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US Cup Releases 2012 Race Dates and More

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |November 28, 2011 2:26 AM

Organizers of the California-based US Cup have announced their race calendar for 2012.

In the coming season the US Cup will add two more 50-mile races to compliment the 50-miler they hosted in Big Bear this season. US Cup headliners Scott Tedro and Ty Kady are planning to have the first two 50-mile races included in USA Cycling’s Pro Ultra-Endurance series.

Click here for to view our coverage of the 2011 Big Bear 50-mile event

Along with the ultra-endurance events they have also added a race in Temecula to their list of venues, which also includes their traditional locales of Bonelli, Fontana, Santa Ynez, and Big Bear.

Below is their full press release and the 2012 race calendar.

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Press Release

The US Cup is pleased to announce its 2012 event calendar. 

For next year, the US Cup will also offer an "amateur” Triple Crown series in which CAT 1 open riders can compete in short track, super D, TT and XC events on the weekend.

We will also offer three fifty-mile events in conjunction with our cross country racing for riders looking to get in more miles on the pedals.  The first two fifty mile events of the year are likely to be a part of USA Cycling’s Pro UET series calendar, and details will be available at a later date.

2012 Rock N Road Cup West Series presented by Specialized

March 4th - Temecula Triple Crown

March 10th/11th - Bonelli Triple Crown

March 25th - Fontana

April 1st - Riverside

April 28th/29th - SantaYnez Triple Crown

May 20th - Sage Brush

June 3rd - Big Bear-Series Finals**

California State Cross Country Championships

June 17th - Big Bear, CA

Catalina Island MTB Gran Fondo-

May 12th

50 Mile Events

May 20th - Sage Brush, CA

June 3rd - Big Bear, CA

August - Big Bear, CA (date TBD)


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