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Snake Creek Gap Series Results, GA

Posted by: Matt Williams |March 21, 2014 2:07 AM
Over the years the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial Series has established a reputation as perhaps the best winter race series in the southeast. Held on the first weekend of January, February, and March, the race combines top-level competition with a great atmosphere. Riders can choose 17 or 34 mile options, with the latter featuring the infamous (and often thigh deep or higher) creek crossing early in the race.

The 2014 Series wrapped up last weekend, with Mary Sickler (Super Sport) and Bradley Cobb (Motor Mile Racing) taking the overall series wins.

Snake Creek Gap TT Results

Women's Overall (Combined 3 Races)

1. Mary Sickler (Super Sport) 11:50:36
2. Hailey Kell (Wood-N-Wave) 13:32:30
3. Beth Miletich (Epicac) 13:37:26
4. Sarah Gaskin
5. Maaike Everts (Steel City She)

Men's Overall (Combined 3 Races)

1. Bradley Cobb (Motor Mile Racing) 9:38:05
2. Justin Mace (Motor Mile Racing) 9:38:52
3. Andrew Brock 9:44:07
4. John Newsom (Vassago) 9:52:51
5. Jered Kelley (Motion Makers) 9:55:57
6. Michael Edens (Bikers Choice)
7. Boris Simmonds (Infinity Bikes/Bob's Bicycles)
8. Jacob Tubbs (Infinity Bikes)
9. James Wiant (Peach Tree Bikes)
10. Ryan Hobbs (Peach Tree Bikes)

For full results and more info on the series click here.
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