventure 212/S
5, Mike Phillips 1:50:29 Adventure212/Sp
6, Tyler Gauthier 1:50:49 Culvers p/b Mey
7, Justin Piontek 1:51:59 The Bike Hub/Sp
8, Chris Peariso 1:53:11 Adventure212/Sp
9, Trevor Olson 1:55:42 Muddy Cup
10, Ray Nelson 1:57:07 Treadhead Cycli
11, Ryan Krayer 1:57:39 Adventure212/Sp
12, Greg Krieger 1:58:09 Eriksen Cycles
13, Joseph Maloney 2:01:44 KS Energy Servi
14, Tyler Jenema 2:02:27 Kuhl Racing
15, Brian Heifner 2:03:02 Magnus
16, Nikolai Anikin 2:03:10 conti
17, Scott Cole 2:03:14 Adventure 212/S
18, Nicholas Holzem 2:05:54 Sprocketz
19, Carlos Haeckel 2:06:46 Alterra Coffee/
20, John Shull 2:08:47 EXPO
21, Dan Schaefer 2:14:33 Team Fond du La
22, Myles Beach 2:14:46 Adventure 212/S
23, Michael Humpal 2:16:40 Specialized
24, John Wypiszinski 2:17:32 Titletown Flyer
25, Bill Nigh 2:23:19 Team Pedal Mora
26, Tim Scanley 2:28:54 Alterra Coffee
27, Michael Dutczak 2:33:58 South Chicago W

Pro/ Cat 1 Women

1, Abby Strigel 1:29:10 Honey Stringer/
2, Lisa Krayer 1:35:42 Adventure 212/S
3, Cooper Dendel 1:36:26 Culvers
4, Amber Markey 1:37:45 Magnus
5, Michelle Peariso 1:45:53 Adventure212/Sp
6, Denise Coppock 1:51:37 Titletown Flyer
7, Jennifer Whitedog 1:55:15 BikesLTD/Scenic
8, April Dombrowski 2:12:36 Team Pedal Mora

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