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Treasure Valley Rally - Massachusetts

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 6, 2014 12:35 AM
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Treasure Valley Rally - EFTA

Rutland, Massachusetts

Written by: Karen Potter

The 2014 Treasure Valley Rally, part of the Eastern Fat Tire Association race series, was moved from late August to this past Saturday, May 10th, in an attempt to attract more racers.  The date change seemed to help race numbers although mother natures tried to thwart some would be racers with early morning rain.  Treasure Valley Rally is known as one of the more difficult courses in New England with lots of rough, rocky, rooty terrain and steep climbs to test all of a riders abilities. 

The morning rain left the roughly 9 mile lap super slick and had racers flailing about on the rocks and roots making staying on a the bike a difficult task.  The course causes many mechanical dnf's, as well as mental dnf's.

The elite racers do 2 full laps and slightly shortened 3rd lap.  The second lap on the course proved much less harrowing as the sun and light wind helped dry out the course but it also got quite warm for a New England spring day. 

Michael Wissel (B2C2) took the win, his 2nd win in two weeks, in the Elite Men's category barely fending off Canadian Mathieu Belanger-Barrette.  Steven Crossley (Riverside), John Foley and Alby King (Bikeman) were close behind in 3, 4 and 5th respectively all only a minute apart from each other.

Crystal Anthony (Riverside) proved she has great technical skills and held the lead from start to finish for the win in the Women's Elite race.  She was followed up by Karen Potter ( in 2nd who overtook Stephanie Baker half-way through the 2nd lap.  Elizabeth Allen (Danielson Adventure Sports, reeled in Mo Bruno Roy (Red Mill) in the finishing lap to take 4th with Mo finishing 5th.

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