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Product Review - Vittoria Rock MTB Shoe

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |April 17, 2013 3:26 PM
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Product Review – Vittoria Rock MTB Shoe

Written by: Shannon Boffeli

A Finely-Built Italian Machine

The Vittoria Rock mountain bike shoe is everything you would expect from an Italian made shoe: well made, comfortable, good-looking, and a little bit flashy.


The Tech

The Rock is a full-carbon soled mountain bike race shoe. It’s one-piece carbon sole extends from heel to toe providing maximal stiffness. Vittoria uses a carbon weave for the mountain bike sole offering increased durability versus the unidirectional linear carbon on Vittoria’s road shoes. 

The Rock features grippy rubber lugs for comfortable and confident walking as well as a minimalist rubberized toe and lateral side protection to prevent wear and prolong shoe life while remaining lightweight. A pair of Vittoria Rocks weighs in at 399 grams.

The fully replaceable Micrometric Cable Closure system provides even and firm compression on the fore foot using a sturdy steel cable system that’s reliable, easy-to-remove, and easy-to-service.  The upper closure uses a traditional ratchet system. Unlike other systems the ratchet’s buckle is adjustable along 3 different points allowing for the perfect tightness whether you have a high or low volume foot.

Sizing is where the Rock really starts to outshine some of it’s competitors. All Vittoria shoes are available in an amazing range of sizes. First off, every shoe including the ultra-high-end Rock is available in both men’s and women’s specific sizing. Second, the shoes come in European sizing from 36-49 with half sizes available between 38 ½ to 44 ½. If that weren’t enough the Rock is available in four different widths allowing the rider to really dial in that custom feel. Finally, Vittoria even lets the customer order a different size shoe for each foot for those riders who’s feet didn’t come in the same size.

The Rock is available in two colors Fluoro-Green and Black.


The Ride

For testing I rode a 44 ½ wide in Fluoro-Green.  Fit was what I noticed right away. The shoes felt perfectly sized to my feet and the closure system assured that they were always snug without loosening even during long rides.

The closure systems are reliable and easy to operate. I encountered no difficulty getting in or out of my shoes despite getting mud, water, and fine sand in the rotary closure system and buckle.

The full-carbon sole is ultra-stiff and transmits full power to the pedals without feeling harsh or uncomfortable. Each pedal stroke feels efficient with no noticeable power lost to flex.

The large rubber lugs make walking quite comfortable even on slickrock. Although the amount of rubber is probably not fully necessary and adds some weight to the shoe.

In the 20 plus years I have ridden a mountain bike I can’t recall ever having someone comment on my shoes. That all changed the minute I ratcheted up the Rocks. The Fluoro-Green seems to have an unnatural power to draw the human eye. When wearing these shoes I could not get through a ride with 5-10 people commenting on my shoes, and that is not an exaggeration.

Overall, I was extremely happy with this product. The Vittoria Rock is a custom mountain bike shoe in a production shoe’s skin. The Rock is comfortable enough for any 50-mile mountain bike ride. Durable enough to stand up to nasty conditions. Stiff enough to transfer full power to the pedals. And flashy enough to be a real Italian-made bike shoe.

MSRP for the Vittoria Rock mountain bike shoe is $459.99.




Great Fit

Wide Range of Sizes

Stiff, Full-Carbon Sole

Reliable Closure System

Great Looks

Durable Upper

Excess Rubber Lugs on Sole

To learn more about Vittoria shoes visit

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