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Drew Edsall's Trans-Sylvania Epic Blog - Day 2

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 29, 2013 12:13 AM

Drew Edsall is heading up the Kenda/Felt mountain bike team at this year's Trans-Sylvania Epic (TSE). Drew is a veteran of the TSE having completed the 7-day stage race every year since it's beginning. This year he's made it a priority hoping to improve on his past performances and finally reach the top step of the TSE podium. Drew will be sending us a report from each day's stage giving our readers a chance to experience seven days of racing in Pennsylvania through his eyes.

Read Drew's report from day 2 below:

Another tough day in the saddle. Sometimes itís there and sometimes it isnít. The last two days it has not all been there. By no means have I been riding slow, but my legs arenít performing up to the caliber that they did at last weekendís win at the NUE at Syllamos Revenge. Thatís a tough blow! My mindset is always stay positive. I have done that. I push and push and push. Tell myself to keep going, but the legs just arenít there. What the H_LL!!! Thatís stage racing and racing in general. Very tough to know exactly how and why the body does stuff sometimes. I learn what I can from previous years of racing along with my knowledge with a degree in Exercise Sciences. The body sometimes just throws weird things at you. This is whatís happening and I am determined to figure this out. Either way I am going to give it my all every day. Thatís what it is all aboutÖ..leaving everything out there!

So today played out like this. I hung with the leaders up the "No NameĒ climb singletrack. It is characteristically one of the toughest singletrack climbs I have done. The trail is steep with loads of rocks that require total focus and lots of power to get through. I cleaned the 10 minute section and found myself with Justin Lindine and Brian Matter at the top. I felt good, but noticed my legs just didnít have it. Shortly after that Justin made an attack on the next singletrack climb and I proceeded to do my own thing. Thatís worked in the past. Not so much today. I ended the day going back and forth with Aaron Snyder ending up in 5th place a bit ways back from the leaders. I slammed in a four scoops of Hammer Vanilla Recoverite post-race to try and recover for tomorrow. I am really hoping the legs will kick in. Got a nap, a massage, and lots more food. This is going to happen, at least I keep telling myself it is. 5 days of racing left with about 11-12 hours total in the saddle. The race has literally just begun.

On a more positive note, I went for the Enduro timed sections today. Got second behind Brian Matter. I will be looking for that jersey later this week and want to prove that I am the fasting guy on Enduro type singetrack here at TSE. Will see how that plays out toward the end of the week. I like to think I am fairly good at the singletrack. In fact, that is the reason I ride. I like to take riding skills to the max, and test the limits of my cross country bike on technical singletrack.

Now back to eating some great food with awards to follow. Tomorrow has a high chance of rain. That will make it a bit interesting. Stage three is also known for long fire roads where "road likeĒ tactics play a big role. Not my style, but I will plan on pushing until I fall over on my bike. Digging super deep seems to be the general theme to going fast on boring fire-roads so figured I would give it a try tomorrow.


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