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Syllamo's Revenge - National Ultra Endurance Series #2

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 8, 2012 3:40 AM
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Syllamno's Revenge - Mountain View, Arkansas

Kenda/Felt Team Dominates with Amanda Carey and Drew Edsall Taking Big Wins in Arkansas

Round two of the 2012 National Ultra Endurance (NUE) series headed to Mountain View, Arkansas, where riders would tackle the nationally renowned trails of Syllamo's Revenge. The trail system at Syllamo's has been designated as one of IMBA's "Epic" trail systems and is known for rough, rocky, singletrack and challenging descents.

Syllamo's Revenge is one of only 2 races on the NUE circuit that isn't a full 100 miles long rolling in at 125k or 77 miles. The racecourse makes up in difficulty what it lacks in mileage. Riders are punished with never-ending rocky singletrack and technical descending.

In the women's event most of the top NUE contenders made the trip down to Arkansas for the race including series leader Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) and reigning champion Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt).

Racing got off to a quick start as riders charged up a 1-mile double track climb before ducking into the woods for the rest of the race. Carey took the hole shot and jumped into the trees just in front of Sornson.

Both riders were quickly beset by mechanical problems as Sornson suffered a debilitating flat and Carey wrapped a vine into her cassette. This set the tone for the entire race as most riders were in some way affected by mechanicals. 

Carey was the fastest to fix her problem and got back to the business of winning her second Syllamo's Revenge title.

As the Kenda/Felt rider carried on, Sornson continued to be plagued by flat tires losing many minutes with a torn sidewall that required some quick thinking to repair.

This allowed Motor Mile racer Brenda Simril to move into the second spot. 

Amanda Carey's biggest challenge of the day would come from the racecourse itself as she suffered multiple flats on the jagged rocks strewn throughout the course and flirted with heat exhaustion as the 90 degree temps combined with over 90 percent humidity to create a stifling race environment.

In the end, Carey was able to ride her full-suspension Felt Edict 29 to a repeat win at Syllamo's Revenge with a new course record of 7:10:47.

She was followed by Brenda Simril and Cheryl Sornson who battled her bike all day to finish third.

Kathleen Harding (Team CF) finished in fourth followed by local rider Andrea Wilson in fifth.

Several of the top riders traveled down in the men's event as well with series leader Christian Tanguy (Team CF) and fourth placed rider Mike Simonson being the highest ranked racers on hand. Other big names who made the trip to Arkansas included Drew Edsall (Kenda/Felt) who recently won the True Grit 50, Jonathon Davis (Trek Store Boulder) who finished in the top-10 at the season opener in Tennessee, and Brandon Draugelis (Team CF).

And just like the women's race mayhem in sued just after the start. Riders almost immediately started encountering mechanical troubles on the treacherous course as the rock-laced singletrack was heavily overgrown after a wet early spring in Arkansas. The forest had grown so thick in some spots that it was difficult to see the trail and avoid some of the rocks lurking beneath.

Davis would suffer 5 flat tires throughout the day with Simonson racking up a similar total by days end.

2011 series champion and last year's Syllamo's Revenge winner Christian Tanguy rode in the lead group with Drew Edsall and Brandon Draugelis until a serious crash just before the halfway mark forced him from the competition.

Edsall continued on and proved to be prepared for the challenging terrain as he floated his full-suspension 29er over the rocks and avoided any significant mechanical troubles. Edsall quickly moved out front and stayed clear of the turmoil unfolding behind. Like his teammate, Edsall also set a new course record with a finishing time of 5:59:40. He is also the only rider to break 6 hours at the Syllamo's Revenge 125k.

At the finish, Edsall held a lead of more than 20 minutes over a pair of Pennsylvania riders Brandon Draugelis (Team CF) and Rob Spreng (Dirty Harry's) who put their rock-crawling skills to good use on the difficult terrain around Mountain View.

Draugelis moved up one spot from his third place finish in 2011.

Next to finish were a pair of Wisconsin riders who are new to the NUE scene but certainly not new to mountain bike racing. Chris Peariso (Adventure 212) and Ryan Krayer (Adventure 212) are familiar names on the Wisconsin Off-Road circuit and showed their speed finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

The singlespeeders put on a show at Syllamo's as the lead trio were also the fourth, fifth, and seventh fastest riders of the day. The singlespeed title went to Gerry Pflug (Salsa/NoTubes) who finished just minutes in front of Ron Harding (Trestle Bridge) in second. Third place went to Evan Plews (Ibis/REALL) from Salem, Oregon.

Next the NUE moves back east for the Mohican 100 in Ohio on June 2nd. Always a rider favorite, the Mohican offers up some classic midwest singletrack that never fails to produce an exciting race. Check in with MTB Race News for full coverage of the Mohican 100 and other great races from across the United States.

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