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Stoopid 50 - State College, Pennsylvania

Posted by: Karen Potter |July 3, 2012 3:21 AM
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Stoopid 50 - State College, Pennsylvania

Cameron Dodge and Kristin Gavin Share Stoopid 50 Titles

Written by: Karen Potter

Perfect weather for the 2012 Stoopid 50.  It was a beautiful, dry sunny day in central Pennsylvania, for the 6th annual Stoopid 50 race which highlights some the sweet but rough, technical trails utilized in the Wilderness 101 and the Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Race.  Racers started under sunny skies and comfortable temperatures, which only topped out in the mid-70s.  The racecourse started up a very gradual 2-mile dirt road climb with no major attacks at the front despite the impending bottleneck entering the first of many extended singletrack sections onto famed Tussey Ridge. 

The ridge line trail has short little climbs but is pretty flat with amazing views for quite some time, although racers have about a second to check out the mountaintop views before stuffing it in the numerous rocks.  It was a train of riders across the ridgeline that wouldnít spread out for some time.  Positioning going into Tussey Ridge trail is huge for overall placing.

The course dumps out onto a dirt road before heading back into awesome trails in Rothrock State Forest for the majority of the miles in middle of the course.  While generally the trails in this part of Pennsylvania are super rocky, technical riding there are some smoother abandoned dirt road/jeep trails mixed in, including some high speed long descents that get a bit hairy with overgrown grass hiding rocks or other hazards. The last mile of the course includes a steep-pitched, completely rock-strewn downhill just begging for an over-the-bar crash or flatting, and onto the three bridges ridden in reverse from the Wilderness 101 course and then finishes descending less precipitously to the finish line.

While the course is well marked, several of the top men and top single speeders went off course but managed to make it back on course and finish up strong.  This caused some confusion and decision making on how to handle the results. 

Kristin Gavin (Team CF) held the lead for the majority of the race on the womenís side.  Karen Potter (Epic Brewing/ closed in on the Tussey Ridge line only to be passed coming out the first Aid Station and kept Gavin in sight for some time but ultimately never caught her.  Vicki Barclay (Stanís NoTubes) made her return to racing on her home turf after recovering from a serious training crash on the road for a solid 3rdplace a couple minutes back from Potter.   Nicki Thiemann (Team CF) crossed the line in 4th and Melissa Mertz in 5th.

 Cameron Dodge (Scott Pro Mountain Bike Team), Chris Edwards (Wooden Wheels Racing) and Dylan Johnson (Scott Pro Mountain Bike Team) duked it out all day before finally finishing within 90 seconds of each other.

Chris Scott (Shenandoah Mountain Touring) knows how to put on a great race with well-stocked and well-supported aid stations, delicious post-race food and beer and generous payouts.  There was generous support from Stanís NoTubes, Freeze Thaw, and many others helping make the race a great experience for everyone.


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