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Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team Update

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 1, 2012 1:57 AM
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Stanís NoTubes Elite Womenís Team Update

The year is flying by on two wheels. The women of Stanís NoTubes professional mountain bike team have already been racing for two months - hard to believe!

The inaugural event of our second season as a team was the Epic Rides event 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. The Epic folks are good friends of the Stanís clan, and itís always a joy to christen the season in the Arizona desert with a warm vibe, a cool team relay and hopefully some sunshine on the knees. A podium or two is always icing on the cake! Click here for a link to the story.

Next up we began the ProXCT calendar with Mellow Johnnyís in Austin and Bonelli Park in California. These early season races in an Olympic year are always a burner for the legs and a kickstart for the motivation as folks show up ready to test how their training is going compared to the other folks toeing the start line. Since Olympic placement is decided after just the first couple months of World Cup racing, there are a lot of riders coming in hot off the box, gunning for a chance at gold. For racers from the mountains or the Northern latitudes this presents an early season fitness challenge when thereís still snow on the ground outside and skiing to be enjoyed. Since the Stanís ladies are focused domestically and most of us live near ski resorts, we must make our training plans and stick to them in order to peak for the events weíve chosen as "AĒ races. Eye on the prize, bird in the hand, stitch in time- you get the picture.

Meanwhile back at the ranch the ladies have also been winning races in their various locales- Haywood in Virginia, Sherwin in Utah, Baum in New Mexico. This past weekend Nina and the Get Out! junior development program held a clinic and preride in conjunction with the first New Mexico series race, the Coyote Classic.

A word about our sponsors. We are super excited to begin a new relationship with Cannondale Bicycles! From Short Track to SuperD to Endurance racing, we will be on the best bicycles known to man and woman. Stanís NoTubes and Cannondale are a great fit for the best technical edge in lightweight, innovative, high performance bicycles and wheels. Please visit our sponsor sites, check them out and give Ďem a "likeĒ on facebook too! Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team sponsors

Next up for the team is the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey CA. Come visit our venue compound, get a first glimpse of a new release by Stanís, see us in the SRAM Ladiesí Lounge, and cheer us on for XC, Short Track and Cyclocross!

Then the following week in Prescott AZ, follow us to another Epic Rides favorite, The Whiskey Off Road. Enjoy the party that takes over the town square- cheer us on Friday for the Fat Tire Crit, come to Q and A at "Walter the Bus Womenís LoungeĒ Saturday, and watch or race the 50 milers- amateur on Saturday and pro on Sunday!

Whew, just writing about all this made me tired. Better rest up! See you out there.

Shannon Gibson

Stanís NoTubes Elite Womenís Team


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