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Subaru Cup Preview: Olympians at Pro XCT Finale

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |September 23, 2012 3:37 PM
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Penultimate Pro XCT contests return as a UCI Category 1 Event

The Subaru Cup Pro XCT, presented by Trek, will host the penultimate contests of USA Cycling’s 2012 national mountain bike racing series in Wisconsin. As part of the popular Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS), the two-day Subaru Cup event also will include a full slate of amateur racing. The Subaru Cup will serve as the third annual USA Cycling Midwest Regional Championships, which will crown champions in all age classes and ability categories as "Fastest in the Midwest”. 

Outstanding spectator turnout and amateur participation are hallmarks of events hosted by the Wisconsin Off Road Series, and the Subaru Cup is no exception.  Each year when the US Pro XCT Series stops at the Subaru Cup hundreds of enthusiastic fans line the course, leading many Pro racers to draw favorable comparisons to the atmosphere at a World Cup race. The most popular spectator areas, including the Trek Fire Lane Drops and the Bontrager Boulder, will return in 2012. Based on the modern World Cup model, the Subaru Cup Pro XCT course is approximately 4 miles in length. Over an area of 60 acres, it winds in on itself several times to provide spectators convenient access and numerous viewing opportunities. With wooded singletrack, fast descents and short, steep climbs, the Subaru Cup will offer all racers a real taste of Midwest mountain biking.

Wisconsin-based Trek Bicycle returns as the presenting sponsor of the Subaru Cup Pro XCT race, and the Trek Superfly 100 is the Official Bike of WORS throughout the 2012 Season. 

The Trek Factory Demo Tour will be at the Subaru Cup for racers and spectators alike.

"As the world leader in mountain bike technology, Trek chooses only premier partners,” said Travis Ott, Global Mountain Bike Brand Manager at Trek. "Not only is WORS that premier partner, they set the standard for mountain bike racing in the United States. There’s no better bike to experience the WORS Series on than a Superfly 100.”

In 2012, the Subaru Cup Pro XCT returns as a UCI Category 1 status for a second consecutive year on the international mountain bike calendar. Confirmed 2012 Olympians who will travel from the London Games to race at the Subaru Cup include Todd Well (Specialized), 2010 Subaru Cup Pro XCT winner and 2012 US National Champion Sam Schultz (Subaru-Trek; 2010 winner), and Canada’s Emily Batty (Subaru-Trek).

Now in its 21st season, WORS leads a resurgence of American mountain bike racing.  Last year, WORS races averaged over 700 racers and close to 1000 spectators per event at each of 12 distinct venues throughout Wisconsin.  Consistent numbers like these have earned WORS the label of America’s largest state mountain bike racing series. With races for all ages and abilities and a focus on rider and spectator fun, WORS never fails to provide a great family-friendly weekend for recreational and competitive cyclists alike. WORS provides outstanding competitive challenges for professional MTB racers, 6-year-old weekend warriors, and everyone in between. 

The first priority of the WORS Series is "to create access to fun, competitive mountain biking for as many individuals as possible,” states Series Director Don Edberg. "We’re proud to align the Series and the Subaru Cup with Trek.  They are an industry leader in so many ways.”

As the official bicycle of WORS, Trek’s Superfly 100 is the ultimate race rig for any WORS participant. It’s the no-compromise choice: Full suspension technical performance, with a flat-out speed and efficiency of 29” wheels make the Superfly 100 the weapon of choice for elite-level cross country athletes who require the highest level of performance.

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Shannon 08/13/2012 6:10 PM
The race is August 17-19th
Christopher 08/13/2012 5:54 PM
Did I miss the date of this event in your article?
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