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Latest news from the ladies of Stan's NoTubes Elite

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |July 16, 2012 11:53 PM
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Stanís NoTubes Elite Womenís Team Update 


Summer solstice is upon us, and racing has been heated for a while! Since my last writing the Stanís NoTubes Elite Womenís Team has been hard at work for our sponsors, busy having fun and going fast in events across the country.

After success as a team at Sea Otter, Whiskey 50 and the NUE opener Cohutta we had a little calm before the storm which began with the Stanís NoTubes sponsored MTB Stage Race Transylvania Epic . For seven days our own Sue Haywood battled it out with Cheryl Sornsen from Team CF for the top step. Stanís Elite Women Sue, Jenny and Sarah finished on the podium- 3 out of 5 ainít bad! And a million thanks to Rich (wiggle wiggle) OíNeil, Rich (your bike is Straub clean) Straub, Kenny (I have a tool for that) Wehn, and Mike (we make rims every day) Bush for burning the midnight oil to keep all of the Stanís NoTubes sponsored racers happy and content.

The very next weekend Stanís NoTubes Beti Bash went off in Denver with Jenny Smith in the money and Richie Rich attending the womenís only race all the way from the east coast. Lots of estrogen for Rich! Some nice cash for Jenny, and thank you Stanís and Yeti Beti for the countryís only all women MTB race!

This past weekend saw the return of Vicki Barclay to the podium in Pennsylvania in her local 50 miler, on her way to recovering from a nasty clock to the noggin she sustained in a training crash before TSE. Talk about fortitude, when your (almost) whole team shows up on your doorstep and you canít ride (or kick their butts in your home race, donít they know it) it takes the special kind of person Vicki is to show up and support with feeds and cheers like she did. Brava Vicki, and we all support you through your recovery. You embody the spirit of your team.

Simultaneously at the ProXCT Ute Valley in Colorado Springs, Nina Baum rode her Cannondale Scalpel to 3rd in the pro womenís Eliminator Race! After getting passed on the downhill while spun out, she asked for a bigger chain ring. Way to go Nina!! Saturdayís UCI XC was turned upside down by a rainstorm, which turned the course to almost unrideable mud a couple laps in. Sarah pulled out suffering with a spider bite, Kaila and Nina got the full exfoliation mud experience, and Jimmy Deaton brought the Sprinter back very muddy. We now have a system for mopping the inside of our lovely and cavernous team vehicle. 

Also on Saturdayís podiums, Jenny Smith battled through epic rainstorm conditions in the Bailey Hundo to finish 2nd and put some coins in the bank of her Leadville preparation. Hopefully the "epicnessĒ translate "miserablenessĒ fortifies her character. What doesnít crack you makes you stronger right?

Next up? Crested Butte Wildflower Rush, World Cup Mt. Ste. Anne, Stanís NoTubes sponsored Windham World Cup, USA National Championships, and ProXCT Montana. Please follow our adventures on, thank you for reading, and thanks to all our wonderful sponsors!

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