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Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Update

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 10, 2012 10:43 PM
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Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Update: July

Written by: Shannon Gibson

Since last I wrote, weíve contested 2 World Cups, US National Championships, ProXCT Montana (Kathy Shannon Sarah Nina Kaila), and 2 Marathon-ish distance 50 milers (Jenny and Vicki). We are racing this week at Midsummer Nightís Cross (Kathy), Trestle Park Enduro (Sue) and Wilderness 101 (Vicki).

Next weekend weíll be at Leadville (Jenny) joined by our partner team Alpine Orthopaedics and a whole passel of high altitude endurance greyhounds racing across the sky. Super stoked for us as Jenny was on podium last year with no hundred miler experience. This year sheís been training! Iím just trying to figure out how to be everywhere at once to support all these great efforts!

Since the ladies are writing race reports on our blog , I think Iíll focus on our run oí fun, barrel of monkeys team house shenanigans at US National Championships. Since team inception weíve had our affiliated junior program Get Out! with us at select races during the season. The juniors contest National Champs alongside the pros in their respective categories- chaperoned by parents, warmed up by coaches Nina and Kricket and supported with pro level equipment from our fantastic sponsors. Stanís NoTubes wheels, Cannondale bicycles and Kenda tires were ubiquitous, represented on every podium I saw, from junior to master to pro. And even those at the venue without Stanís wheels were using his sealant judging by the folks we had at the Stanís compound asking for it. We did have to put our GU stash away as we realized folks were coming by and helping themselves to the goodies under our tent! Over 20 "race startsĒ in XC STXC and SuperD, Kricket and Nina kept the juniors focused, the parents busy and the whole 9 bedroom house running like a well oiled machine. There was of course a printed schedule on the refrigerator! Oh and there were some podiums too- Kaila for U23 XC, Kathy for Pro SuperD, Tizzy for Junior XC and me for 40+ SuperD. I felt a little guilty poaching a masters jersey when I still race pro, but on the other hand my training rides have been pretty nonexistent lately, instead taking care of team business and getting cyclocross season lined out for the team. 

I am super proud and honored to have such a deep and broad team in Stanís NoTubes Elite Womenís Team. Keep an eye out for our NUE Wilderness 101, Leadville 100, Trestle Park Enduro, and Midsummer Nightís Cross updates, as well as the ProXCT final in WI next month. We are everywhere, doing all things well I hope for our sponsors. Heartfelt thanks to Stanís NoTubes and every single sponsor who gets it done for us all through the season! Happy women on bikes- ride, race, enjoy, repeat...

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